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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1329


Chapter 1329: Chapter 1329: Little Resistance

Chapter 1329: Little Resistance

“This is impossible . The esteemed hall master of the Serpent God Hall is one of the three great experts of the sea realm . He can crush someone at the level of a hall elder to death just by sending out a clone of his . How has the clone been slain by the ruler of the Turtle clan…”

“I personally witnessed the strength of the ruler of the Turtle clan a few months ago . He could only fight even-handedly with me at most . How has he become so powerful in just a few short months…”

“Is the ruler of the Turtle clan also an emperor? Was he hiding his strength during the battle several months ago…”

“Was that not an energy clone of the hall master, but the clone of a hall elder…”

The several Saint Kings in the alliance within the divine hall all spoke aloud . All of their faced became extremely ugly .

Without any hesitation at all, Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash to arrive before Tao Zhengtian’s divine hall after slaying the hall master’s clone .

The Illusory Flash was an extremely high level and profound movement technique . Even though Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body was at the fourth layer, it was still useful to him, and his understanding of it had reached an even higher level back in the Xuanhuang Microcosm . However, Jian Chen still felt like he had not grapsed the highest possible level of the movement technique .

It was unlike the Heaven’s Stolen Fortune that Jian Chen had obtained back then . Although the battle skill could increase his battle prowess by several folds, the quality of the skill was just too low, making it useless to Saint Rulers .

Boom! Jian Chen struck his palm against the Tao Zhengtian’s divine hall . Although his palm and the divine hall’s huge structure did not match up, the divine hall rumbled while the whole building violently shook .

Jian Chen kept his palm on the divine hall as a layer of silver-white sword Qi appeared, covering his entire hand . The sword Qi clashed with the divine hall, producing a series of creaking sounds . The tough divine hall quickly became riddled with web-like cracks, extending from Jian Chen’s hand .

As the master of the divine hall, Tao Zhengtian possessed full control over the structure, so it was impossible for him to miss any changes occurring to it . He immediately became ghastly pale from fright . He knew exactly how powerful the divine hall was . It could emerge unscathed even after taking on attacks from multiple hall-elder-level experts . Yet, it had actually cracked before the ruler of the Turtle clan, which was just far too shocking .

Tao Zhengtian was utterly shocked . His earlier confidence had completely vanished . He dared not to stay any longer and was even more afraid of leaving the divine hall . He immediately directed the structure to flee toward the central divine hall of the Serpent God Hall .

“Tao Zhengtian, do you still think you can leave now?” Jian Chen sneered as the killing intent in his eyes grew heavier . He used the Illusory Flash and left behind a trail of blurs as he quickly pursued the divine hall . The speed Jian Chen had erupted with was far greater than before . He arrived in front of the divine hall in a single moment and clenched his hand into a fist . Chaotic Force wrapped around his entire arm and surged into his fist, causing it to shine with a dark light . Dazzling, powerful sword Qi was hidden inside the light as well .

Boom! Jian Chen hurled his fist forward with an unstoppable force, causing the surrounding space to violently tremble . The punch was extremely powerful, and just the single attack blasted the majestic doors open and caused the entire divine hall to fly backward .

All the clansmen from the clans that had allianced themselves with the Tao family remained hidden in the structure, but the entire divine hall violently shook from Jian Chen’s forceful punch so much that all the people hidden inside stumbled and almost fell . Even the Saint Kings shook a few times .

“Oh no, the door of the divine hall has been smashed through by the ruler of the Turtle clan . He can actually smash through this divine hall,” said a Saint King from from the Tao family alliance . His eyes first became filled fear, then slowly despair .

The other Saint Kings felt the same way . They had all thought of the outcome . Since the ruler of the Turtle could destroy the divine hall, it meant that he had already become an emperor . Even if he was not one, he still possessed an emperor’s battle prowess .

Tao Zhengtian was pale-faced as he piloted the divine hall high up in the air before making it quickly fall . He was going to use the base of the divine hall to squash Jian Chen . The divine hall’s toughest parts were the base and its main entrance .

The divine hall had already become several thousand meters long and wide . It filled the sky like a gloomy cloud, creating a huge shadow . Powerful strands of the divine hall’s power circulated around its base, giving off a great pressure . As the pressure increased, the space below the divine hall became filled with ripples .

Jian Chen stood beneath the divine hall and raised his head to the sky . A gleam of light flashed through his eyes before he raised a hand . He used just a hand to stop the rapidly descending divine hall .

Bang! The moment his hand came in contact with the divine hall, a heavy sound rang out and the divine hall came to a halt . Jian Chen stood in the air as he supported the divine hall with a single hand . He seemed as steady as a mountain, without sinking at all .

The true advantage of a divine hall was their tough exterior . They did not possess very many offensive capabilities . As a result, Jian Chen was able to do this with his current strength . After all, he was no ordinary fighter since he was in possession of the Chaotic Body . His body was extremely powerful .

White light flickered on Jian Chen’s arm before he suddenly shook it, sending the divine hall into the air . With the tremble of his arm, the tough base of the divine hall became covered with thick cracks, all caused by caused by the sword Qi .

Suddenly, Jian Chen shot into the air like a loose arrow . He was covered by a layer of powerful sword Qi . At that moment, he seemed to have become a sword himself, a sword of endless power . He collided with the base of the divine hall .

With a great boom, a hole immediately cracked open where Jian Chen collided with the structure . He had already charged into the divine hall while coated in sword Qi, directly making his way up . He smashed through various obstacles and emerged from the roof in the end . He had pierced through the entire structure, producing a clear hole through the entire thing .

Tao Zhengtian had been plucked from the divine hall . Jian Chen emerged with his hand around Tao Zhengtian’s neck . Tao Zhengtian still seemed to be dazed since his eyes appeared somewhat confused .

However, he soon understood the current situation he was in and immediately became astounded . He examined Jian Chen, who was only inches away, in utter fright .

Jian Chen carried Tao Zhengtian by the neck as if he had grabbed a chicken . His eyes were cold and filled with heavy killing intent . He sneered, “Tao Zhengtian, I said that no one can save you today . ”

Tao Zhengtian opened his mouth . He tried to say something, but no voice came out since his neck was in Jian Chen’s hands . Afterward, blood began to pour out of his mouth . His face became sheet-white while his body was drenched in his blood .

Jian Chen had injected his Chaotic Force into Tao Zhengtian’s body . The Chaotic Force of the fourth layer was so powerful that even Jian Chen’s third layer Chaotic Body was unable to withstand it, let alone Tao Zhengtian who was in possession of a body that was not as tough .

Chaotic Force rampaged within Tao Zhengtian’s body, turning his organs to a mess . All his bones, flesh, and blood suffered from the destruction . His entire body turned into mince meat .

At this moment, four figures charged out of the divine hall . They fled into They fled into the distance in various directions as quickly as they could . The four Saint Kings of the Tao family had sensed that the situation was bad, so they had already decided to flee by themselves .

“Tie Ta, stop them for me,” Jian Chen said to Tie Ta .

Tie Ta said nothing, but he immediately transformed into a golden streak of light in pursuit . He had used the Celestial Movement of the Mysteries of War . It was an extremely advanced technique, far more powerful than the Illusory Flash . It was a secret technique that only warring gods could learn . Tie Ta actually moved even faster than Jian Chen right now .

With a golden flash, Tie Ta had already caught up with one of the people . He heavily injured the Saint King with a casual punch before pursuing the next person .

Jian Chen did not take part in rounding them up . The four fleeing Saint Kings were all captured by Tie Ta, and to prevent them from resisting, Tie Ta had heavily injured them .

“Spare me, ruler . We never intended to become enemies with your Turtle clan . We were all forced by Tao Zhengtian,” one of the four people began to plead . He knew that he could flee today, but he did not want to die like this .

Jian Chen was not wavered by his pleas at all . He coldly stared at them and said, “Many of my clansmen have died by your hands . My clan was almost doomed because of you, almost vanishing from the sea realm permanently . Your final fate will be decided by all the clansmen once I return . Thus, the dead clansmen will receive an explanation for their deaths . I will send you all into an alternative space now . If you resist, I’ll wipe out your soul on the spot . ” Jian Chen pulled out the saint artifact and sent all five Saint Kings involved in the alliance into the artifact space . He was not afraid of them causing any trouble since the artifact spirit was there to watch over them .


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