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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 144


Chapter 144: Black Leopard Mercenaries

Hearing this, the entire group of mercenaries became startled and looked over at Jian Chen with careful eyes.

“A medium sized build around the age of 20 years old. Wields a slender sized silver long sword with rapid speeds while being nimble. Captain, this man resembles the one on the bounty posters put up by the Tianxiong clan in the Mercenary Union. In my opinion, this is definitely Jian Chen.” A leather hide wearing mercenary said next to another mercenary whose clothes were still intact.

“That’s right, captain, I’m absolutely sure this person is Jian Chen. The Tianxiong clan has put out a ten thousand purple coin reward for the capture of Jian Chen. If we can capture him, then those ten thousand purple coins will be ours.” Another shriveled mercenary spoke.

Another man spoke out softly, “I can see that this Jian Chen won’t be so easy to handle. Do you guys not see how he is single handedly fighting against that Class 3 Magical Beast?”

“What are you afraid of? No matter how awesome he is, he is only one person while we are many. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a single person. If word of this spreads out, then our Black Leopard Mercenaries will have no face left to preserve in Wake City.” Another leather hide wearing mercenary said with a muffled voice.

“What he’s saying is right. Even if he’s amazing, he’s still only one person. Could it be that our Black Leopard Mercenaries are afraid of a single 20 year old kid?”

At that moment, a calm looking person opened his mouth, “Okay, everyone stop arguing. Listen to the captain’s opinion.” After he had finished speaking, everyone had stopped talking and turned to look at the person who was at the front of the group. Out of everyone in the mercenary group, only he could be considered to have clothes that were in perfect condition.

He was the leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries.

The leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries was very tall at the height of 2.5 meters and had a sturdy build. The hair on his head was cut to a short length on his large face, but it was rather ordinary to look at, and one would have trouble remembering the details of him if asked. He was wearing black robes that only had a few scratches from the thistle and thorns of the forest.

The leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries stared closely at the battle between Jian Chen and the tortoise magical beast with a look of hesitancy. After a few moments of unwavering emotions reflected across his eyes, he finally came to a conclusion. “No matter how amazing he is, he still 20 years old after all, he can’t be a match for the entire group of ours. Besides, there is only one Class 3 Magical Beast fighting against him. Let’s wait for the beast to consume all of his Saint Force and deal him some damage before we immediately capture Jian Chen and bring him to the Tianxiong clan for that ten thousand purple coin prize.”

“What a marvelous decision, captain. This matter is over then, our group will definitely flourish. Ten thousand purple coins, ah, even after splitting it, this will be enough for our entire lifetime.” One person sighed happily.

“After this is over, I will definitely go to Romance City and have lady Yun Xiu serve me for a few days.” Another mercenary laughed.

“Hehe, Jie Li, every time that brothel from Romance City is mentioned, you begin to drool. It’s a shame you have never had the money to enjoy its pleasures. Wait until this is over, then you will be able to take that Yun Xiu back home as your wife without any problems.” A man with a beard had laughed.

Hearing that, the previous mercenary laughed and then stared at Jian Chen almost as if he were staring at a mountain of gold.


At that moment, a blood curdling roar came from far away. The mercenaries looked at the origin only to see Jian Chen had stabbed into the tortoise’s throat. There was a strong amount of Sword Qi that not only stabbed into its throat, but straight into its body with an explosive entrance before impacting against its inner organs.

The tortoise continued to shriek as its gigantic body froze up and slowly crashed into the ground with a resounding boom.


Just as the tortoise magical beast fell to the ground, the leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries lead his group toward Jian Chen with the rest of the mercenaries following straight behind.

The expression on Jian Chen’s face didn’t change at all. Slowly pulling out his Light Wind Sword from the throat of the tortoise magical beast, he walked to the belly of the beast as if nothing were happening and with a flash of a large amount of Sword Qi, he thrusted his sword deep into its stomach. Immediately, a large wound appeared on the belly as Jian Chen stabbed deep within. A bloodstained item then flowed out with the blood before rolling to a stop in front of him.

Jian Chen crouched down to the bloody earth and wiped the blood off the item revealing it to be a small crystal, it was the tortoise’s monster core.

Seeing how Jian Chen hadn’t even spared them a glance as if he held the Black Leopard Mercenaries in disdain, the mercenary group suddenly felt gloomy.

The leader of the mercenary group looked at Jian Chen and spoke, “Jian Chen, I cannot determine your age, but you look very calm, especially in a moment like this where you should feel frantic instead.”

Jian Chen calmly stored the monster core into his Space Belt before raising his head up to look at the Black Leopard Mercenaries to say calmly, “Who are you? How do you know my name?’

Hearing that answer, the Black Leopard Mercenaries leader revealed a small cold smile, “We are the Black Leopard mercenaries. As for how we know your name, hehe, that’s simple. Your name is of well renown in Wake City especially, everyone knows who you are.”

Jian Chen scowled slightly, “Speak, what is your goal then.”

“Our goal is simple, now if you will kindly go with us.”

Even before Jian Chen could speak, another mercenary had spoke up.

“That’s right, we only wish for you to come with us. Now be an obedient youngster, and our Black Leopard Mercenaries won’t treat you too badly.” A shriveled mercenary laughed.

Jian Chen revealed a cold smile, “This one isn’t sure where you want to go.”

“Where else? Of course we go back to Wake City.” A man said with a muffled voice.

Hearing that city name, Jian Chen immediately guessed that this had to do with the Tianxiong clan.

“And if I don’t go back with you?” Jian Chen looked at the 20 mercenaries with a calm voice. No matter what angle they looked at him, not a single trace of fear could be seen on it.

Hearing this, the members of the Black Leopard Mercenaries began to laugh as one of the taller mercenaries took out his Saint Weapon, it was a 3 meter long spear.

“If you don’t come back with us, then we will have to take you in by force. Jian Chen, I presume you wouldn’t want to feel any suffering.” The captain of the Black Leopard Mercenaries said.

After hearing their leader, every other mercenary began to take out their own Saint Weapons, causing the air to fluctuate with the Saint Force as they stalked toward Jian Chen.



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