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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1332


Chapter 1332: Chapter 1332: Facing Against the Hall Master (Thre

Chapter 1332: Facing Against the Hall Master (Three)

The hall master of the Serpent God Hall produced a grunt . His body violently shook as a stream of blue blood rolled from the corner of his lips . Blue was the color of his blood .

The powerful sword Qi wreaked havoc within the hall master’s body . Not only did it destroy his organs, blood, and flesh, it even caused the vitality of his body to quickly leak away .

Although he possessed an extremely powerful body, that toughness was only apart of the exterior of his body . His interior was still very fragile . His organs were as fragile as paper before the sword Qi that was no weaker than an emperor’s power .

The hall master angrily roared at the sky . His roar seemed a little like a serpent dragon’s roar, making tremors form within several hundred thousand kilometers . A supreme energy erupted from his body . He was using all the power within him to suppress the sword Qi in his body . His left hand turned into a claw that swung at Jian Chen’s head . At the same time, he controlled space to restrict Jian Chen’s movements in an attempt to wipe out Jian Chen’s soul in a single stroke .

Although he had taken Jian Chen’s heart in the clash, Jian Chen had managed to heavily injure him as well . The loss of a heart was nothing too severe to a Saint King . Another one would grow if they spent some time recovering and ingested some heavenly resources . However, Jian Chen had deposited a strand of sword Qi within him, forcing him to use everything he had to suppress it . As a result, the hall master was even more heavily injured from his carelessness, making him extremely furious .

A layer of dazzling light permeated Jian Chen’s surroundings, making him seem like he was enveloped by the light . He seemed like a miniature son .

The protective light was something that Jian Chen had discovered on the way back from the Xuanghuang Microcosm . The light turned his body into something similar to a hedgehog . Not only was he covered with spikes that would injure his opponent as soon as they came in contact with him, but the light also possessed defensive abilities as well . Jian Chen no longer feared a Saint Emperor’s ability to freeze space with the light’s protection . Just when the space was frozen a second time, it was shattered by the light around Jian Chen . Afterward, he threw out a punch as hard as he could . It was tough and domineering and collided with the hall master’s claw with a seemingly-unstoppable force .


The fist and claw collided and produced a deafening sound . A violent storm of energy brewed in the surroundings, causing the space there to violently tremble . The energy possessed some scattered Chaotic Force and sword Qi .

Both the hall master and Jian Chen were thrown back . The hall master regained his footing several hundred meters away . The blue light around him grew brighter and brighter . He was currently taking advantage of this moment to wipe out the sword Qi within him .

Jian Chen, on the other hand, only managed to stabilize himself after being thrown back several thousand meters . The light around him had become rather dull, but it soon returned to how it was before . His left hand had become a bloody mess . He was clearly at a disadvantage during the earlier earlier clash with the hall master .

The blood on Jian Chen’s hand quickly vanished and returned to his body through his wounds . Even his injuries began to close up at a visible rate . Even his chest, which had been punctured by the hall master, was the same . The Chaotic Force displayed its terrifying regenerative abilities . It could be used in crucial moments of battle .

Suddenly, the energy in the surroundings began to gather from all directions, condensing in the hall master’s surroundings . The hall master had already cleansed the sword Qi within him and now his hands were currently dancing around him . He was gathering the energy in the surroundings to use an absolutely secret technique . The commotion was just shocking .

Jian Chen was surprised inside . He could sense that the hall master was gathering all the energy in the surrounding radius of a hundred thousand kilometers . Even with the hall master’s strength as a Saint Emperor, he needed to do something so tremendous as to use a secret technique . It was difficult to imagine just how powerful it would be .

Jian Chen no longer hesitated and attacked first . He used the Illusory Flash and rapidly approached the hall master, using all he had to stop the hall master from continuing what he was doing .

The hall master shot back, avoiding Jian Chen completely . However, Jian Chen relentlessly pursued him as a blur . He was no slower than the hall master .

The hall master was currently casting the secret technique, so he was unable to stop . He could not avoid Jian Chen, so he immediately turned into a half-serpent, half-man monstrosity . His lower half resembled a snake while his upper half remained human . . His tail whipped toward Jian Chen at the speed of lightning .

Jian Chen did not dodge the attack . He used his sword Qi to strike the tail . With a crisp sound, several dozen hand-sized scales were cut off . A deep gash appeared on the hall master’s tail and blood profusely poured out .

However, the hall master did not do anything in response to Jian Chen’s attack . He continued to use his tail to attack Jian Chen whild his hands continued to dance before him, alternating between different hand seals . He continued to cast his secret technique .

The secret technique was extremely powerful . He needed to charge it up even when casting it with his strength . This was the first time he had used it as well, and he was actually using it on an opponent who was not even an emperor .

The battle prowess and unprecedented talent Jian Chen had exhibited had already caused the hall master to feel dread . Jian Chen was fighting a Saint Emperor without being a Saint Emperor . If he did end up becoming one, barely anyone in the world be his opponent, so the hall master had made up his mind . He would take Jian Chen’s life today no matter how dire the consequences would be .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The hall master quickly swept his tail toward Jian Chen as a blur . Whenever it struck the ground, there would be a heavy sound . Every single attack was enough to create a bottomless hole in the earth . Dust and sand was kicked into the air, causing the battleground to become hazy .

Blood ran from the corner of Jian Chen’s mouth since he had been struck several times . He was quite injured, but was injured, but was still struggling to stop the hall master . On the other hand, the hall master’s tail had become bloody as well . A large portion of the scales on it were gone, having been reduced to a mess by the sword Qi .

Tie Ta had watched the battle from afar with brimming interest as battle intent burned within his eyes . He mumbled, “This is also a Class 9 Magical Beast, but it’s even more difficult to deal with than the Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts in the Xuanhuang Microcosm . Fighting against magical beasts with intelligence really is much more difficult than fighting against those without it . I need to take part as well . ” A dazzling, golden light rose from Tie Ta’s body as an axe appeared in his hand . He swung it at the hall master from afar .

The hall master was surprised inside . Although he had sensed Tie Ta existence long ago, he did not pay any attention to it because the presence Tie Ta gave off was only of the 16th Star . The hall master had never thought that Tie Ta would be a deviant as well, able to exhibit attacks no weaker than emperors with his strength at the 16th Star .

The hall master dodged Tie Ta’s attack, which was followed by a flash . The hall master’s tail was swung toward Tie Ta with lightning-like speed .

Boom! Tie Ta was struck in the back and his entire body was blown away . However, he was very tough since he was war god . After taking a blow from a Saint Emperor, his battle prowess was not influenced, so he quickly flew back to join the fight . He worked with Jian Chen to deal with the hall master .


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