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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1315


Chapter 1315: Chapter 1315: Family Conflict (One)

Chapter 1315: Family Conflict (One)

Virtually all the Saint Kings of the Tian Yuan Continent had gathered in Mercenary City . Only a few Saint Rulers were temporarily able to avoid the affair, people needed to be at least Saint Kings to deal with the threat of the foreign world . The Saint Rulers were no different from cannon fodder before Saint Kings and Saint Emperors .

Although there were far more Saint Rulers than Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent, their numbers were limited . Unless they ran out of options, they would never let Saint Rulers die for nothing because they were the future of the continent .

Over thirty people of different ages had gathered in the ancestral hall of the protector Changyang clan .

They were all Saint Rulers, and a few of them had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer . They were only an inch away from becoming Saint Kings .

An old, dignified, Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler said to the group, “Everyone, I’ve summoned you here today to discuss an important matter . Not only does this relate to our dignity, it also connects to the prestige and status we should have as a protector clan . ”

The old man was Changyang Qing Yu, the most prestigious person among the Qing branch aside from the esteemed great elders . Not only was this because of his level of cultivation, it was also because of his talent . He was one of the few Saint Rulers who had managed to grasp a Saint Tier Battle Skill . At the same time, he already had a foot planted in the realm of Saint Kings and would become the fourth great elder of the Qing branch soon .

None of the Saint Rulers from the Qing and Yuan branch said anything . They all looked at Changyang Qing Yi . He had become the backbone of the clan in some vague sense now that the great elders were not present .

Changyang Qing Yi paused and looked around . He became extremely stern and then said, “I think some of you already know what I am going to say next . Correct, it’ll be related to the Zu branch breaking away from the protector clan . Since ancient times, the three branches have all been one family, yet the people of the Zu branch have actually broken away over a single Saints’ Fruit and have even worked with magical beasts to seal our miniature world . We’re one of the ten protector clans after all, so when have we ever experienced such humiliation without doing anything? As a result, we cannot let this matter slide . The esteemed great elders have gone to Mercenary City for some important matters, so they are busy for now . This is why we need to act personally to regain the dignity of the clan . ”

“Changyang Qing Yi, do you plan on making trouble for the Changyang clan in Lore City? What do we do if we come across the three magical beasts? We can’t deal with them,” another old man, also a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, asked asked .

Changyang Qing Yi smiled mysteriously and said, “That’s not necessarily true . We’re not looking for trouble, but resolving matters within our clan, getting the people of the Zu branch to return to our protector clan . The Zu branch won’t be able to leave so easily just because they want to . You don’t need to worry about the three magical beasts . According to what I know, virtually all the Saint Kings have gathered in Mercenary City, so the three magical beasts are no exceptions either . The Changyang clan in Lore City no longer possesses a Saint King watching over them . They just have a few old friends that we know . ”

“Changyang Qing Yi is correct . We’ve been sealed up in the miniature world for such a long time, so how can we let the matter slide without saying or doing anything? Otherwise, people will just look down on us . ” A middle-aged man in red robes nonchalantly added . He was a Saint Ruler from the Yuan brach, currently at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer .

The other Saint Rulers obviously had nothing else to say now that the representatives of the two branches had agreed, so the rest of them agreed with Changyang Qing Yi’s suggestion . They had been locked up in the miniature world like prisoners since a few days ago, so they were utterly furious . All they lacked was someone to initiate everything .

The Changyang clan remained as peaceful as before in Lore City . Only Only the people from a few nearby hermit or ancient clans had come to visit them . Because of the Changyang clan, even the status of the Gesun Kingdom had risen . They had become a kingdom even more well-renowned than the eight great kingdoms .

Although the overall power of the kingdom did not rise quickly, its status was different than before .

Suddenly, the sky above the peaceful clan began to violently twist . A Space Gate quickly formed . Before the people had even emerged, a vast presence surged out like a tidal wave, permeating the entire region and engulfing the entirety of Lore City .

Saint Rulers poured out of the Space Gate one after another soon after . There were over thirty of them in total . They all floated high up in the air with the Changyang clan beneath them .

They were the Saint Rulers from the Yuan and Qing branches . They had come through the Space Gate in the clan without the need of a Saint King .

All the people in the city sensed their arrival, because the presence from over thirty Saint Rulers was far too powerful, having even surpassed the presence of a single Saint King . It caused the surrounding air and clouds to churn as the energy of the world was sent into a rampage . It alerted all the people within the city .

The Saint Rulers in the forbidden grounds of the Changyang clan sensed that the people had come with hostile intent . They took to the sky to the sky as quickly as possible . All the Saint Rulers from the Zu branch moved together, meeting the Yuan and Qing branches in the air . They looked at them in anger .

“So it’s you! Why have you come?” A Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler old man from the Zu branch heavily questioned . They had severed their connection with the two branches long ago, so they were no longer related to one another .

Changyang Qing Yi coldly smiled, “The Changyang clan in Lore City was originally a branch family of our protector clan, so we obviously can come and go as we please . Do we need a reason?”

“What a bunch of lies! The Changyang clan of Lore City was founded by my master, Changyang Zu Yunkong, single-handedly . Now that master is no longer a member of the protector clan, the Changyang clan of Lore City is obviously not connected to the protector clan in any way or fashion,” uncle Chang flew up from below in the attire of a caretaker . He spoke forcefully .

He had already learned that Changyang Qing Yun wanted to take the Saints’ Fruit from the fourth young master, so he had caused the two other branches to battle the Zu branch . As a result, he did not have a good opinion of the Changyang protector clan . Coupled with the fact that he was a Saint Ruler now, he stood on equal level with the people there . It was obvious that he possessrd the confidence to speak .


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