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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1316


Chapter 1316: Chapter 1316: Family Conflict (Two)

Chapter 1316: Family Conflict (Two)

“Hmph, since when did you have the right to meddle in the affairs of your masters? Chang Wuji, do you really think that you stand on the same level as us just because you’re a Saint Ruler now?” A Saint Ruler from the Yuan branch coldly said to Chang Wuji .

“Chang Wuji, don’t forget your status . You were only a dog that was adopted by the protector clan . If the dog bites his master, the master can kill it at any time,” another Saint Ruler from the Qing branch called out . He spoke with a cold voice, looking at Chang Wuji like he was looking at a servant . They were descendents of the protector clan, so they possessed a natural sense of supremacy and arrogance . Meanwhile, Chang Wuji was of low birth, so even after becoming a Saint Ruler, he still did not catch the eyes of the Saint Rulers from the protector clan .

The dozen or so Saint Rulers from the Zu branch remained with neutral expressions . None of them said anything . They were not close with Chang Wuji, so they did not speak for him .

Below, Changyang Ba and the elderly members of the clan all became extremely furious when they saw uncle Chang being abused . If they possessed the strength, they would definitely charge up and cut the people cursing at uncle Chang into pieces .

Although uncle Chang was only the caretaker of the Changyang clan, his status in the clan was extremely great, not to mention the fact that he was now a Saint Ruler and no longer a Heaven Saint Master . His status had risen yet again because of that .

“These people have gone too far by abusing uncle Chang like this . It’s a pity that Xiang’er’s not present, or these people would have gotten more than they bargained for today,” Changyang Ba said through gritted teeth . He had paled from his anger .

Beside him, Bi Yuntian, Yu Fengyan, Ling Long and Bai Yushuang were the same as him . Uncle Chang had been the caretaker of the clan for several centuries now . He cared for every single member of the clan very much . He diligently dealt with all the miscellaneous matters of the clan as the caretaker and never complained, which was why no one could rival his prestige within the clan . Everyone loved him .

And after becoming a Saint Ruler, he maintained his position as caretaker, basically becoming the first Saint Ruler caretaker on the entire continent . He did not change at all with his increase in strength . Thus, the people from the clam held even more respect and loved him even more .

As a result, virtually everyone in the clan had become angered by the Yuan and Qing branches’ words . Only the people of the Zu branch remained the same since they did not have close ties with uncle Chang .

“The Saint Ruler ancestors of the Zu branch don’t seem to be willing to speak for uncle Chang . We’re outnumbered, so I hope nothing happens to uncle Chang,” Bi Yuntian said with some worry . She was very worried about . uncle Chang’s safety . Although he was a Saint Ruler now, he was only at the the First Heavenly Layer .

A sliver of determination immediately appeared in Changyang Ba’s eyes with that . With a flip of his hand, he pulled out two fist-sized rocks from his Space Ring and said through gritted teeth, “I have the quaking thunders that Xiang’er left behind . Xiang’er said that these quaking thunders have been charged by Saint Kings . Although they might not harm Saint Kings, they are more than enough to deal with Saint Rulers . If they dare to touch uncle Chang, then I’ll do it . ”

In the sky, Chang Wuji kept his cool as if he did not hear the insults at all . He said, “Correct, I was indeed picked off the streets by master, and I was taken to the protector clan . If you want to call me a dog, then I only have one master and that is Changyang Zu Yunkong . This has nothing to do with you people of the Yuan and Qing branches . ”

The Saint Ruler from the Qing branch became utterly furious with that . He yelled out, “How dare you speak like that to us as a mere dog? I, Changyang Qing Shan, said that if a dog dares to bite his master, the master can make the dog disappear forever . ” Changyang Qing Shan immediately attacked Chang Wuji . He used his abilities as a Saint Ruler and fused with the surrounding space, appearing before Chang Wuji in a single moment through the use of Spatial Force . Energy surged in his hand as he used a secret technique to condense a small, green mountain, sending it toward Chang Wuji .

The faces of the Saint Rulers Saint Rulers from the Zu branch hardened when they saw this green mountain . They recognised that this was Changyang Qing Shan’s famed technique, the Seal of the Green Mountain .

The Seal of the Green Mountain was an adaption of an ancient secret technique by Changyang Qing Shan . It was not a Saint Tier Battle Skill, but it was not weaker than one .

TL note: Qing Shan (青山) can mean a lush, green mountain, so the secret technique is named after Changyang Qing Shan .

Changyang Qing Shan used his power as a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler to cast the Seal of the Green Mountain . Chang Wuji would end up extremely injured, if not dead, if he was struck by it with his strength at the First Heavenly Layer .

A Saint Ruler from the Zu branch immediately wanted to stop Changyang Qing Shan . Although he was not close to Chang Wuji at all, he could not just watch him lose his life . However, the people from the Qing and Yuan branches seemed to have been prepared . They all moved and stopped the Saint Rulers from the Zu branch, preventing them from interfering .

Chang Wuji’s face changed . He had never expected Changyang Qing Shan to attack him in such a brazen fashion . He was also a Saint Ruler now, but he understood just how much weaker he was . He dared not to accept the attack head-on and dodged as fast as he could .

However, the space around him suddenly froze, immobilizing him and causing him to pause .

Chang Wuji sank inside . He immediately bellowed out as powerful energy surged out of him, out of him, shattering the frozen space . However, he lost the perfect opportunity to dodge with the delay . All he could do was cast a barrrer of energy around him and allow the attack to hit that .

Bang! The seal viciously struck his chest, and with a heavy sound, blood spurted into the air from Chang Wuji’s mouth . He was thrown far away .

“Uncle Chang!

The people in the Changyang clan all cried out . Changyang Ba was absolutely furious . At that moment, an extremely powerful killing intent rapidly rose up in Changyang Ba, filling his entire chest . Without any hesitation, he threw his two 15th Star quaking thunders at Changyang Qing Shan .

Changyang Ba dismissed all his thoughts . He did not think about the consequences that the two quaking thunders could cause at all . He only had one thought in mind and that was to avenge uncle Chang .

Quaking thunders originated from the sea realm, but a few of them would make their way to the Tian Yuan Continent, so all the Saint Rulers recognized what they were . They immediately revealed different expressions and dodged in all directions, moving away from the quaking thunders as quickly as possible .

The Saint Rulers from the Zu branch all landed in the clan, and one of them charged into the back courtyard as quickly as possible . Shortly afterward, a transparent barrier silently appeared, engulfing the entire clan .

This was a barrier that Changyang Zu Xiao had secretly cast down . Only the Saint Rulers of the Zu branch knew of its existence . Even Changyang Ba hadn’t been told about it .


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