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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1340


Chapter 1340

Chapter 1340: The Sea of Despair

’’This piece of divine armor has already been reduced to something like this . Can it still be used?’’Jian Chen asked . He found the situation rather regretful since the power of the armor was evident, but it was just far too damaged .

’’From the looks of it, the divine armor isn't really useful anymore . It's inscriptions are damaged and the artifact spirit has dispersed . Other than the fact that the material its made of is very tough, it cannot protect the wearer from anything . However, keep it with you, master . Once your strength increases in the future, you can look for some materials to repair it . It may not be able to recover its perfect shape, but it'll be useful for master,’’ said Zi Ying .

’’Don't be too disappointed, master . With your current strength, obtaining this damaged piece of armor is better than obtaining it in perfect condition because every god artifact has extremely high requirements before it can be used . Only those who have become Immortal Monarchs can begin to forge, and they cannot exceed an ordinary tier at most . Anything beyond that will require Immortal Emperors or even Immortal Exalts,’’ said Zi Ying . Afterward, he looked at the damaged piece of armor in Jian Chen's hand and continued, ’’This should be a high quality god artifact or even a supreme quality god artifact, which is why it would be useless to you if it was in perfect condition . Having it damaged is more useful to you . ’’

Zi Ying nodded in agreement, ’’Qing Suo is right . If this armor was in perfect condition, master would not be able to use it even if it was just a low quality god artifact . However, once it is repaired, its quality will fall and possibly descend to the level of immortal artifacts . Once master breaks through another layer of the Chaotic Body, then master will be able to use it . ’’

Jian Chen beamed with joy with that . He said, ’’Zi Ying, Qing Suo, don't you have a method to repair this god artifact, even if it makes its quality fall?’’

’’We do have an idea, but we need a few materials . Fortunately, we don't need to repair the armor completely, so the materials we need aren't too high of a grade . We should be able to find them on the Tian Yuan Continent,’’ responded Zi Ying .

Jian Chen immediately became excitead . He was rather eager to get the armor fixed because he would have a great trump card when he moved onto the Saints' World .

Although the defenses of his Chaotic Body were impressive, he did not mind wearing some powerful armor as well .

The treasury of the Tao family had brought Jian Chen unexpected joy . Not only had he found a large amount of cultivation resources and two Saint Tier Battle Skills, but he had also come across two treasures that were useful to him, which definitely caught him by surprise .

Jian Chen cleaned out the treasury of the Tao family . He split all the items into two portions, one for the Turtle clan and the other other for the Flame Mercenaries .

When Jian Chen and Qing Yixuan left the treasury, only half a day had passed since they had entered .

Qing Yixuan looked at Jian Chen outside the treasury with somewhat mixed emotions and said, ’’Jian Chen, I will be bidding farewell to you here . I will be leaving the sea realm soon . I will return the Saint Tier Battle Skill to a place you suggest after I comprehend it . ’’

Jian Chen stared at her calmly and asked, ’’Do you have some powerful enemies on the Tian Yuan Continent? I feel like you came to the sea realm for refuge . ’’

Qing Yixuan nodded rather forcefully and said, ’’To be honest, I offended a powerful organization on the Tian Yuan Continent and was pursued by them when I was just a Saint Ruler . With no other choice, I hid in the sea realm . ’’

’’Since you're still not bold enough to return to the Tian Yuan Continent with your strength right now, the organization you've probably offended is either an ancient clan or a protector clan . Seeing how much you have helped the Turtle clan, I'll help you out . ’’ Jian Chen pulled out a jade box from his Space Ring and said, ’’There's an immortal peach in there . It's far more valuable than any heavenly resource you know of . Once you ingest it, your strength will reach Great Perfection in an extremely short amount of time, or you might even become a Saint Emperor . ’’

The box carried a Violet Cloud Peach of the first grade . It could increase the eater's cultivation by cultivation by five hundred years .

The five hundred years were calculated from the perspective of the Immortal's World, so in a lower world, it was enough to overcome a thousand years of cultivation or even more .

Jian Chen and Qing Yixuan went their separate ways . She left by herself after accepting the peach from Jian Chen, but she was suspicious of what Jian Chen had said how a single peach could elevate her to Great Perfection in such a short amount of time . She did not believe it, because it sounded far too preposterous .

Jian Chen did not stick around for long either . He made his way back to the Turtle clan . There were more and more people visiting the Turtle clan now . All of them were people who held authority in large clans and almost all of them were Saint Kings . Almost all the large clans in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall had sent people, and some people from the large clans even came from the territory of the other two halls .

Without a single exception, they had come to see the ruler of the Turtle clan . Of course, that obviously did not happen . They only saw the elders of the clan . Although some of them felt extremely dissatisfied over the fact that they had to speak with a group of Saint Rulers with their status as Saint Kings, none of them dared to express their dissatisfaction because a tremendous presence warned them at all times that a Saint Emperor was paying attention to the whole interaction .

Jian Chen did not Chen did not show himself . He returned silently to his own room and, other than Tie Ta, no one discovered him .

Three days later, Jian Chen and Yadriam appeared in a desolate region in the sea realm . The energy of the world in the region around them was extremely thin, thin to the point where it was impossible for people to cultivate here . Before them was a parched land that extended into thick mist . The mist was very odd . Jian Chen was not able to see through it even with his strength, and even his soul was obstructed, unable reach into the mist .

’’Up ahead is the Sea of Despair, one of the most well-known zones of danger in the sea realm . Its dangers are even greater than the divine realm because even emperors have the chance of dying once they step into it . In ancient times, many emperors fell here and some of their corpses even disappeared,’’ Yadriam said heavy-heartedly . She bathed in blue light so her face was obscured, but it could be imagined just how stern she was .

Even with her great strength, where she barely had any opponents among all the Saint Emperors currently present, she was not completely confident she could return safely once she set foot in there .

’’Are there emperor-level beasts in the Sea of Despair?’’ Jian Chen asked in surprise .

’’No, there are no beasts in the Sea of Despair . ’’ Before Yadriam could reply, a familiar voice rang out . The sea goddess' blurry figure hovered before the two of them .


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