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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1421


Chapter 1421: 1421

Chapter 1421: Visiting the Beast God Hall

“Since he’s humiliated me, he needs to pay the price. I won’t harm his life, but I definitely can’t let him off so easily,” the Heavenly Enchantress coldly replied. Her white hand struck her zither, and the zither immediately shot toward Jian Chen with a powerful pulse of energy.

As the zither shot out, it smashed through space, forming a pitch-black crack along its trajectory, which hung there like a black line. The strike had actually reached the level of Saint Emperors and was far more powerful than an attack from a regular Saint Emperor.

Even though the Heavenly Enchantress was best at using the music of the zither to fend off her opponents, her strength did not lie solely with the musical instrument. Even without her zither, she still possessed an extremely terrifying level of strength.

Jian Chen was stern. He dared not receive the Heavenly Enchantress’ attack carelessly. Even though he now possessed the strength to fight Receival experts, he needed to use the Azulet swords to do that. Without the swords, his strength would suffer. However, Jian Chen clearly did no need to use his swords against the zither that flew toward him.

A gleam of light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes and Chaotic Force circulated within him. At the same time, a layer of dazzling white light condensed from the surroundings, enveloping him completely. Jian Chen was going to use the protection of the light from the Way of the Sword to handle an attack from the Heavenly Enchantress to avoid using the two swords.

When Jian Chen had completed his preparations, the zither arrived with tremendous energy. Jian Chen struck out with his right palm, which collided with the zither.


The two collided and immediately erupted with a heavy sound. The two of them possessed great control over their power, so they prevented energy from shooting out and destroying the mountain, but the ground still cracked as the entire mountain shook gently.

The toughness of the Heavenly Enchantress’ zither was just shocking. Jian Chen felt like his hand had struck extremely tough steel. The great force numbed his entire right hand and also made him retreat uncontrollably.

The zither came to a halt, having been stopped by Jian Chen. However, it did not return to the Heavenly Enchantress and instead remained in the air.

At this moment, Jian Chen caught the smell of a certain fragrance. The Heavenly Enchantress had appeared before Nubis with a purple flash, striking his chest with a gentle palm.

Her true intentions were only to teach Nubis a lesson. She had attacked Jian Chen with her zither only to keep him busy.

Nubis’s soul had still yet to recover from the zither music. He stood there in a daze. His mind was still in a mess. As a result, he did not put up any defenses to protect himself from the Heavenly Enchantress’ palm strike.

Being struck, his entire body was thrown far away, only falling out of the air several hundred meters away. away. He then rolled off a cliff, suffering a horrible outcome.

Jian Chen gently sighed as he watched Nubis roll down the mountain. He was filled with a sense of helplessness. Nubis could offend anyone he wanted except her, yet he just had to choose the Heavenly Enchantress, whose strength Jian Chen did not know, to offend. Nubis was just making trouble for himself.

Jian Chen did not go and help Nubis. He allowed him to roll down the mountain, crashing into rocks and rolling through bushes. With his body as a Class 9 Magical Beast, the collisions would not be able to harm him at all. It would just reduce him to a complete mess and hurt his pride as a Saint Emperor.

However, Jian Chen became shocked by the strength that the Heavenly Enchantress had displayed. He believed that this was not all she had.

The Heavenly Enchantress left, carrying her zither with a sunken face and leaving Jian Chen standing where he was.

Nubis returned to his senses at the bottom of the mountain. He only suffered scratches, but his confidence had been shattered. He stood there in dejection as fear flooded the depths of his eyes.

He had even made up his mind about death as he gazed at the line of flat bushes where he rolled down the mountain.

“She’s a demoness, a demoness I say! A terrifying demoness!” Nubis no longer stayed any longer on the island. As soon as he had returned to his senses, he immediately fled. At the same the same time, he said to Jian Chen through a communication technique, “Brother, I’ll be leaving first. I’ll be waiting for you ten thousand kilometers away.”

Jian Chen shook his head with a helpless smile as he watched Nubis desperately flee. He returned to the cave to watch over Xiao Bao.

Jian Chen stayed a few more days on the island. After Xiao Bao had learned everything Jian Chen could pass on to him, Jian Chen understood it was time for him to leave.

The next day, Jian Chen bid farewell to Xiao Bao and the Heavenly Enchantress. He left behind another great pile of heavenly resources, for Xiao Bao’s cultivation needs, before leaving the island. He flew toward the vast sea.

Jian Chen had left ten fifth grade Violet Cloud Peaches for the two of them and the same number of Comprehension Tea Leaves. The amount was enough to last them five hundred years.

“Daddy, you have to come visit me soon. I’ll be waiting for you here,” Xiao Bao demanded as he waved at Jian Chen from the mountain.

He did not receive a response from his father. Jian Chen had already vanished into the horizon.

The Heavenly Enchantress gazed in the direction Jian Chen had disappeared in in a daze. Her emotions were mixed as she thought about something.

Ten thousand kilometers away, Jian Chen reunited with Nubis. Although it had been several days already, Nubis still seemed rather dispirited, clearly still hung up on the shock he had received a few days ago.

“Jian Chen, ago.

“Jian Chen, I, the great Nubis, swear that I am never returning to Three Saint Island again. I never want to see that demoness ever again.” Nubis fumed and made a promise as soon as he saw Jian Chen. Nubis would never forget everything that had happened a few days ago, now forever etched in his head. When he had returned from the Beast God Continent earlier, he had been teeming with pride and confidence, yet he had suffered horribly.

Jian Chen became stunned by what he heard before breaking into laughter, “I want to pay a visit to the Beast God Continent. Do you want to come along?”

Nubis was surprised. His interest was immediately piqued as he responded, “The Beast God Continent? For the Beast God Hall? You want the young Winged Tiger God to enter the Beast God Hall for the legacy?”

“Yes,” Jian Chen replied firmly as if it was nothing.

“Hehe, I’ve never seen the Beast God Hall before, so I might as well go with you this time. Even if we get surrounded by the three Class 9 Magical Beasts when the time comes, there’s no need for me to fear,” Nubis chuckled.

It would obviously be better the sooner Nian Chen went to the Beast God Hall, so he clearly did not fly there leisurely while enjoying the scenery like what Nubis had done before. He got Nubis to create a Space Gate that connected to the center of the Beast God Continent. Then the two of them vanished through it.


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