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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1441


Chapter 1441: 1441

Chapter 1441: End of a Grand Gathering

“Let’s go,” Guihai Yidao gently sighed in dejection before leaving with Yang Lie and Feng Xiaotian.

Other than Feng Xiaotian who still remained rather at ease, Yang Lie’s and Guihai Yidao’s faces had both sunken. The outcome of the path lord was horrendous news for them.

Jian Chen looked away from the path lord and glanced around the miniature world. He had already used his soul to envelope the entire place. Through his senses, he could clearly see that the Carnal Desires sect and the hall deep in the miniature world was filled with corpses. The ground had been dyed with blood while the heavy smell of blood lingered in the air.

Jian Chen sighed gently and murmured, “The path lord personally killed the people here. Looks like he wanted to sever his emotions and desires and reach the Origin realm, but he didn’t know that this world had been sealed, making it impossible to reach the Origin realm unfortunately.”

Jian Chen gently shook his head. He did not touch anything in the miniature world. He left with some sympathy.

In the current world, it was even difficult to become a Saint Emperor. Even Jian Chen felt some admiration for the path lord seeing how he could create his own cultivation method to reach Saint Emperor and attain such great achievements all by himself.

This was because the path lord must have achieved everything he had owned through his own hard work. He did not have the support of any powerful organizations, unlike the magical beasts with the Beast God Hall, which made cultivating much easier. He did not even have what the protector clans and Mercenary City possessed.

Jian Chen returned to the Gesum Kingdom. At that moment, the Saint Emperors had all roused from their cultivation. They were all ecstatic as a terrifyingly tremendous pressure radiated from them. They had already consolidated their cultivation completely.

All the Saint Emperors gratefully bowed to Jian Chen when they saw him. A few of the magical beasts immediately swore their loyalty to Jian Che and said that they were willing to become guardians of the Changyang clan in the future.

“I appreciate your good intentions, except the threat of the World of Forsaken Saints is still present. Our utmost priority is to make preparations in order to fend off the foreign world. Once we completely eliminate this threat, I will definitely welcome you with open arms if you still want to come join the Changyang clan,” Jian Chen faintly smiled and turned down the oaths of loyalty.

If it was before, Jian Chen would have accepted several Class 9 Magical Beasts as guardians with great joy, but now, Saint Emperors were no longer as valuable to him as before. More importantly, he still did not know how many of these Saint Emperors would survive the battle against the foreign world.

Jian Chen leaped onto the Zi Ying Sword and left as a violet streak of light. He returned to Lore City. Currently, several hundreds of thousand people had already gathered outside the city. They were densely packed. All that was visible was a large crowd of heads.

These people were were not ordinary people. Every single one of them possessed impressive strength. Just the number of Saint Rulers had reached ten thousand while the number of Heaven Saint Masters had reached over a hundred thousand. Many Heaven Saint Masters across the three races were just too far away and were unable to make it, or there would definitely have been many more people.

Not all the Saint Rulers fulfilled the conditions required to have their strength increased. Instead, they had come with the intent of watching or trying to get lucky. However, even though that was the case, there were still over a thousand Saint Rulers who fulfilled the requirements.

Not only were there humans of the Tian Yuan Continent, but there were also magical beasts and members of the Sea race.

Jian Chen hovered high in the sky as he looked down. After he gave a general explanation of the requirements of increasing the people’s strength, he pulled out a large pile of neatly-stacked Comprehension Tea Leaves from his Space Ring.

Around a dozen large tanks had already been prepared in an empty space below. They were all filled with the spring water from the Springs of Life, carrying a green tinge. They gave off a tremendous force of life. Several Saint Kings sat around the tanks, personally guarding them.

With a wave of his hand, Jian Chen threw a large handful of leaves into each tank, splitting them evenly. Afterward, he pulled out several hundred Violet Cloud Peaches and cut them into pieces, delivering them to the hands of all the Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers who Rulers who fulfilled the requirements.

The Violet Cloud Peaches were all the first to third grade. Only a very small fraction were of the fourth grade. He did not use any fifth grade immortal peaches.

“I’ve already given you the chance. Whether you can successfully break through will depend on your luck,” Jian Chen said two hours later after everyone had received a cup of tea and a piece of a Violet Cloud Peach. He did not speak very loudly, but his voice was clearly heard by everyone.

Is this piece of unknown fruit and this cup of tea our chance at breaking through?” All the people thought as they stared at the tea and fruit in their hands. None of them doubted Jian Chen, because over a hundred Saint Emperors breaking through was the best example available. They all consumed the piece of fruit and cup of tea with joy and eagerness.

A day later, the first rainbow clouds finally appeared in the sky. Afterward, the number of rainbow clouds rapidly increased, layering on top of one another and forming an extremely thick nine-colored rainbow cloud. The clouds illuminated the entire sky with colorful light.

The rainbow clouds lasted for several days before beginning to disperse. This time, not all of the Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers manages to break through. Only around seventy percent of them advanced. The Violet Cloud Peaches and Comprehension Tea Leaves were Immortal Tier heavenly resources, but they had been split up so their medicinal effects suffered a great decrease. Coupled with the inferior talent of a few people, some failed to break through.

to break through.

Even though this was the case, the people who had failed to break through had all reached the peak of their current cultivation without any exceptions.

The result was within Jian Chen’s expectations. He hovered in the air and said, “This is all I can do you for. Let’s disperse. If you still haven’t broken through, it shouldn’t be too difficult to reach the next level of cultivation if you just go back and work hard on your cultivation.”

All the people below were filled with gratitude when they heard his words. They all bowed at Jian Chen politely before leaving. Even though a few of them had failed to break through, they would never forget the kindness that Jian Chen had shown them.

Very soon, a large portion of the people outside the city had dispersed. Some had left in joy while others left with sighs. The people who had just come to watch had immediately become green with envy when they personally witnessed so many people reach Saint Ruler or Saint King.

The grand gathering that had shaken up the humans, magical beasts, and Sea race came to a close. However, the three races had finally recovered some of their power after the gathering. Not only had they fully made up for the lost Saint Kings, but they had gained over a hundred Saint Emperors as well.

This time, Jian Chen’s generosity and kindness had won the sincere respect of all three races. Without any exaggeration, Jian Chen’s prestige among the humans, the Sea race, and the magical beasts had reached an unparalleled level.


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