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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1335


Chapter 1335: Chapter 1335: Emperor of the Turtle Clan

Chapter 1335: Emperor of the Turtle Clan

“Kang Tai, do not be stubborn . Out of all the past emperors in our sea realm, the serpent ancestor was the one most worthy of our respect and admiration . He did many things for our Sea race in his lifetime and possesses great merit . How can I watch you destroy his spirit?” Yadriam gently replied . Her voice was calm and without emotion . With that, a vast presence no weaker than the hall master of the Serpent God Hall radiated from her body . Terrifying pulses of energy erupted like flash floods and surged through the surroundings .

The hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall personally struck out . She formed a seal with a jade-white hand of hers and gathered energy from the surroundings . She was casting a powerful secret technique .

At that moment, all the spectators focused their attention and became fixated on the sights of the battle . Every single one of them had gazes filled with excitement and anticipation . The two hall masters were about to clash . It had already been several years since the last battle between emperors, so it obviously roused everyone’s interest . They wanted to see who was weaker .

“Let’s retreat some more just in case we are injured by the ripples of battle,” a Saint King suggested while watching the spectacle from afar . He then immediately retreated over ten kilometers . He arrived at a location he believed to be safe .

The other people felt the same . They were already far away enough from the battlefield, but they all retreated a certain amount of distance once again . Even the hall elders of the Serpent God Hall did the same .

“Yadriam, are you really going to fight me?” The hall master of the Serpent God Hall’s eyes brightly burned with rage . He stared fixedly at the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall while his eyes burned with heavy hatred . He knew that it would be impossible for him to kill Jian Chen and Tie Ta if she wanted to protect the two of then, which was something he was very unwilling to let happen . If he did not eliminate the two of them today, they would become a great problem in the future .

The energy in the surroundings gathered in Yadriam’s hand before condensing into a silver-white trident . Yadriam wielded it with a single hand and said, “I have to stop you to protect the spirit of the serpent ancestor from being ended by your hands . ” Yadriam acted in an extremely decisive manner as she stabbed her trident at the huge serpent dragon as soon as she finished speaking .

The trident turned into a resplendent streak of silver-white light as it crossed the space at an unbelievable speed . It shot toward the head of the serpent ancestor .


With a loud sound, the serpent ancestor’s head suddenly exploded, expanding in all directions as ripples of energy . It caused a violent storm to occur in the surroundings .

Yadriam’s strike was a significant blow, destroying the hall master of the Serpent God Hall’s secret technique in a single stroke . As soon as the head exploded, the serpent ancestor’s body quickly began to collapse into energy before dispersing into the surroundings .

The tremendous body of the serpent ancestor was condensed by the hall master of the Serpent God Hall through a secret technique . Now that Yadriam had dispersed its energy, she had saved the serpent ancestor’s spirit, preventing the the hall master from using his trump card .

The hall master’s body was forced out as well . He appeared high in the sky . He was in a horrible shape, having lost his former awe long ago . However, his eyes shone with a vicious and penetrating light and were filled with an endless fury and hatred .

Yadriam no longer paid any attention to the hall master . She turned to Jian Chen and Tie Ta and only produced an emotional sigh after quite some time, “Jian Chen, you’ve really taken me aback today . I never thought that your strength would have reached such a level in such a short amount of time . Her majesty really has not chosen the wrong person . ”

“I thank the hall master for your praise,” Jian Chen replied with clasped hands . Although he was in horrible shape, he was brimming with energy .

“Return soon . There are even more important matters to deal with,” Yadriam softly warned him before leaving as a blur with a single movement . She disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye .

Jian Chen stared at the hall master of the Serpent God Hall, who was also in a horrible shape, and could not help but sneer, “Esteemed hall master, you probably never expected an outcome like this, right? You got Tao Zhengtian to lead me into your territory so you could personally deal with me . However, not only have you failed to kill me, you’ve been reduced to such a horrible shape as well . ”

The hall master’s face immediately darkened because of Jian Chen mocking tone . His chest rose and fell violently . To think that he, a ruler of an entire region, would be mocked in such a fashion today with today with his supreme status . He felt like his chest was about to explode from anger .

However, he also knew that it was impossible for him to slay the two of them in his current shape . Although the two of them seemed heavily injured, their battle prowess was not affected at all . There were no benefits in continuing the battle because he had become even more injured after taking a blow from Yadriam .

“Tie Ta, let’s go!” Jian Chen did not stick around . He signaled to Tie Ta before they both flew toward the Octoterra divine Hall .

When the Saint Kings and elders in the divine hall saw that the two mysterious emperors were actually Jian Chen and Tie Ta, all of them became stunned, remaining dazed for quite a long time .

Although the Saint Kings had already gained a vague idea of the identity of the two emperors, they still felt disbelief after their guesses were confirmed .

“The ruler, it’s actually the ruler . The emperor who fought against the hall master of the Serpent God Hall is actually our ruler,” an elder said in excitement as his body violently trembled . He began to cry from joy .

The spectating Saint Kings were all shocked when they heard what he said . The Turtle clan had actually given birth to an emperor . That was a matter that could shake up the entire sea realm, and from the situation earlier, the other emperor seemed to be on very good terms with the emperor of the Turtle clan . This was a significant matter .

“Let’s talk after we return . You all return to the divine hall first . We’ll leave this place right now,” Jian Chen said to the group of people .

Jian Chen was now Chen was now like a god to the clansmen of the Turtle clan . All of them were extremely obedient and followed his orders, all returning to the divine hall .

With a wave of his hand, the divine hall shrank before flying into his hand, no larger than the size of a fist . Afterward, he left with Tie Ta, returning to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall .

He did this because he could already sense that the hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall had already come and had secretly remained hidden . This was not a good situation for Jian Chen .

He had wiped out a clone of the hall master and caused him an extremely severe loss . The two of them had already fallen out, so he worried that he would end up working with the hall master of the Serpent God Hall to deal with him and Tie Ta .

“If I forge the Azulet swords, I’ll be able to deal with them easily even if the two hall masters work together,” Jian Chen thought . He needed an Immortal Tier sword to use the Sword Origin realm to its greatest potential . Without the Azulet swords, it was like he was fighting people with his bare hands . He would always be at a disadvantage .

“I’ve already gathered all the materials . I just need to forge the swords next, but forging them will not be easy . I need to make a lot of preparations and enough time . ” Jian Chen looked forward to the moment when he forged the two swords, but he needed to go to the Sea of Despair with the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall in three days . He did not have the time at the moment .


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