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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1336


Chapter 1336: Chapter 1336: Renowned Throughout the Sea Realm

Chapter 1336: Renowned Throughout the Sea Realm

Jian Chen returned to the Turtle clan with Tie Ta and the Octoterra divine Hall, but the spectating Saint Kings did not disperse for a very long time . Every single of them remained there and secretly communicated with one another, discussing the emperor of the Turtle clan and how he worked with another unknown emperor to fight the hall master of the Serpent God Hall . They discussed these matters in an extremely secretive manner, afraid that the furious hall master would hear what they were talking about .

All of them, experts who had stayed in the sea realm for many years, knew extremely well that the hall master of the Serpent God Hall was someone who had become an emperor long ago . He had already made it a considerable distance within the realm, so they all felt extremely shocked when the emperor of the Turtle clan, who had just broken through, was able to fight him even-handedly and even injure him .

Although the emperor of the Turtle clan had worked with someone else, they were still able to distinguish the strong and the weak even at the same level of cultivation .

“I never thought that the ruler of the Turtle clan would have become an emperor . This really is unbelievable . In the history of the Turtle clan, we only had a few experts at the level of hall elders even in our most glorious times . The only emperor of our clan in all of history has been born…”

“I wonder who the other emperor is and how he is connected to the emperor of the Turtle clan…”

“I never thought that the number of emperors in the sea realm would increase by two in a single stroke . And now that both of these emperors have gone off to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall, I wonder if the balance of the sea realm will change with the birth of these two emperors…”

The various experts discussed the situation . Before now, there had only been three emperors, and they had all ruled in their own region . Now that another two emperors had appeared together, the balance of the sea realm would definitely shift dramatically .

The hall master of the Serpent God Hall clearly thought of this matter as well . His face darkened in a terrifying manner . Even when ignoring the threat Jian Chen posed to him, just the appearance of two emperors would cause severe threats to the Serpent God Gall . At the same time, they had fallen out with Jian Chen, so he really did worry a little whether Jian Chen and Tie Ta would deal heavy blows to his authority over the land of the Serpent God Hall .

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall was secretly hiding in the surroundings by erasing his presence . He stared at the hall master of the Serpent God Hall silently before shifting his eyes in the direction that Jian Chen had traveled . His eyes were extremely profound .

“I never thought that Jian Chen’s strength would increase so quickly . He really is worthy of being call an unprecedented genius,” the hall master only produced a long sigh inside after quite some time . Jian Chen’s speed of growth had exceeded what he could could imagine . He knew that it was very difficult for him to threaten Jian Chen now . Since Jian Chen was able to reduce the hall master of the Serpent God Hall to such a horrible condition, it meant that Jian Chen also possessed the strength to take him on . Jian Chen was no longer the ant of the past .

“Jian Chen is too close to the Sea Goddess hall . T- this is not good,” the hall master thought . His eyes twinkled a few times before he silently left .

The Turtle clan became lively once again after a few days of calm in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall . All the clansmen had hid in the Octoterra divine Hall due to the threat of the Tao family, but now that the threat had been dealt with, all the clansmen could return to their homes .

The Turtle clan was in jubilation today . They were brimming with joy . Every single member of the clan wore a smile . They were extremely happy and joyful while many of them had begun to sing from the joy they felt .

This was because the entire clan knew that their esteemed ruler had become an emperor now, an expert who could stand on the same level as the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall, Serpent God Hall, and Heaven’s Spirit Hall . Not only was this a great honor for the Turtle clan, it was also a demonstration of their strength and an increase in their status .

And other than their ruler, their ruler possessed a very close friend who was also an emperor . emperor . Currently, the clan possessed two emperors while even the three halls that ruled the lands only possessed a single emperor each .

Soon after Jian Chen had returned to the clan, the news of the ruler of the Turtle clan’s breakthrough to emperor took the entire sea realm by storm . The news immediately shook up the whole place . Many people sighed in surprise while voicing their doubts . At that moment, all the people and organizations in the sea realm discussed this news . There were many important figures of peak organizations who headed to the Turtle clan with expensive gifts to confirm this matter .

In recent years, the sea realm had always stood balanced between three organizations . Now that two emperors had suddenly appeared, it was an extremely significant matter and caused shock to ripple through the entire realm . Many people wondered if the balance would be broken or not .

Jian Chen had no idea that his breakthrough to emperor had already spread through the sea realm like wildfire and taken them by storm . He was currently in a meeting in the conference hall of the Turtle clan . Qing Yixuan, Tai Dou, Lan Jing, Xin Pian, and Mochas had all come while the Saint Ruler elders of the clan gathered below . All of the elders were flushed in the face due to becoming overexcited .

“I’ve gathered everyone here today to announce a few matters . The first matter is that from today on, the Turtle clan is able to stand properly in the sea realm . There is no need to fear any organizations,” Jian Chen said in high said in high spirits as he gave off a powerful confidence . He possessed enough strength to utter those words now .

A cheer of joy immediately rang out from below . A few elders cried from their joy and excitement . They had never been so glorious in the history of the entire clan .

Seeing the moved elders below, Jian Chen could not help but think of the grand elder of the Turtle clan’s face . He sighed inside and thought, “Grand elder, I’ve already completed most of your final wish . Without long, even without me, the Turtle clan will be able to stand supreme within the sea realm . ”

Jian Chen continued a while later after everyone had calmed down, “The second matter is that I’ve captured all the important members of the Tao family alliance . They had threatened to destroy the Turtle clan, so I will hand these people over to you to be dealt with . ” Jian Chen released Tao Zhengtian and the other four Saint Kings from the artifact space . All of them were heavily injured and basically incapacitated . They did not even have the energy to run .

“We have to kill these people, so we can pacify all our deceased clansmen with their blood . That’s the only way we can give an explanation to our fallen clansment,” the elders righteously demanded . Their hatred for the five Saint Kings had reached the limits .

In the end, the five Saint Kings were taken away . They were destined to suffer a very miserable fate, but Jian Chen did not pay any more attention to the matter .


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