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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1345


Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345: The Anatta Grand Prime

Jian Chen's eyes immediately narrowed the moment he caught sight of the slashes on the ancient tower. He could sense a very powerful comprehension of the Way of the Sword from them. It was extremely profound, greatly exceeding anything he knew. Jian Chen sensed a whole different, boundless world from them. The slashes were unbelievably powerful.

Jian Chen became fixated on the densely-packed slashes on the tower. He slowly closed his eyes and attempted to comprehend the Way of the Sword left behind on the tower. He also walked the Way of the Sword, except he had only touched the very basics. The comprehension of the Way of the Sword within the slashes was very intense. If Jian Chen could comprehend even just a little, he felt like his understanding of the Way of the Sword would skyrocket and his strength would increase.

Jian Chen gradually focused his attention on the slashes, but as soon as his mind came in contact with them, his body violently jolted. He immediately paled while blood spurted into the air from his mouth as if he had become heavily injured. He staggered back.

The comprehension of the Way of the Sword hidden within the slashes was just too powerful, far beyond anything that Jian Chen could even touch upon. Not only did Jian Chen fail to comprehend anything as he had wished, but he had also been injured by the slashes.

’’This is the Anatta Tower. Master, you must never try to comprehend the slashes on the tower. These slashes were left behind by the most powerful expert of the Immortals' World, the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. They're filled with a sharp killing intent, and even Sword Immortals can be heavily injured by them,’’ Zi Ying's voice rang out in his head.

’’What? The slashes were left behind by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt?’’ Jian Chen was completely stunned when he heard that. He knew exactly who the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt was. He was the strongest expert of the Immortals' World both in name and reality. Although he remained as an Immortal Exalt, his strength had already surpassed Immortal Exalt in a certain sense. He was even more powerful than the former master of the sword spirits. Jian Chen felt extremely astounded when he learned that slashes from the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt were in the Sea of Despair.

Zi Ying sank into his memories and mumbled, ’’This ancient tower is known as the Anatta Tower. It's the fated god artifact of the Anatta Grand Prime who stood at the peak of the Saints' World. The Anatta Grand Prime was powerful enough to be ranked within the top three in terms of strength in the Saints' World, where only the Grand Prime of the warring gods possessed the downright ability to defeat her. In the war back then, the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt of our Immortal's World was embroiled in a devastating battle against the Anatta Grand Prime in the void of space. In the end, the Anatta Grand Prime fled with heavy injuries and her whereabouts became unknown. I never thought that the Anatta Grand Prime had fallen in the end, and his fated artifact would end up here.’’

Jian Chen asked again after his thoughts clicked, ’’Does that mean that the damaged piece of armor I obtained from the treasury of the Tao family belongs to the Anatta Grand Prime?’’

’’Master, I am uncertain about that. The Anatta Grand Prime's most famed artifact was the Anatta Tower. The tower is extremely powerful. It can devastate a whole region of the cosmos, refine almost everything in the world, or store away a whole section of the world. Even in our Immortals' World, the the artifact was renowned. We never paid attention to what armor the Anatta Grand Prime wore,’’ answered Zi Ying.

’’Master, do you still remember the remains of the supreme expert you came cross earlier? The remains should belong to an expert at the level of Immortal Emperor. The damaged armor might have come from him. However, the Anatta Grand Prime has fallen and the Anatta Tower has been heavily damaged by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. The tower should possess all the wealth the Grand Prime managed to accumulate throughout his life. Master, we can try and enter the tower,’’ Qing Suo said with a clear voice.

Jian Chen's heart immediately began to beat with excitement. He did not doubt that any item from the collection of a Grand Prime was enough to overshadow everything he had obtained from the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

Jian Chen immediately began to walk toward the Anatta Tower. He did not move quickly, taking every step cautiously, fearing that something might happen.

’’What are you doing? You can tell with a single glance that the tower's not simple. It might even be more dangerous than anything we've come across,’’ Yadriam could not help but warn him when she saw Jian Chen start walking toward the tower. This was because it was a very large region without any mist, which meant that the dangers here were far greater than any of the times before.

’’Hall master, have a break here. I'll go over there and have a look,’’ Jian Chen said to Yadriam, because he believed the sword spirits.

Yadriam watched Jian Chen grow further away. She gritted her teeth and followed along, but she was also very careful. She had already made up her mind to use the weapon of the sea goddess at any moment.

Suddenly, the Anatta Tower shone with a hazy, azure light when Jian Chen was over a over a dozen kilometers away. A terrifying pulse immediately expanded from the tower, causing the surroundings to tremble.

Jian Chen and Yadriam revealed different expressions. They felt fear from the pulse as the very depths of their souls trembled.

’’Oh no, the artifact spirit of the Anatta Tower has not dispersed yet. Master, retreat,’’ the sword spirits' voice rang through Jian Chen's head in a panic. Afterward, the sword spirits fell silent, hiding themselves well. They were heavily injured right now and did not possess their might from before. They were not the opponents of the artifact spirit in the tower.

’’Retreat!’’ Jian Chen cried out before falling back with Yadriam as quickly as they could.

The Anatta Tower gently trembled as the azure light grew brighter and brighter. The terrifying pulse affected the surroundings, causing the space around it to violently distort and the mist in the air to churn wildly.

At the same time, the slashes on the tower began to shine with dazzling light. At that moment, all the slashes seemed to have roused. Every single slash seemed to transform, projecting a powerful, transparent sword that revolved around the tower. It began to suppress the structure.

The Anatta Tower was unable to overpower the slashes, so its glow gradually dimmed. In the end, it fell silent again. It stood there quietly just like any other dilapidated tower.

’’The Nirvanic Immortal Exalt and former master were the two great Sword Gods of the Immortals' World, but the Nirvanic Sword Immortal's accomplishments in the Way of the Sword surpassed former master. The slashes he's left on the Anatta Tower are actually seals and every single slash has given birth to its own spirit,’’ Zi Ying said emotionally as he observed the slashes on the tower from afar.

’’The artifact spirit in the Anatta Tower has not dispersed yet, but it's heavily injured just like us. At like us. At the same time, it's been suppressed by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt's seal, preventing it from recovering. Master, once you reach the seventh layer of the Chaotic Body, you should be able to approach the Anatta Tower,’’ said Qing Suo.

’’The seventh layer?’’ Jian Chen became bitter inside. He had only just reached the fourth layer of the Chaotic Body and breaking through would only become more difficult. It was not an easy feat to reach the seventh layer.

Jian Chen and Yadriam began to travel in a direction opposite of the Anatta Tower. They traversed several hundred kilometers by foot before finally leaving the forbidden region. Afterward, Yadriam summoned the Abyssal Bird and continued on their way after detouring around the region where the Anatta Tower was.

This part of the journey was much more peaceful. Jian Chen and Yadriam came across fewer and fewer forbidden regions, and the vicious spirits that attacked them gradually vanished. The only problem was the distortions of space they came across several times, which sent them to random locations in the Sea of Despair and forced them to travel much more than needed.

A blue light finally appeared before them, less than a hundred meters in the mist after walking for so long.

A huge, majestic divine hall appeared before them. The entire structure shone with a resplendent blue light, which glimmered like crystal. The hall slowly drifted through the Sea of Despair.

The divine hall was entirely constructed from Abyssal Crystal. Abyssal Crystal was something that originated from the Sea of Despair, so the divine hall, which was completely constructed from it, could avoid a lot of the dangers present in the Sea of Despair.

’’This is her majesty's divine hall. We've finally found it!’’ Yadriam said with a trembling voice as she looked at the blue divine hall in excitement.

’’Finally!’’ Jian Chen smiled triumphantly.


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