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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1373


Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373: Returning to Flame City

The Kalor tribe had been reduced to almost nothing from flames. The ground had been burned to a pitch-black with a few black remains scattered throughout the surroundings.

From the ruins and remains, the Kalor tribe had been devastated several days ago. The ruins were silent without any signs of life. The moaning of the wind blew some ashes off the ground. It was a dreary sight.

The Zi Ying Sword flickered with violet light. It was enveloped by a thick layer of violet sword Qi, making only a violet figure visible. It slowly descended under Jian Chen’s control, stopping twenty meters above the ground.

Jian Chen gently held Huang Luan as he slowly glanced over the ruins. He remained silent throughout his observation. He could still clearly remember that the region had been extremely bustling when he had given Kai Ya the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor. However, the prosperous tribe was nowhere to be seen now. It had been reduced to dreary ruins.

“Sigh,” Jian Chen exhaled deeply after quite a long time. When he had given the cultivation method to Kai Ya, it was to thank her for her help and to find the Octoterra Emperor a successor. Thus, Kai Ya would become the second Octoterra Emperor. Yet now…

I wonder if Kai Ya is still alive,” Jian Chen thought. He felt no sorrow. This was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. Tragedies like the Kalor tribe happened often both in the sea realm and the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Chen, is your friend here?” Huang Luan gazed around before looking at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen said, “This used to be a friend’s home. I never expected this tribe to face destruction. I wonder if my friend is still alive or not.” Afterward, Jian Chen expanded his soul as hard as he could and enveloped almost three hundred thousand kilometers. He searched as hard as he could, but he did not find Kai Ya in the end.

“Let’s go!” Jian Chen stopped searching and left with Huang Luan. He flew toward the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen flew over the oceans around the Tian Yuan Continent with Huang Luan and arrived in the Fire Dragon Kingdom, one of the eight great kingdoms. He made his way to the royal palace.

The Fire Dragon Kingdom was no weaker than the Qinghuang Kingdom. They also possessed four Saint Rulers, the four Imperial Protectors of the kingdom.

Jian Chen’s sudden arrival took the royal palace by great shock. The king and the four imperial protectors received him personally. They behaved with extreme humility and fear even though they reigned at the top on any other day. They spoke politely and were afraid of breathing too loud.

Jian Chen stated his intentions in a straightforward manner. He wanted to borrow the Space Gate to return to Flame City. He had forged the Azulet swords now and could move very quickly by riding them, but it was several million kilometers or more from the sea to Flame City. Space Gates would still be faster.

The king and the imperial protectors did not show any disagreement at all toward Jian Chen’s request. They even personally activated the Space Gate for him, sending him off courteously.

As Jian Chen and Huang Luan disappeared into the Space Gate, the king and imperial protectors immediately let out a breath of relief. Jian Chen did not not give off a presence at all, but they felt like they were being pushed down by a mountain when they were before him. It was a psychological pressure.

“Imperial Protectors, has Jian Chen really become a Saint Emperor? Why does he still need to borrow the Space Gate if he is one?” The king wiped the sweat from his forehead as he asked the four imperial protectors.

The imperial protectors fell into silent thought and did not respond right away. One of them only began to confidently speak after quite some time, “I have an old friend who was cultivating in the volcanic regions of the west. I’ve obtained definite information that Jian Chen has really become a Saint Emperor. Coupled with his two swords that were nurtured by the world, even Saint Emperors are no longer his opponents. Jian Chen used a single strike to defeat two Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent and scared the path lord of carnal desires away. Jian Chen right now is far more powerful than any regular Saint Emperor. I have no clue why he has to borrow the Space Gate, however.”

The king gasped. He became so frightened by the fact that Jian Chen had defeated two Saint Emperors with a single strike that his heart almost stopped beating.

However, he then became extremely excited and elated when he thought about how he had just come in contact with such a great expert at such a close range. He immediately sent out an order, “Immediately release the news that the Saint Emperor Jian Chen has just visited our kingdom…” The king immediately announced the news of his visit. Now that Jian Chen had basically become the strongest Saint Emperor of the of the Tian Yuan Continent, a personal visit from him was a great honor of the kingdom. It could raise their status and fame.

Twenty kilometers away from Flame City, space violently distorted before ripping open, forming a colorful Space Gate.

The Space Gate slowly vanished after Jian Chen and Huang Luan had stepped out. Everything quickly returned to how it had been before very.

Jian Chen hovered ten meters in the air as he stared at the city in the distance. The walls were pitch-black, making it seem like a huge beast was slumbering there. The walls gave off a feeling of domination.

A golden barrier was expanded across the city, enveloping the entire place. The only way into the place were through the city gates.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed when he saw the golden barrier. His gaze became extremely sharp in a single moment, like two drawn swords. His eyes shone resplendently.

This was because he actually felt shocked by the pulses of energy from the barrier. The energy was just far too powerful, having completely exceeded the energy of Saint Emperors.

An Origin realm expert? Who else has reached that level of cultivation other than protector Shui of the Ice Goddess Hall and Xiao Ling? And they’ve even put such a powerful barrier around the city?” Jian Chen was filled with doubt. He flew toward the city with Huang Luan.

Bi Lian and You Yue were currently gathered around a table as they personally taught a chubby, white boy how to right. He only seemed to be three or four years old.

The boy was very cute. He wore golden clothes and had no hair. His large eyes were extremely bright as they flickered with naivety. However, diligence was However, diligence was spelled across his face.

“Xiao Jin, tell me what this word is,” You Yue asked the young boy with a smile as she held a piece of paper.

“Heaven,” the boy responded with his cute voice.

“Then this?” Bi Lian also asked the boy what was on the piece of paper.

“Earth,” the boy replied correctly.

“Xiao Jin is so smart, a perfect memory. Without long, Xiao Jin will know everything,” Bi Lian giggled. Her gaze toward the boy was filled with affection.

At this moment, Bi Hai walked into the room in white robes. He pulled Xiao Jin away and chuckled, “Xiao Jin, you’ll have plenty of time to learn how to read in the future. Come with me first. I’ll teach you a new ability. The barrier you created is extremely powerful, but there are still many flaws. The barrier of Mercenary City made its energy sink into the ground, making the ground as tough as steel. Come with grandpa, I’ll teach you a new way to use the energy.”

The boy did not resist at all as he was lead away by Bi Hai. Only You Yue and Bi Lian voiced their displeasure.

“What do you know? There’s plenty of time to learn how to read in the future. The utmost priority is to make Flame City as tough as steel as well as to get Xiao Jin better acquainted with his abilities,” said Bi Hai righteously. He ignored the disagreement of the two girls as he lead Xiao Jin away.

But at this very moment, Xiao Jin seemed to sense something. He looked in the direction of the city gates before turning into a flash of golden light. He vanished in a single moment.


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