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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1355


Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355: Puny Saint Emperors (Two)

The path lord of carnal desires did not celebrate at all when he saw the three magical beasts reach toward the same sword while avoiding the one he went for. Instead, he grumbled inside, cursing how the other two Saint Emperors of the Tian Yuan Continent had not come and missed such a fortuitous encounter.

This was because the path lord knew that the two swords were no weaker than the ancestral weapons of the protector clans. He knew that they were actually even more powerful than them. Even Saint Emperors might not have been able to subdue the swords from how they repelled the tribulations before. There were four Saint Emperors present in total, but three of them were magical beasts, and he was the only human. Even when he knew that it was impossible for him to subdue even just one of the swords, he could only reluctantly try.

The two swords were enveloped by a resplendent glow of their respective color. The glows obscured the blades of the swords, making them blurry.

The path lord and the three magical beasts grabbed toward the sword hilts at the same time. They had all made preparations for any sudden changes. Not only had they coated their hands with powerful Saint Force, but even their bodies flickered with light as powerful energy formed a protective barrier around them.

However, the moment they came in contact with the glow around the swords, blood flew from their hands. The glows did not just possess a decorative purpose;they had offensive abilities as well. The light pierced through the protection of Saint Force around the Saint Emperors and reduced them to a bloody mess in a single moment.

The four Saint Emperors immediately withdrew their hands. They were covered with densely-packed gashes, some of which even revealed the white bone beneath.

The Saint Emperors were shocked. The four of them had already arrived at the apex of the world with their strength, yet they could not even touch the two swords. The power of the swords completely surpassed any of their understanding in regard to treasures of the world.

There had never been such an extraordinary treasure that had appeared in the world, where even Saint Emperors could not touch them. How could they be subdued?

“These treasures really cannot be taken by force. They can only be received through luck,” mumbled the ancestral emperor of the Felicity Empire. His face was filled with joy. Since Saint Emperors were unable to take them by force, the Saint Kings would obviously have a chance at obtaining a sword for themselves as well. The ancestral emperor immediately dismissed his thoughts, closed his eyes, and began to attempt to connect with the ‘treasures’ through some special means.

All the people in the surroundings who used swords copied the ancestral emperor. Some of them sent a strand of their soul, some devoted their minds to it, and others tried to use their understanding of swords to gain the recognition of the treasures and get the treasures to accept them as their masters out of their own accord. There were countless different methods.

Over ten kilometers away, the experts of the Hundred Races had all returned. They all remained in the distance as they attentively watched. They did not get any closer than that, nor did they plan on taking part in taking the treasures for themselves.

“Hank, are you certain that the two powerful swords are not treasures nurtured by the world, but forged by someone?” A thin, old woman asked with a husky voice. Her pupils were jade-green, and at a closer inspection, it seemed like two green flames leaped about her eyes.

She was a flame daemon and a Saint King at Great Perfection.

The flame daemons were naturally naturally blessed with power over fire. They possessed a green flame within them at birth. The flame could not burn any objects, only life, causing it be known as daemonfire.

Beside her, the dwarf with the Heaven’s Guard sternly nodded. He said, “Please do not doubt the judgement of this dwarven king. If we dwarves claim that we are only the second best at forging weapons, then no one in the world can claim that they are first. In my experience, I am extremely certain that the two swords were forged by someone and not nurtured by the world.”

“The two swords possess unfathomable power as soon as they were forged, so just how terrifying is the person who forged the swords? I never thought that there would actually be such a great expert on the Tian Yuan Continent,” a dark-furred lycanthrope sighed in surprise

“The person who has forged the two swords has probably already surpassed Saint Emperors and reached the Origin realm. He’s at the same level as the existence in Mercenary City,” said an extremely pretty woman. She only seemed to be in her twenties and possessed enchanting beauty. However, her lower half was a snake’s body.

She was an expert of the lamias, also a part of the Hundred Races

“If it really is an Origin realm expert, that’s not necessarily good for us,” said an eleven expert. She was also a fairly young woman, possessing an enchanting figure but with a tinge of divinity. Her voice was as pleasant as a lark’s song. However, her true age was nowhere near how old she seemed. She was a Saint King at Great Perfection who had lived for thousands of years.

The three Class 9 Magical Beasts in the air all revealed rather ugly expressions. They could not even touch a sword when they worked together, so it was rather embarrassing for them. Even if it was difficult for difficult for them to take away the swords, they could not leave after such an embarrassing situation.

A sliver of maliciousness had even appeared in Kaiser’s eyes. He furiously said, “I refuse to believe that I cannot subdue even a single sword.” One of his hands immediately turned into a dragon’s claw. It was powerful and covered with scales. He then reached toward the violet sword again.

As soon as the claw came in contact with the glow of the sword, the screeching of metal rang out and some sparks flew as well. However, the outcome was the same as before. Before he could even touch the hilt of the sword, he was injured by the glow and forced to retreat. His claw had been reduced to a bloody mess. The scales on his claw had shattered and the white bone underneath had been revealed.

Lankyros gasped before sighing, “This treasure is far too powerful. Even Kaiser can’t touch the hilt. Looks like no one can subdue them in this world.”

At this moment, a figure leaped out of the lava. He shone with a dazzling light, like a miniature sun, illuminating all the volcanoes.

The attention of everyone was drawn to the figure who had suddenly emerged from the lava. However, the only thing that could be seen was a blurry figure. No one could see through the light.

The figure stood on a volcano. As the light around him gradually disappeared, his appearance was revealed.

“It’s Jian Chen. He’s actually always been hiding beneath the lava…”

“It’s said that Jian Chen has already disappeared from the Tian Yuan Continent for a very long time. Has he always been hiding beneath the lava, cultivating…”

Quite a few people recognized him as soon as Jian Chen appeared, and they immediately cried out. He was famous on the continent now. There was rarely an expert who did not know him.

The experts of the experts of the Hundred Races became fixated on Jian Chen as well, the dwarven king Hank in particular. His eyes became extremely wide. He did not recognize Jian Chen, but he knew that it was extremely likely that the person who had forged the two swords was in the depths of the lava.

“Isn’t that the ruler of the Turtle clan?” The experts of the Sea race looked at one another. They were all members of the Sea Goddess Hall, so they were familiar with Jian Chen. They recognized him with a single glance.

A gleam of heavy killing intent immediately flashed through the eyes of Kaiser and Lankyros the moment they caught sight of Jian Chen. The path lord glanced over a the two of them and smiled mysteriously.

Jian Chen stood on a volcano. His face was pale and haggard, as if he was sick. Even though that was the case, his straight posture still managed to give off the feeling that he was immovable. His eyes were extremely bright and brimming with spirit.

He slowly raised his head and looked at Kaiser and Lankyros in the sky. His eyes sharpend at that very moment. He sneered, “Kaiser, Lankyros, I never thought that I’d encounter the two of you as soon as I emerge from seclusion. That’s just fantastic. Saves me from looking for you later.”

Kaiser and Lankyros’ faces immediately grew cold. Kaiser stared at Jian Chen scornfully and sneered, “Jian Chen, your three magical beast helpers aren’t here. You’re nothing but an ant before us without their protection. Crushing you is a piece of cake.”

“That would be the case if it was before, but you probably no longer have that ability today. Kaiser, Lankyros, it’s time we settle our differences,” Jian Chen said. Even though he appeared to be very weak right now, he was filled with confidence that he could deal with the two Saint Emperors.


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