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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1298


Chapter 1298: Chapter 1298: Reinforcements (Three)

Chapter 1298: Reinforcements (Three)

To the right of the dwarf was a two-meter-tall man in shorts. He was covered with thick, black fur, making him seem like both a wolf and a person. He possessed the characteristics of a wolf with long, powerful claws.

He was a lycanthrope of the Hundred Races, an existence that was human and wolf. He was not a human nor a magical beast but possessed very great battle prowess that was no weaker than a magical beasts. Very few people among the same level of cultivation were a lycanthrope’s opponent, making them a powerful race among the Hundred Races.

Opposite him was a skinny old woman. She was hunch-backed, and all her hair was gray. She seemed extremely old, but balls of green flames flickered in her eyes. They seemed like will-o’-wisps, filled with a certain eeriness.

The woman was an expert of the flame daemons who possessed the natural ability to control fire. However, the fire they used was no regular fire, but green daemonfire. The flames lacked heat and could not burn anything physical. Instead, they burned away vitality.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground trembled rhythmically as the rockman strode over from afar. He could cross several kilometers with every step, so he moved extremely quickly.

A violent pressure of wind appeared from above as the elven expert shot a green streak of light from her wooden bow. She hovered ten meters in the air.

The six experts all stared and observed the foreign Saint King in interest. They then began to frown.

“This person really isn’t from our world but from another. The presence he gives off is just not present in our world. Has the envoy of the humans been telling the truth,” wondered the elf in a stern manner.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. I feel like we should bring this person back to the War God Hall immediately,” said the old woman of the flame daemons. Her voice was hoarse and extremely unpleasant.

The dwarf chuckled and said, “We received news from the humans recently that there would be people from another world coming, telling us to prepare ourselves. I had thought that the people would be impressive experts, so I even brought the Heaven’s Guard. Turns out it’s just a Saint King at Great Perfection. If we had known earlier, there would be no need for so many of us to come. Let’s go and return to the War God Hall first.” With that, the dwarf grabbed the foreign Saint King and lifted him onto his shoulders. He then passed through a Space Gate with the elf, berserker, flame daemon and lycanthrope. Only the rockman was left behind.

A giant divine hall stood on top of War God Mountain in the center of the Wasteland Continent. It silently stood there like a primordial beast, unconsciously giving off a suffocating pressure.

The divine hall was what guided the spirit of the Hundred Races. It was also he organization that held supreme authority among the Hundred Races. It was their faith War War God Hall.

Several dozen experts of various shapes and sizes gathered within the majestic divine hall. All of them were Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings or higher, all possessing a lot of authority within the hall.

They stood in a circle, and at the center lay the foreign Saint King from the World of Forsaken Saints. His face was sallow. Not only had he been extremely injured, his strength had been drained away by a mysterious secret technique, reducing him to just an ordinary person.

Close to him stood the six Saint Kings at Great Perfection who had captured him. This included the elf, the flame daemon, the berserker, the dwarf, the lycanthrope and the rockman.

However, the rockman had shrunken by a lot. Although he was still composed of the same rocks, he had shrunken to the height of three meters.

“This person’s presence is extremely odd. It truly is something that does not belong to this world. Has he really come from the World of Forsaken Saints…”

“Has the human envoy been telling the truth? Does the World of Forsaken Saints really does exist…”

“Hmph, so what if they really do exist? It’s impossible for them to be too powerful. The Tian Yuan Continent has more than enough strength to deal with them, but they just don’t want to over-exhaust themselves in the process so they exaggerated the facts, describing the World of Forsaken Saints as super powerful, so that we, the Hundred Races, the magical beasts, and the Sea race will go to assist them with them with the problem…”

The experts in the War God Hall discussed topics the foreign Saint King. There were various discussions, but they had finally confirmed the existence of the World of Forsaken Saints after personally witnessing the foreign Saint King.

The foreign Saint King looked past everyone. He was originally a Saint King at Great Perfection, so he could obviously see through the strength of everyone present. The strongest were only at Great Perfection while most of them were below that. There was not a single Saint Emperor, so a sliver of mockery appeared in his eyes. He said, “I never thought that you’d actually be so weak without a single Saint Emperor. You probably don’t have experts of the Origin realm either, but it’s completely logical why you don’t have any Saint Emperors. This world lacks origin energy and the energy of the world is so thin. You’re so weak that the sacred hall only needs to send a squadron of Saint Emperors to wipe you all out.”

“What is he saying?” A Saint King asked in doubt. He could not understand what the foreign Saint King was saying at all.

“That’s the language of the World of Forsaken Saints. Communicate with him using our souls,” the elven Saint King crisply replied, and all the experts present immediately let out their souls to communicate with the foreign Saint King.

Very soon, all the experts revealed dramatically different expressions. The dwarf had almost leapt in fright. He cried out, “What!? A group of Saint Emperors? You can even You can even form a group with Saint Emperors? Just how many Saint Emperors do you have?”

The foreign Saint King’s disdain deepened. He coldly responded, “We have countless Saint Emperors. We’re just waiting for the spatial tunnel to stabilize and all five hundred Saint Emperors gathered in the World Mountains will come over. We only need a single day before we flatten your world.”

“What! Five hundred Saint Emperors!”

“Impossible! How can you have so many Saint Emperors that there is a countless number!? You’re exaggerating!”

The experts were extremely astounded and shock filled their eyes. The strength of the World of Forsaken Saints had frightened them all.

They possessed countless Saint Emperors, and they would be sending over five hundred right from the start. Probably even in ancient times, that would be an almost-unstoppable force.

Not to mention that the four races of this world no longer possessed a strength that could be compared to the strength that had appeared in ancient times.

“I’ve already understood the strength of this world, so I’ve completed by mission. The armies of my world will descend here soon. We will be seeing each other again,” the Saint King sneered before shattering his own soul through a secret technique. He collapsed on the ground and no longer moved. He was dead.

He knew that the Hundred Races would not let him go and would possibly use various methods to torture him. As a result, he acted in a straightforward manner, committing suicide. He would be revived after this death anyway.


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