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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1360


Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360: Resurrection of the Sea Goddess

In the blink of an eye, the group from the Sea Goddess Hall had remained there for half a month already. The days passed very peacefully. Jian Chen remained seated where he was as he comprehended the sword techniques while Yadriam continued to cast down the formation. She had not completed it even after half a month.

The Heaven’s Spirit Hall had maxed out their defenses after half a month of preparation. All the experts who were supposed to come had come to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. Of course, there were also a few people who completely ignored the war horn of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall, continuing with what they were doing.

All the experts gathered in the divine hall began to wonder what they were doing after half a month of tense waiting without seeing their enemies at all.

The Sea Goddess Hall still hasn’t attacked yet. Are they afraid…

The hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall and the emperor of the Turtle clan can overthrow the Heaven’s Spirit Hall easily if they work together. But why have they never attacked…

Have the people of the Sea Goddess Hall learned that our hall master has contacted the hall master of the Serpent God Hall and that he might be hiding in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike? The hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall and the emperor of the Turtle clan aren’t confident that they can deal with the two hall masters, which is why they still haven’t come…

A hall elder overheard some discussions and immediately sneered unhappily. “What do you know? Our Heaven’s Spirit Hall is an ancient force that has existed for several hundred thousand years. Although we’ve never had someone who’s surpassed emperor, we’ve had quite a few emperors throughout history. Our heritage is so great that we obviously have our methods to deal with emperors. Even without the Serpent God Hall’s assistance, we can fend off the two emperors just by ourselves.”

“Of course, of course. We have existed in the sea realm for several hundred thousand years. We are so deeply rooted that we’ve experienced all sorts of disasters, yet aren’t we still firmly rooted? Even if the Sea Goddess Hall sends four emperors this time, they won’t be able to defeat us,” another hall elder to the side immediately added.

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall stood on the highest floor of the divine hall as usual. He gazed into the distance and mumbled, “Hmm. Yadriam and the ruler of the Turtle clan have stayed in my territory for so long already. Why have they remained in the same position without moving at all?” The hall master could sense Jian Chen and Yadriam’s position from the divine hall, but he was unable to tell what they were doing. He could sense them not due to his ability but by using the divine hall through a secret technique. His senses were unable to reach so far away, unless some earth-shaking battle occurred.

Soon afterward, the hall master sent some people to go scout out the situation and gain an idea of what the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall and the emperor of the Turtle clan were doing. However, the report he received was that the people were unable to approach the region at all. They were all stopped by the Saint Kings of the Sea Goddess Hall. Even after sneaking in using secret techniques, they would be forced away by a sword Qi out of nowhere. They were unable to get close at all.

As that all happened, the news that the Sea Goddess Hall had invaded the Heaven’s Spirit Hall spread across the entire sea realm, causing a great commotion. Everyone heard about how the hall master and the emperor of the Turtle clan had both settled in a desolate mountain range, drawing over many people to see what was going on. However, they were all stopped ten thousand kilometers away by the Saint Kings of the Sea Goddess Hall.

In the blink of an eye, another half a month passed. After one whole month, Yadriam had finally completed the formation. She said to Jian Chen, “We’re all ready now. Get her majesty to start.”

Jian Chen opened his eyes as he sat on the mountain peak. He stood up and said, “Hall master, you’ve expended a lot of energy. Use the time to recover as soon as possible. I’ll protect you.” With a flip of his hand, the sea goddess’ divine hall immediately appeared in his his hand before taking to the air. It turned into a three-thousand-meter-tall divine hall in the blink of an eye.

The sea goddess’ illusory figure appeared before the divine hall. This was a clone of her created from a strand of her soul. Her hands slowly swept through the air along an odd trajectory, as if she was using some mysterious power in the surroundings.

In a single instant, the mountains all flashed. Within a radius of a hundred kilometers, every single mountain glowed with blue light as a vast formation appeared.

Jian Chen levitated high in the air as he looked at the formation below on the ten-meter-long Zi Ying Sword. The huge formation had taken Yadriam a whole month to cast down, but only the sea goddess could activate it.

As the formation was activated, the surrounding energy of the world became extremely unstable. Vast amounts of energy began to gather from all directions, as if it was all being absorbed by the formation.

It was pitch-black in the center of the formation. The space there distorted, making it completely impossible to see what was going on. However, all the energy that had been absorbed by the formation entered the hole after it had been refined.

“Condense, vast energy of the world!” The sea goddess called out and immediately began to create hand seals. The formation suddenly changed. It let out a bright blue light and quickly began to spin.

At the same time, ninety-nine similar pillars of blue light rose into the sky in various places throughout the sea realm. They weaved into a band of light, which shot across the sky, traveling toward the formation at an extremely fast speed.

Every pillar of light was condensed from pure water-attributed energy. Tremendous energy pulsed within.

Not only did the activation of the formation draw in the energy of the ninety-nine springs, but it also absorbed the energy in the surroundings as well. The energy of the world in the sea realm was affected, gathering together like blood.

The energy required for the resurrection of the sea goddess was extremely great. She had already drawn over all the energy of the world in the sea realm. The phenomenon could be described as unprecedented.

The abnormal movements of the energy had thrown the entire sea realm sea realm into shock and horror. Many people had no idea what was going on, and everyone in seclusion immediately stopped and emerged because cultivating with such violent energy of the world would only be detrimental.

“What’s happening? Why is all the energy of the world flowing in one direction…”

“Let’s go check out the place where all the energy is gathering and find the reason…”

More and more people either flew or rode various mounts in the direction the energy was gathering.

At that moment, the sea realm was bustling. People surged about as great swathes of people traveled toward the formation. This included many human and magical beast foreigners.

The vast energy in the desolate mountain range had already transformed into a destructive storm. The formation below grew brighter and brighter as it gathered the energy faster and faster. All the energy of the world ended up gathering in the black hole in the center of the formation.

Jian Chen squinted his eyes at the black hole and thought to himself, “I’ll definitely be able to cultivate very fast in there. I might even be able to reach the fifth layer.” However, Jian Chen only thought about the possibility. All the energy in the sea realm had gathered there. It would take a heavy toll on the land.

With a heavy sound, the door of the sea goddess’ divine hall swung open and a thumb-sized bead of the sea goddess’ soul floated out, slowly falling into the black hole at the center.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He discovered that the bead was very similar to the protective beads Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian possessed. It seemed exactly the same.

I never thought that the Winged Tiger God’s treasured beads actually possessed such powerful effects. Not only can it protect the soul and nullify all soul attacks, but it has also allowed the sea goddess’ soul to exist for so long as well,” Jian Chen thought. He knew that the sea goddess had passed away long ago and that it was all because of the Winged Tiger God that her soul still remained without dispersing.

“Jian Chen, the materials,” the sea goddess’ voice rang through Jian Chen’s head. He immediately removed the Reconstruction Gel and essence of the Spring of Life that he had obtained he had obtained from his Space Ring. He threw them all into the hole in the center.

The resurrection was being held right now. If she was successfully revived, then there would be one more Origin realm expert in the world, one that had existed during the ancient times.

Yadriam silently healed a hundred kilometers away. It had been very taxing to cast down the formation. She needed to recover to her peak condition in the shortest amount of time possible, or she would not be confident that she could stop the two hall masters when they worked together. She did not believe what Jian Chen had said at all.

The Zi Ying Sword silently hovered a thousand meters away. Jian Chen sat on it as he guarded the entire revival process. He enveloped the surroundings with his soul. Even Saint Emperors would not be able to avoid his senses.

The Heaven’s Spirit Hall was thrown into an uproar right now as well. Their divine hall was located in one of the places with the densest energy of the world. However, it had actually been sucked away, and they could not stop it no matter what they did.

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall stood on the highest floor of the divine hall as he gazed out in suspicion. He mumbled, “What is Yadriam doing?”

At this moment, several pillars of light shot through the air at extremely great speeds. They originated from different directions, but all of them gathered in one place. Every pillar was condensed from tremendous pure, water-attributed energy.

“This is the energy of the spiritual springs!” The hall master reclaimed and arrived outside in a flash. He looked at the sky and gradually became stern.

“Oh no, the resurrection of the sea goddess is underway. I never thought that that little b*tch and Jian Chen had already gone to the Sea of Despair and brought out the sea goddess’ divine hall,” a heavy voice rang out from beside the hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. A person appeared there silently. He was the hall master of the Serpent God Hall.

The hall master of the Serpent God Hall had hurried over several days ago. He had remained hidden the entire time, except he was still rather pale, clearly still injured.


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