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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1305


Chapter 1305: Chapter 1305: Shocking Lightning (Three)

Chapter 1305: Shocking Lightning (Three)

Not only was everyone in Flame City alerted to the changes, but even the people within the expanse of the dark clouds were alarmed by the sudden change in the sky. The dark clouds had arrived just far too quickly, and they were filled with extremely tremendous pulses of energy that formed a terrifying pressure that made everyone feel like they were suffocating. The situation was just too abnormal.

Within the city lord’s estate, You Yue, Bi Lian, Bi Hai, and the Saint Rulers all stood outside the building, staring at the sky. They were shocked. They did not understand just what was going on in the weird dark clouds.

Fairy You Yue sat in her room within the silver-white divine hall, but her eyes suddenly snapped open. She stared out in interest. Although she was within the divine hall, her faze seemed to be able to pierce through all obstructions.

“T- this is a heavenly tribulation. Heavenly tribulations usually only occur on the Saints’ World and rarely happen in lower worlds. Has this world given birth to something impressive?” She murmured as her eyes flickered in thought.

Bi Hai stared at the revolving whirl of clouds for a while before saying to You Yue and Bi Lian, “It’s very abnormal there. I’ll go investigate first. Take care of yourselves.” With that, he flew away.

“Be careful, great-grandfather!” Bi Lian called out from behind. Her voice was filled with concern. She has been staring at the huge whirl of clouds for a while and was starting to get the sense that something might be wrong. She said to You Yue, “Sister You Yue, these dark clouds are just far too odd. I’m afraid that something will happen to great-grandfather, so please take me over as well. I still have the Flaming Jadeites brother left on me, enough to deal the strike of a Saint King at Great Perfection. They can be very useful at crucial times.”

You Yue nodded before tailing Bi Hai with Bi Lian in her arms. Bi Lian was still not a Heaven Saint Master, so he could not fly, which was why she needed You Yue’s assistance.

At this moment, a silver streak of light flashed by. The Bright Moon divine Hall flew from the city lord’s estate and stopped the two of them.

“My dear disciple, you cannot go. Just stay here. Those are no ordinary clouds. It’s a heavenly tribulation. Once you get caught up in the tribulational lightning, even Saint Emperors will be doomed,” fairy Hao Yue’s voice rang out from the divine hall.

You Yue and Bi Lian did not understand what a heavenly tribulation was, but from what fairy Hao Yue said, the two of them immediately paled in fright. You Yue said with worry, “Master, great-grandfather Bi Hai has already flown over. Quickly call him back. He has to come back unscathed.”

A streak of light, completely condensed from moonlight, flew out of the divine hall. It traveled at an unbelievable speed, catching up with Bi Hai in a single moment and grabbing him by the waist.

Bi Hai knew that this light had come from fairy Hao Yue, so he did not resist. He allowed the streak of light to pull him back. Just when he wanted to ask out of doubt, fairy Hao Yue’s voice rang out again, “

If someone else had said that, none of them would have believed it. They would have never thought that a swathe of weird clouds would be enough to kill Saint Kings. But the person who had said this was fairy Hao Yue, so no matter how exaggerated it sounded, they believed what she said. Bi Hai’s complexion immediately changed, and he looked at the clouds with a mixture of fear and surprise.

At this moment, the the space several dozen kilometers away began to violently ripple and Space Gates rapidly appeared one after another. Great groups of Saint Kings emerged with a few Saint Emperors in between.

The group of experts had hurried over from Mercenary City and had arrived in the region at the same time. However, as soon as they emerged from their Space Gates, they quickly flew toward the tungsten alloy mine and finally stopped ten kilometers away from the central whirl of clouds. All of them stared at it sternly. None of them were bold enough to act recklessly before they understood the situation.

“Weird, what’s happened here? Why has such a large expanse of dark clouds suddenly appeared? These clouds are teeming with weirdness…”

“This doesn’t seem to be a tunnel to the World of Forsaken Saints…”

“The energy hidden within these clouds is just far too powerful. Even with my strength as a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King, I actually can feel my skin crawl…”

All the Saint Kings gathered together to discuss the weather. They talked about the weird clouds, and a few braver Saint Kings even advanced toward the whirl of clouds.

The Bright Moon divine Hall flew over from afar and radiated clear moonlight. Fairy Hao Yue’s cold voice loudly rang from the divine hall, “This is a heavenly tribulation. It’s something that occurs extremely rarely here. The area below the whirl of clouds is the place affected by the heavenly tribulation. Once you set foot there, you will be locked onto by the Heavenly Tribulation, and you will die even as a Saint Emperor. That’s all I wanted to say. Do what you want.” After warning everyone, she moved the divine hall to another region, stopping twenty kilometers away from the center of the whirl of clouds.

“A heavenly tribulation? What’s that?” All the Saint Kings were confused. They had lived for thousands of years and had heard about heard about the various stories of the world. Some of them even possessed a clear understanding of a few matters that had happened in ancient times, but none of them had heard of the heavenly tribulation fairy Hao Yue mentioned.

Even the protector clans were the same. They found the term extremely unfamiliar because their records never mentioned anything to do with heavenly tribulations.

“Fairy Hao Yue, may I ask what a heavenly tribulation is? Why does it happen? It it a signal? And how do you know about heavenly tribulations?” A great elder of a protector clan asked. He spoke calmly and treated her as someone who stood on equal ground as him. She was just a soul now, after all, so her prestige to them was not as great as a living Saint Emperor.

Yadriam, the three Class 9 Magical Beasts, and the path lord of carnal desires stared at the Bright Moon divine Hall. It had been created from materials collected from the distant moon, so it was extremely rare and valuable. Not even Saint Emperors would possess a hall built of moon rocks because the moon was just too far away. They could not create Space Gates in outer space, so the only way to reach the moon was by flying.

Fairy Hao Yue remained silent. Nothing was worth her attention, even the thousand or so Saint Kings present and the five Saint Emperors. She had come with her divine hall just to see what had invoked the heavenly tribulation.

“Oh my god, what am I seeing? Is that actually a city completely forged from tungsten alloy? It’s tungsten alloy. Oh my god. Its value is measured by the weight of purple coins, and it’s such a huge city. Just how much tungsten alloy went into it?” A human Saint King that had hurried back to the continent discovered Flame City in the distance and immediately sighed in immediately sighed in surprise. His eyes lit up.

A few other human Saint Kings who had only just returned to the continent immediately looked over with that. Their eyes widened because of what they saw.

“This is unbelievable. It really is a city completely forged from tungsten alloy. As long as you possess this city, you will become the wealthiest and most respected person on the continent. Have I seen wrong? This city’s not actually protected by a formation, nor does it have a barrier. It doesn’t even seem to have a Saint King. It seems to be in the possession of a mercenary group,” another Saint King sighed in surprise while his eyes began to burn with desire.

Although wealth was basically nothing to Saint Kings, it was still enough to interest many of them when it reached such an unfathomable level, tempting them to take it for themselves.

The surrounding humans who belonged to the continent looked at the two Saint Kings like idiots after hearing what they had said. A good-hearted Saint King arrived beside the two of them and softly informed them, “My fellow brothers, I’d advise you to not lay your hands on Flame City or even look at it. I can guarantee that you will regret it otherwise, because that city is something that the protector clans fare not to touch.”

The two Saint Kings immediately shrank back with that. They quickly looked away and dismissed the thoughts. The other Saint Kings behaved the same. Something that even the ten protector clans dared not to touch was not something they could covet.

At this moment, the pressure in the surroundings began to abruptly increase. With a deafening boom, a huge bolt of lightning, half a meter thick, fell from the whirl. It illuminated the surroundings with its light, turning them snow-white in a single moment, and struck the mountain range below atnbelievable speed.


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