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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1341


Chapter 1341

Chapter 1341: Vicious Spirits of the Mist (One)

’’I greet your majesty!’’ Yadriam dismissed her prideful attitude once the sea goddess arrived and politely bowed to her . Her voice carried respect from the bottom of her heart .

’’I greet your majesty,’’ Jian Chen clasped his hands at the sea goddess as well .

’’There may not be any beasts in the Sea of Despair, but the dangers in there are, without a doubt, the most dangerous in the sea realm . Let alone Saint Emperors, even I had to be careful when I stepped in there back when I was at my peak . The dangers of the Sea of Despair greatly exceed your imaginations...’’ The sea goddess did not bother too much with courtesies . She explained the details of the Sea of Despair to the two of them . Probably no one in the sea realm even possessed a tenth of the sea goddess' knowledge with regards to the Sea of Despair .

Both Jian Chen and Yadriam were shocked by what they heard . Just what type of place was the Sea of Despair if even the sea goddess needed to be careful when she set foot in there when she was at her peak? The dangers there were actually terrifying enough to endanger Origin realm experts .

The sea goddess continued, ’’The mist of the Sea of Despair is thick and never disperses . It remains like this all year round . The mist is no ordinary mist either but an extremely weird energy . It can silently invade your body and eat away at your life force, so you will be under the constant invasion of the mist once you set foot in there . Other than that, there are many vicious spirits that have been born in the mist . They are very difficult to deal with, and some powerful vicious spirits can even slay Saint Emperors . Fortunately, there are not a lot of spirits that are that powerful, so the chances of coming across one that strong is very small . However, you need to take every single step with care and remain vigilant once you enter .

’’Other than that, there are two things you should keep in mind . The space in the Sea of Despair is very unstable, so spatial distortions happen often, making it very easy to become disorientated . You just need to follow the Abyssal Crystal to find the right path . The second thing is that once you enter regions where the mist thins, retreat as quickly as possible . Do not stay there any longer than you need because they are forbidden regions . ’’ The sea goddess became extremely stern when she reached the second point . She was extremely fearful of places like that .

Jian Chen shivered . He found it rather unbelievable that even the sea goddess, who was an Origin realm expert, found it so terrifying . After all, she had surpassed Saint Emperor and, according to the sword spirits, was an immortal .

’’I've said all I need to say . Once you enter the Sea of Despair, I won't be able to provide any support to you at all . It will all depend on the two of you inside . Do remember that as soon as you come across any spatial distortions, move together and do not separate from each other . There is only one Abyssal Crystal,’’ the sea goddess warned at the very end before watching Jian Chen and Yadriam enter the Sea of Despair . They soon disappeared disappeared in the rolling mists .

Only when the two of them had completely disappeared did the sea goddess sigh . ’’For my return, I have to get the two of them to risk their lives to search for my divine hall . Aren't I a little too selfish? I hope they return safely . ’’

Jian Chen felt like he had been engulfed by an extremely thick mist as soon as he entered the Sea of Despair . It became hazy white all around him, and even with his vision, he was only able to see a hundred meters away . The senses of his soul had become completely useless in the mist as well .

The mist there was very abnormal . It was formed from an odd energy and maintained a certain density . Jian Chen was surrounded by the mist but felt like he was in soft cotton instead . The cotton constantly pressed against his body before turning into thin strands of energy in an attempt to seep into his body .

Jian Chen had learned from the sea goddess that the weird mist could devour his life force, so he dared not to be careless at all . Chaotic Force immediately flowed through his body and filled every inch of him to stop the invading mist .

By his side, Yadriam was enveloped by a layer of powerful water-attributed energy that stopped the invasion of the mist as well . She then removed the abyssal crystal from her Space Ring with a flip of her hand . The palm-sized crystal let out a gentle glow as it hovered in the air, changing with Yadriam's hand seals . The energy inside immediately began to leak out, gradually condensing into a small, blue bird .

The Abyssal Bird was only the size of size of a fist . It flapped its wings and flew off into the distance as a blue streak of light . It moved very quickly, disappearing from Jian Chen and Yadriam's live of sight in the blink of an eye .

’’The Abyssal Bird will take us to find the sea goddess' divine hall . Let's go,’’ the sea goddess called at Jian Chen before running off in the direction of the Abyssal Bird .

Yadriam possessed a mental connection with the bird, so even after it had vanished from her vision, she could still discern where the bird was .

Not only was the space of the Sea of Despair very unstable, it was weird as well . Jian Chen and Yadriam came across many weird regions of space that pulsed rhymically like a person's heart, as if they possessed life . They were filled with a malevolent feeling .

Jian Chen and Yadriam advanced along the route of the bird . They constantly changed directions along the way and even had to backtrack along the path they had come from a few times .

The space in the Sea of Despair was distorted, making it seem like they had to backtrack many times, but they had actually maintained a straight path without any deviations .

Suddenly, the space beside Jian Chen shook . A ripple of space expanded toward Jian Chen with lightning-like speed before striking his left arm .

Silently, the clothes on Jian Chen left arm ripped open and a crack appeared . His arm was injured and bright red blood seeped out .

Jian Chen glanced at the wound on his arm and secretly felt shocked . His fourth layer Chaotic Body had actually been injured so easily . If any other Saint King tried to withstand the strike, they probably would they probably would have been ripped into two by the spatial ripple .

’’This place really is dangerous . The dangers here are incomparable to the divine realm,’’ Jian Chen thought and became even more vigilant .

Jian Chen and Yadriam continued on . They had no sense of time in the Sea of Despair, so they had no idea how long they had traveled for either . In the end, the Abyssal Bird had disappeared twice because it had ran out of energy . It was already the third time that Yadriam had used her secret technique to summon it .

They were getting closer and closer to the depths of the Sea of Despair now, but Jian Chen seemed to be in a rather horrible shape . His clothes were ripped all over and covered with bloody marks, clearly having been injured multiple times . These had all been caused by the ripples of space that would randomly appeared .

Yadriam was no exception either . She had sustained some light injuries as well, but her body was surrounded by a layer of energy to fend off the invasion of the mist . As a result, it was impossible to see her face .

A few specks of light silently made their way toward Jian Chen and Yadriam from behind . The faint lights pulsed, dim and bright, fusing perfectly with the mist in the surroundings . They seemed like sets of ghost's eyes .

Even though the two of them moved very quickly, the specks of light remained behind them They were not shaken off and did not seem much different from the mist in the surroundings . They were obscured and gave off no presence at all, so they did not catch Jian Chen or Yadriam's attention at all .


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