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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1301


Chapter 1301: Chapter 1301: Gathering of the Four Races

Chapter 1301: Gathering of the Four Races

Yadriam’s gaze stopped on the foreign Saint King for a while. She asked, “Have you obtained any information from this person? What about the strength of the World of Forsaken Saints? How great is the disparity between ours and theirs?”

The grand elder of Mercenary City said, “Esteemed hall master, the foreign expert almost dispersed his own soul. Shangguan Mu’er managed to stop him in time, but we only have one chance to ask him questions. We will need Shangguan Mu’er to explain the exact situation.”

Yadriam immediately looked at Shangguan Mu’er. Among so many human experts, she was the only person that Yadriam treated seriously. Even with the path lord of carnal desires hiding in the surroundings, she did not spend too much time paying attention to him.

Shangguan Mu’er glanced past the foreign Saint King and said with a cold voice, “This person has already used a secret technique to destroy his soul. Although I’ve controlled it with my zither and made him unconscious, his soul will continue to collapse once he awakens and no one will be able to stop it. Even I can only slow it down with my zither. As a result, we only have this one chance to ask questions. Time is very short, and we might not even be to extract all the information we need. We can interrogate him after the experts of the four races have gathered, just in case someone says that we’re exaggerating the strength of the World of Forsaken Saints.”

“Then let’s wait for the magical beast and the experts of the Hundred Races,” Yadriam gently replied and ended the conversation there. She stepped aside with the Sea race experts quietly.

The sky fell silent. After the arrival of the hall master, all the human experts had become quiet. They stopped conversing with one another.

The Saints Kings from protector clans and a few stronger ancient clans all glanced at the experts of the Sea race. The Sea race was extremely powerful, so they all wanted to get on good terms with them to improve their clan’s status through the connection. However, they dismissed that thought when they saw how cold the Sea race experts behaved.

“Esteemed hall master, may I ask why the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and Serpent God Hall haven’t sent reinforcements?” The grand elder asked after a long while. He knew that the Sea race possessed three Saint Emperors. They were an extremely powerful force, and if all three Saint Emperors had come, they would feel more confident repelling the World of Forsaken Saints.

“I have already alerted the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and Serpent God Hall. However, whether they come or not is up to them,” answered Yadriam.

At this moment, the space far away began to violently ripple. Immediately, all the humans turned their heads to look in that direction.

The rippling space captured the attention of many people. Just a single ripple in space was enough to alert them since it represented more reinforcements.

As the Space Gate formed, a white-robed, ruddy old man man stepped out. He was one of the three Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent, Cangqiong.

Behind him were around a dozen tall, bulky men. They were all Class 8 Magical Beasts in human form, but there were only two Saint Kings at Great Perfection among all of them. Even the other people were much weaker than the party of Sea race experts.

“So the peng emperor has come personally. I am the grand elder of Mercenary City, and I have failed to welcome you from afar. Please forgive me…” The grand elder immediately went up to welcome them with smiles. Mercenary City had basically become the leader of the continent, so he obviously needed to welcome them as the grand elder.

Although some conflicts had occurred between the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent back then, the threat of the foreign world was far more significant, so they needed to set aside their disagreements.

Right when Cangqiong had arrived, another Space Gate rapidly formed nearby. The Space Gate was much larger than gates the Sea race and magical beasts had created. This one was ten meters wide and twenty meters tall. A vast presence immediately surged out of it, similar to a flood. It was so tremendous that the air and clouds in the surroundings began to churn.

Figures emerged from the Space Gate one after another. They were of all sorts of shapes and sizes. There were handsome and pretty-winged elves, short and bulky dwarves, and stalwart, dark-skinned berserkers. There were also rockmen, completely composed completely composed from stone, and so on.

Many human experts began to smile from the bottom of their hearts when they saw the arrival of these people. At that moment, all four races had gathered together. The pressure the Tian Yuan Continent would be facing would decrease a lot now.

“I never thought that so many members of the Hundred Races would come,” a human expert sighed in surprise. There were over two hundred Saint Kings from the Hundred Races with quite a few at Great Perfection. They basically made up a third or even half of the total force assembled here.

“Looks like the Hundred Races want to put their lives on the line against the World of Forsaken Saints. They’ve even brought their trump cards,” a great elder sighed. Many of them could sense the energy ripples of forbidden artifacts. There was more than one present.

“The Hundred Races want go all out against the World of Forsaken Saints? Or are they trying to invade our continent by using this as an opportunity? They’ve brought so many forbidden treasures, the treasures of their clans,” a human expert softly murmured. They all felt like the Hundred Races were putting a little too much effort into it. They were nowhere near as shrewd as the Sea race or the magical beasts, who had only sent around a dozen people to scout out the situation and only planned to send further reinforcements after personally witnessing the strength of the foreign world.

The grand elder hurried over to warmly welcome them, completely forgetting them, completely forgetting about that fact that the Hundred Races had attacked Mercenary City recently.

The hall elders of the Hundred Races greeted the grand elder as well, but many of them looked at the magical beasts with flames of anger.

The true enemies of the Hundred Races was not the Tian Yuan Continent, but the Beast God Continent because the Beast God Continent had originally been occupied by them. In the end, the Winged Tiger God lead the magical beasts in an invasion, chasing away the Hundred Races from their land. This was what lead to the invasion of the Tian Yuan Continent.

As a result, the Hundred Races’ hatred for the Tian Yuan Continent was not as deep as what was imagined even though a shocking war had occurred in ancient times, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides. They were the invaders after all.

The experts of the Hundred Races clearly understood that the matter at hand was to deal with the World of Forsaken Saints, and this was not the time to resolve their disagreements. As a result, they just stared at the magical beasts angrily, but they did not end up fighting.

Cangqiong stood calmly as he rested with his eyes closed, ignoring the people from the Hundred Races. However, the magical beasts behind him were unable to remain as calm as Cangqiong. All of them felt extremely angry, but when they saw that the Hundred Races had brought so many experts along with so many forbidden artifacts, they dared not to act recklessly.


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