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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1438


Chapter 1438: 1438

Chapter 1438: Severance of Emotions and Desires

“Why, just why did I need to waste several thousand years to become a Saint Emperor while they only need a few days to become one? Even those Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings have broken through in a few short days, making it through the Ninth Heavenly Layer and Great Perfection permanently.

“Back then, I used my comprehension of the cultivation method for the Pure Heart Pavilion and poured my soul out in order to create a different cultivation method, allowing me to become the only human Saint Emperor. Yet now, there’s suddenly over a hundred of them and they’ve broken through so easily. Why, just why does it have to be so difficult for me and so easy for them? This is unfair. I cannot accept this…”

The path lord sat in a room and roared out. His face had already become warped and, coupled with his sickly appearance, he seemed extremely vicious.

“Jian Chen, it’s you. It’s all because of you. Sure you cultivate fast, but do you really have to make all these people, who are not related to you at all, become Saint Emperors and make my cultivation, which I spent thousands of years on, not worth a single cent? You’re purposefully directing this at me,” the path lord gritted his teeth. He was filled with hatred. He blamed Jian Chen for everything.

Originally, the path lord had been the only Saint Emperor on the Tian Yuan Continent, the only human Saint Emperor, who even the ancient protector clans didn’t easily offend. His name could shake the entire continent, and he was known as the greatest human expert both in name and reality. However, after Jian Chen appeared, everything changed. Not only had Jian Chen taken his status as the greatest human expert, but Jian Chen also received the admiration of everyone. Even worse, Jian Chen was helping many people reach Saint Emperor, allowing the Tian Yuan Continent to gain several dozen Saint Emperors. The path lord’s status, which was once the greatest, only dropped lower and lower with each coming day.

“I want to break through. I want to break through Saint Emperor and become an Origin realm sovereign. Today, I’ll completely sever my seven emotions and six desires and complete the cultivation path I have created.” Madness filled the path lord’s eyes. Raising his hand, a powerful force gushed out and smashed through the stone door of the room. He left.

This was a miniature world carved out by the path lord himself. Not a lot of people lived in it, only a few thousand. Other than the several dozen wives of the path lord and his hundred or so children, the others all belonged to the sect that the path lord had created. They were the disciples of the Carnal Desires sect.

The Carnal Desires sect had been founded by the path lord several thousand years ago. All of them cultivated in the miniature world and rarely left, which was why they were not very well-known on the Tian Yuan Continent. Many people did not even know that a sect like this existed.

The place where the path lord cultivated was near the sect. As soon as he emerged, two middle-aged men heard the commotion and flew over from afar. They bowed to the path lord and politely said, “Greetings to the path lord!”

The two men were both Saint Rulers. They were the only two Saint Rulers in the Carnal Desires sect and the strongest experts aside from the path lord. They all practice the cultivation method that the path lord had created.

The path lord was emotionless. His eyes were filled with a cold ruthlessness. His looked at the two men like he was looking at two corpses.

The path lord silently appeared before the two of them. He raised his hands and pressed them against their heads, and with a bang, their heads immediately exploded. Their souls were wiped out as well. They were mercilessly slain by the path lord.

The path lord’s expression did not change at all. He stared at the sect in the distance and walked through the empty air. He steadily made his way over.

There were several thousand disciples in in the Carnal Desires sect. Although they practiced the cultivation method that the path lord had invented, it was not suitable for everyone since it deviated from the beaten track. As a result, the sect had never produced a Saint King in the several thousand years it had existed, even though they all practiced a cultivation method created by a talented Saint Emperor. The strongest of them had only reached Saint Ruler.

The path lord entered the sect. As he looked at the familiar buildings, he murmured, “The seven emotions are composed of joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hatred, and desire while the six desires are life, death, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. I have already understood the seven emotions and six desire and have created the Palms of Emotions and Desires. It’s just that I still haven’t severed the last few aspects of the seven emotions and six desires. It’s not that I can’t sever them, but I didn’t want to sever them because it wasn’t the right time.

“Or maybe it’s because I never had the willpower to sever them…

“But now, this is my final choice. I have to sever them and let my strength increase, surpassing Saint Emperor…”

The path lord silently disappeared from the main entrance of the sect, and soon cries of fear and disbelief rang out.

“Path lord, what are you doing? Wu Lin is innocent! He’s never done anything against the sect, so why did you kill him…”

“Spare me, path lord, spare me…”

“Path lord, why are you killing us…”

“Everyone run, the path lord’s gone mad! The path lord is slaughtering everyone like crazy…”

The path lord’s ruthless massacre was targeted at the disciples of the Carnal Desires sect. All the disciples he came across either had their heads blown up or necks snapped. No one could escape the claws of the path lord. Gradually, the ground became dyed with red and the metallic smell of blood grew heavier and heavier. More and more corpses collapsed on the ground.

The cries for help alerted the entire sect. Very soon, all the disciples learned that the path lord had lord had gone mad. They immediately fled in fear, but the sect had been surrounded by a powerful barrier long ago. In the end, not a single disciple managed to make it out. All of them launched useless attacks at the barrier out of despair.

The path lord was covered in blood, all from the disciples he had slain in his own sect. With the path lord’s strength, he could have annihilated the entire place with a wave of his hand, but he did not do that. He took action personally, sending disciple after disciple into the afterlife.

The path lord had not gone mad. His eyes were clear and filled with resolution. He would comprehend the slaughter of each person closely as he underwent the final severing process.

There were many methods to sever the emotions and desires, and there was no need to sacrifice the lives of others to complete his cultivation method. However, the path lord just happened to choose the most brutal method.

The sect was strewn with corpses, without a living disciple. All of them had been personally slain by the path lord. He then gazed into the depths of the miniature world after personally destroying the sect he had founded.

A beautiful hall stood there. It was the path lord’s residence, where his several dozen wives and close to a hundred daughters and sons resided.

The path lord made his way to the residence in the depths of the miniature world. He entered every room and mercilessly sent his past lovers, daughters, and sons into the afterlife. He had become a ruthless person. The residence was filled with cries of shock and fear.

Many people in the residence had learned that the path lord had gone mad. They tried to flee, flying in all directions, but they could not leave the miniature world no matter where they fled.

In the end, even the servants within the hall were slain, totalling several hundred people. Neither his wives nor children were spared, the youngest was not even ten years old.

The path lord’s gaze became cold after ending the lives of everyone. There seemed to There seemed to be nothing in his eyes, yet they were also filled with everything in the world. He seemed connected to the world.

In a flash, he arrived in a mausoleum. There were several dozen tombs that held the family of the path lord. They were either his past lovers or his children, having almost all departed for the afterlife because of old age.

The path lord coldly stared at the mausoleum and did not feel any reluctance at all. He raised his hand and pressed down. Immediately, an extremely large hand appeared out of nowhere and slammed into the mausoleum.

With a heavy boom, all the structures vanished. They were replaced by a dark, hand-shaped pit that was several hundred meters deep.

“The last step is to sever life and death.” The path lord sat in the air as he mumbled to himself without any emotions, “Living is life and the seven desires and six emotions come from life. Aside from life and death, I have severed them all, so this life no longer exists either. I only have death now!

“Sever life and death by completely cutting away the impurities and only leaving behind the initial source, returning to my true self. I will use my Palms of Desires and Emotions to completely eliminate all impurities in my soul and sever any impure thoughts that are left in me.” The path lord raised his hand. An invisible blade had already condensed in his hand. He then stabbed it into his soul.

The blade was condensed from his Palms of Desires and Emotions. It did not harm his physical body because it only targeted his soul. The blade entered his soul with a flash, and after severing a hazy, bright part of his soul, his soul immediately shrank by a huge portion. It became extremely weak.

The path lord violently trembled. It was extremely painful for him as the blade fell. His soul was heavily injured. However, his soul became even more translucent after he had taken the blade to it. All the impurities and random thoughts left in his soul had been severed the blade.


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