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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1343


Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343: Weapon of the Sea Goddess

The vicious spirits charged at Jian Chen's light barrier, but when they came in contact with the glow, they all produced hissing sizzles, like grease in a fire pit.

Although Jian Chen's glow was similar to the barriers condensed from energy by other fighters, it possessed quite a powerful offensive ability as well. When the vengeful spirits collided with the light, their figures rapidly dimmed before dispersing soon after.

Jian Chen's layer of protection dimmed slightly after successfully blocking the spirits since their attacks were on the level of Saint Kings.

The spirits in the surroundings charged endlessly toward Jian Chen. They had no regard for life or death at all. In that moment, they seemed to have become fearless, cold-blooded warriors.

Finally, Jian Chen's layer of protection shattered after dispersing over ten vengeful spirits. The remaining spirits turned into something akin to a flood as they surged toward Jian Chen's head.

Jian Chen seemed to understand their intentions as his lips curled into an odd smile. He did not resist at all, allowing the spirits to enter his sea of consciousness.

Although Yadriam was engaged in an intense battle with the emperor-level spirit, she always paid attention to Jian Chen's situation. Seeing all the spirits enter Jian Chen head, she could not help but panic. The spirits were most skilled at attacking the souls of people, which was one of the hardest things to guard against. Injuries of the soul were far more severe than injuries of the body. Even Saint Emperors would not be able to ward off so many attacks from Saint King vicious spirits, let alone Jian Chen who only possessed the battle prowess of a Saint Emperor. There was even a chance that they would die.

Unfortunately, she needed to keep her opponent busy and was unable to break free. At the same time, the spirits had already entered Jian Chen's head. It was too late even if she wanted to assist him.

Yadriam paid close attention to Jian Chen's situation as she fought against the emperor-level spirit. Some worry and anxiety appeared in her eyes. She did not wish to see Jian Chen die here.

Spurt! Yadriam was injured by the spirit under her carelessness. She vomited a mouthful of blood and was blown away.

Her opponent immediately pursued her. The spirit's body became intangible again, dissolving into a ball of mist as it hovered over. It formed a cage around Yadriam.

Blue light shone bright within the white cage as terrifying ripples of energy pulsed in the surroundings. Yadriam had dismissed her thoughts and struck out with all her strength, engaging in an intense battle with the spirit cage. Behind her, an avatar that seemed like a fishman condensed. It possessed a surging presence. Every single strike from her seemed destructive.

Yadriam was injured, but she was still very powerful. The cage shook violently. A part of the spirit engaged in a devastating battle with her inside the cage.

Jian Chen remained in in the same spot without moving at all as several dozen spirits entered his head. He seemed like a statue. However, this did not last too long;Jian Chen opened his eyes a few seconds later. The light in his eyes shone with interest as he glared at the emperor-level spirit's cage. He then sent a powerful sword Qi in that direction.


The cage of mist around Yadriam was already showing signs of collapsing from her attacks, so it immediately erupted in a violent fashion with Jian Chen's attack.

Discovering that Jian Chen was fine, Yadriam immediately let out a sigh of relief before focusing on her battle against the spirit.

Yadriam's opponent possessed a certain level of intelligence. Seeing how Jian Chen was perfectly fine, it was clearly dumbstruck and in some disbelief.

Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash and charged toward the spirit as a blur. A two-meter-long sword Qi had already condensed in his hand, which he used to stab at the spirit along with a dazzling, white light.

The sword Qi pierced the spirit and produced hissing sounds. A fist-sized hole was rapidly dissolved away by the sword Qi.

Yadriam's eyes narrowed at the sight of this. She was secretly shocked. Jian Chen's threat against the spirits was actually even greater than her own.

’’Just what is the energy that Jian Chen uses? It seems to be at the same level as the power of emperors, but it also seems to be at a far greater level,’’ Yadriam thought.

The emperor-level spirit emperor-level spirit gradually fell to a disadvantage against Jian Chen and Yadriam's teamwork. It became even more illusory, mostly due to the attacks from Jian Chen. After all, Jian Chen's sword Qi was a condensation of laws. It was far more harmful to the spirit than Yadriam.

Suddenly, the spirit turned into mist and split into two. Those two pieces pierced toward Jian Chen and Yadriam's foreheads at the same time, like swords.

Jian Chen's protective glow was unable to stop the spirit at the level of emperors. It entered his head in the end.

Yadriam was not fortunate enough to avoid it either. The spirit managed to attack her soul.

The emperor-level spirit materialized into a terrifying white devil in Jian Chen's sea of consciousness. However, before it could devour his soul, an azure and violet light enveloped the demon.

The landscape of the sea of consciousness underwent a drastic change. A vast starry sky appeared where countless corpses of immortals littered the space. Golden blood hovered among the stars, radiating with a terrifying pressure and energy pulses.

The white devil began to violently tremble as fear filled its eyes. Afterward, it screamed and immediately fled. It hurried away at a speed many times faster than when it had come in, leaving Jian Chen's sea of consciousness.

At the same time, the center of Yadriam's eyebrows erupted with a dazzling blue light. A blue imprint of a trident suddenly appeared, and it left her face and rapidly expanded, turning into a three-meter-long trident that hovered trident that hovered over her. It gave off a layer of blue light, which enveloped her.

This was a weapon of true power. It pulsed in a terrifying fashion. The presence was actually countless times more powerful than Emperor Armaments.

The spirit was forced out by the weapon and rapidly fused with its other half before glancing at Jian Chen with lingering fear. Afterward, it turned and fled without staying any longer.

Yadriam just happened to catch the fear the spirit had looked at Jian Chen with. She was clearly stunned, as if she did not believe what she had just seen. She then glanced at Jian Chen and sank into her thoughts.

Jian Chen stared in the direction the spirit had fled in for a while before looking at Yadriam. He became fixated on the trident above her head while his face was filled with surprise. He said, ’’Hall master, is that an Emperor Armament? Why do I feel that it's even more powerful than the ancestral weapons of the ten protector clans?’’

The trident rapidly shrank with a blurly glow, returning to its original imprint-like shape and embedding itself in Yadriam's forehead again where it rapidly vanished. Yadriam thought about how to respond silently before saying, ’’This isn't an Emperor Armament. It's the weapon that her majesty once used in the past.’’

’’Is that so? No wonder the weapon's so powerful.’’ Jian Chen understood. Obviously, the weapon of an Origin realm expert could not be compared to Emperor Armaments in terms of power.


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