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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1353


Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353: Birth of the Immortal Swords

“Just what is this treasure? It’s actually so powerful and terrifying that even we cannot get within a hundred kilometers of it with our strength as Saint Kings…”

“I think the treasure is probably an overwhelmingly powerful sword. Seeing how it can produce such terrifying sword Qi without a person controlling it, it is no weaker than the ancestral weapons of the ten protector clans. It might even surpass them in power…”

“The birth of this treasure in such a crucial moment probably has something to do with the World of Forsaken Saints. It might be crucial to repelling the other world…”

“Fantastic! I am skilled with the sword and have been enchanted by the sword for thousands of years. I may not be able to claim that I have reached absolute mastery, but there are few that can rival me in the world at the very least. The treasure is suitable for me. If I happen to obtain it, I will definitely do all I can to protect the continent,” the ancestral emperor of the Felicity Empire said sternly. He was also filled with a desire to possess the treasure. Even though he was covered in blood, he still possessed the bearing of a ruler, which he had accumulated over the years.

All the people had retreated to over a hundred kilometers away from the treasure and no one dared to get any closer than that. Even the dwarven expert with the Heaven’s Guard did not travel any closer. Even though he would be fine under the protection of the shield, he wouldn’t be able to take the treasure for himself when he was encased by the shield.

Of course, that was not the reason why he did not want to venture any further. The true reason was that he had sensed a presence that made his heart beat heavily.

The dwarf calmed down. He continued to carry the Heaven’s Guard, which had shrunken back to a meter in diameter, a hundred kilometers away as he stared at the two pillars of light while brimming with interest. He then gazed around the endless volcanoes and lava in the surroundings. After a moment of silent thought, he seemed to understand something and his face immediately changed. He called out with his rough voice, “I’m not going to take part in this anymore. The treasure is not something we can take.”

The dwarf immediately signaled the other experts of the Hundred Races, communicating with them through a secret technique. Afterward, he left without any reluctance at all.

The experts of the Hundred Races all revealed slightly different expressions. They stared deeply at the location of the light before all choosing to silently leave.

“All the people of the Hundred Races have retreated. Have they found out what it is?” A human immediately voiced his doubts.

“Hmph, what do they know? Everyone’s witnessed the might of the treasure. It’s probably even more powerful than the ancestral weapons of the ten protector clans. Even Saint Kings cannot approach it. Probably only Saint Emperors have the power to compete for it. Does the Hundred Races have any Saint Emperors? They know they’re weak, which is why they abandoned the fight,” a magical beast immediately responded scornfully. He had no good will for the Hundred Races.

The people of the Hundred Races did not retreat too far away. They stopped at the outskirts of the volcanoes to watch.

Without long, several tremendous presences engulfed the entire place. The news there had already reached the ears of the Saint Emperors. The three Class 9 Magical Beasts and the path lord of carnal desires had all arrived.

They were extremely powerful, having reached the apex of the world. With the entire world in perspective, there were only a few people as powerful as them. There was no one who could dominate them other than the barrier spirit that had already reached the Origin realm.

As soon as the four of them entered the volcanic region, they shot toward the pillars of light. They moved extremely fast, to the point where it seemed like they were teleporting.

In the end, they safely arrived above the largest volcano. They stared at the two pillars of light that had erupted from the crater. Energy that was enough to shake the surroundings protected them, keeping the invisible sword Qi away.

Even with that, their their barriers slightly trembled.

The path lord looked at the bottom of the crater before glancing over the three other Saint Emperors with him. A sliver of undetectable coldness flashed through his eyes before he plunged into the lava.

The three magical beasts did not hesitate either when they saw him move. They all jumped in as well. They had all witnessed the power of the treasure. Even as Saint Emperors, they were tempted by it.

From afar, the grand elder of Mercenary City helplessly sighed. He mumbled, “It’s a pity that the great elder is in seclusion refining the divine hall while the artifact spirit remains hidden away. Otherwise, there would be a chance that the treasure would belong to Mercenary City.”

Regret filled the faces of the Saint Kings when they saw the four Saint Emperors plunge into the lava. All of them were interested by such a powerful treasure, but they did not possess the strength of Saint Emperors. They were unable to get closer than a hundred kilometers away.

I hope the treasure doesn’t end up in the hands of foreigners,” a few Saint Kings prayed inside. Even if someone else obtained the treasure, they hoped that that person would be a part of the Tian Yuan Continent.

At this moment, two beams of extremely bright lights erupted from the central volcano. At that moment, the scarlet-red volcano had become half-violet and half-azure because of the beams of light.

Countless sword Qi criss-crossed in the light. The sword Qi were not invisible but had materialized. Every single one of them was only the length and width of a finger, but they were all extremely resplendent, giving off a bright, white light.

At the same time, a terrifying energy erupted from within the volcano, causing the entire mountain to violently jolt. Many boulders shattered and even the entire mountain had shrunk to half its size. The four Saint Emperors all surged back into the sky as flames burned around them. They were like four fireballs as they hung in the sky.

Very soon, the flames were put out, revealing the four of them. They were all in a rather horrible shape. They had not been injured, but they had they had been forced out of the lava.

The path lord and three magical beasts were completely shocked. They all stared down sternly and quietly.

A long while later, the path lord broke the silence, “That seems like sword Qi, yet it’s a little different.” He spoke with a very heavy voice. The treasure was far more powerful than he had imagined. Probably even the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans could not rival it.

“This sword Qi doesn’t seem to be condensed from Saint Force or World Force. It’s like sword Qi, yet it’s different at the same time. However, I have never seen such terrifyingly powerful sword Qi,” Lankyros said in a heavy voice.

“The odd sword Qi can harm me, but it’s still not enough to bring life-threatening danger. We might as well charge in forcefully,” Kaiser coldly said as his eyes shone brightly.

The path lord shook his head and said, “Treasures of the world have appeared throughout history. According to the ancient records, the world gives birth to them and they are naturally nurtured. Once they have completely formed, they will erupted by themselves, unlike right now. I think this treasure is still being nurtured and still has not formed completely. If we take it forcefully, we might destroy it.”

“You’re right. Let’s wait for now. It might not be the time to collect the treasure right now. If we try to take it at the wrong time, the treasure might even end up destroyed by our hands,” said Cangqiong. His white clothes fluttered in the wind. His face was ruddy and filled with spirit, giving off a righteous feeling. He carried the slight presence of divinity.

Kaiser and Lankyros both agreed with their suggestions. They had read the ancient records on treasures of the world, so they possessed some understanding as well. They knew that the path lord was telling the truth.

Afar, the grand elder of Mercenary City let out a breath in relief before personally returning to Mercenary City. He wanted to find the barrier spirit and request her to take the treasure of the world. He did not wish to give up on something so powerful.

Unfortunately, the barrier spirit basically never appeared. If never appeared. If she did not appear herself, no one could find her. The grand elder was flustered after using all the various methods he could think of in attempt to get a hold of her.

“I understand now. The barrier spirit is tasked with protecting Mercenary City and guarding the seal to the World of Forsaken Saints. She never takes part in the battles on the Tian Yuan Continent. Treasures like these have appeared several times in the history of the Tian Yuan Continent and she’s never appeared for them. It’s probably exactly because of this that the barrier spirit does not care for the treasure this time. Sigh, I have become muddle-headed,” the grand elder understood something. He no longer paid any attention to the treasure and devoted himself to guarding Mercenary City. He poured all his attention into keeping track of the other world’s movements.

In the blink of an eye, the path lord and the Saint Emperors had waited in the volcanic region for two months. In those two months, they did not take a single step away, waiting and guarding the place silently. They were afraid that the treasure would appear once they left and be taken by someone else.

At this moment, the four Saint Emperors’ eyes snapped open simultaneously.


In the next moment, the largest volcano exploded. It was reduced to countless pieces of loose rock and lava, which shot out in all directions. Two eye-catching swords flew out of the lava and into the sky.

The two swords were 1.3 meters in length each. They erupted with violet and azure lights, one color for each sword. They also gave off a shocking sword Qi that was extremely powerful.

Wherever the swords passed, the space would shatter and be reduced to darkness. They seemed to become the only existences in the world. The world seemed to lose its color before the swords, where even the scorching sun lost its radiance. The entire world seemed to kneel before the swords.

The wind and clouds in the surroundings churned and the red clouds that hung in the sky all year round actually began to vanish. Thick, dark clouds silently gathered instead, replacing the red clouds.


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