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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1439


Chapter 1439: 1439

Chapter 1439: Paving a Path with Hatred

The path lord immediately became empty inside when the blade fell. At that moment, he seemed to have entered a mental state were there were no emotions or desires. Everything in his gaze was clear. He could see through everything in the world. He had been liberated by letting go of his emotions and desires and abandoning life and death.

The path lord seemed to have let go of all his past hatred for Jian Chen as well as all the amenities he had accumulated in the past. In his current state, he felt indifferent toward breaking through the barrier of Saint Emperor and joining the Origin realm.

The path lord sat there and felt empty inside. In his current state, he felt like he was infinitely closer to the world and seemed to have reached conformity with the world, comprehending things unknowingly.

He had truly become desireless and emotionless. However, he still retained a basic instinct after becoming so close to the world, which urged him to continue his comprehension.

The path lord’s strength silently increased. Although the Saint Force within him did not increase at all, his comprehension of the world constantly increased. His weakened soul gradually recovered as well. Not only had his soul surpassed his peak condition, but it continued to rise up and strengthen.

I can sense that I am getting closer and closer to the Origin realm,” thought the path lord. He could sense the changes extremely clearly, but he did not feel any joy at all. After severing his emotions and desires, increases to his strength were unable to excite him. In fact, anything in the world, whether delightful or sorrowful, would no longer be enough to instil any emotion within him, including his own life or death.

“I met the Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent a few times in the past. Kaiser had once said that even if I severed my desires and emotions, I would still not be able to surpass Saint Emperor. How can he understand just how wondrous my path of cultivation is…

“The Origin realm is already within my grasp, but even if I do reach it, why? For greater strength, or for a hundred thousand more years of life?

“Where does my path lie after today? What will I pursue after today…”

Suddenly, a sliver of confusion appeared in the path lord’s eyes. He had severed all his desires and emotions, including the aspirations of his life. He had walked this path too hurriedly and without appropriate preparations, so he faced the danger of losing himself.

This was a bottleneck as well as a tribulation. If he could overcome it, he would immediately reach the Origin realm, but if he could not, his path would end there, and he would be reduced to a living corpse.

“What is the purpose of my cultivation? What is the purpose of my existence? Why am I trying to reach the Origin realm? Where does my path after today lie?”

The path path lord became more and more confused. Although he had severed his emotions and desires like Chanyang Hu, making it seem like they were walking the same path on the surface, Changyang Hu’s path was one that truly conformed to the world. Everything he did was in accordance to nature and conformed to the truths of the world. The path lord’s path deviated a little.

The path lord would never have come across this confusion before the split. He would be able to find an answer instantly, but he had clearly rushed it too much by forcefully severing his emotions and desires using an extreme method to enter a desireless and emotionless state. The path ahead still had not been paved, so he immediately became confused when he reached the end of it. He was unsure where to go.

This was because a severed path had appeared before him. This path was also his life, his life as the path lord. Originally, he had been forced onto this path by Jian Chen and had also been urged by his emotions and desires to obtain greater strength and a longer lifespan. As a result, his path had been constructed from his emotions and desires.

But after severing them, he became desireless and emotionless, so his original path was no longer suitable for him. The path ahead of him had reached a dead end.

The path lord’s strength continued to increase and his understanding of the world deepened. However, this understanding could not help him pave the severed path severed path ahead of him.

At this moment, he stood at the end of his path and gazed ahead in confusion. He did not know where else he could go.

However, a mysterious and extremely powerful force appeared from outer space at this moment. It gushed into the path lord’s miniature world with a destructive aura.

The path lord sensed this force. He felt fear and shock for the first time because of the force. With his current strength, he actually felt like he was not even as great as an ant before the mysterious force. It could be said that the mysterious force from outer space was an ocean while he was a rowboat that floated in it. Only a very small wave would have been enough to annihilate him.

The mysterious force did not devastate the path lord directly, but it instead interfered with the laws of the world. It helped him awaken from his desireless and emotionless state, preventing his comprehension and preventing his breakthrough.

The path lord’s face suddenly changed. He paled in a single instance and became haggard. His seated body swayed as if he was about to collapse. He had been forced out of the wondrous state of mind by the mysterious power, causing unimaginable damage to his soul.

The strength he had just gained rapidly declined when he left that state of mind. His soul grew weaker and weaker and would soon disperse.

This was like an unreturnable path. Once he embarked on it, the path behind him would disappear. He would disappear. He could only advance, and if he did not break through, his soul would disperse.

“My path collapses without my faith. I proceeded to hurry before and did not find my future path, so I did not reach the Origin realm successfully. What I need to do right now is find the path leading to the Origin realm,” the path lord murmured to himself. His soul gradually weakened as every moment in his life flashed before his eyes. His desireless and emotionless state of mind gradually became blurred.

When he thought of Jian Chen, when he thought about how he had been forced by Jian Chen to sever his emotions and desires without the proper preparations, impurities immediately began to litter his extremely fragile but pure soul.

Suddenly, the path lord’s eyes lit up. He gritted his teeth, “Being desireless and emotionless no longer works. If I really have to reach that realm, then I have to abandon my hatred for Jian Chen, but the only reason why I am caught where I am right now, where I cannot go any further or go back, is all because of Jian Chen. This is unbearable, so I will pave my future path with my hatred for Jian Chen. Jian Chen, I shall build my path of hatred for you. It will lead me to the Origin realm.”

The path lord’s pure soul became more and more contaminated. Unknowingly, his path was already leading off in the exact opposite direction he had headed in initially.


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