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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1276


Chapter 1276: Chapter 1276: The Borrowing of Emperor Armaments

Chapter 1276: The Borrowing of Emperor Armaments

Other than the four great elders from the protector clans who knew fleeing secret techniques, the other five independent Saint Kings died in Flame City after their life force had been drained away.

Hao Yue was not a merciful person. Even after the Saint Kings plead time and time again, she still killed them.

Everyone in the city had become shocked by what had happened above. The Flame Mercenaries had demonstrated great strength once again, causing all the members of the mercenaries to become extremely excited after witnessing such a scene. Their blood started to boil.

Originally, they had thought that their captain was extraordinary enough, but now, fairy Hao Yue seemed to become even more extraordinary than him. She had managed to kill off these glorious Saint Kings in just a short moment.

After ending the lives of the independent Saint Kings, the Bright Moon divine Hall returned to how it had been before. The huge moon hovering above slowly disappeared, and even the structure itself shrank back to the size of an ordinary palace. It descended into the city lord’s estate once again, standing silently like a novel princess.

You Yue worried about fairy Hao Yue’s current condition, so she entered the divine hall as soon as possible. Bi Lian became busy as well as she passed down various orders. The vast presences from the nine Saint Kings had reduced the city into a mess, resulting in countless injured people. There were many things she needed to do to cope with the aftermath.

Meanwhile, the Space Rings of the five independent Saint Kings ended up with Bi Lian.

“Vice city lord, we might as well hang the corpses of the five Saint Kings on the city walls to demonstrate the might of our Flame Mercenaries. At the same time, we can send out a warning to all the various forces on the Tian Yuan Continent to tell them that even when our captain is not present, we’re still not to be trifled with,” a middle-aged man said to Bi Lian. He spoke extremely politely. He was also one of the people who managed the mercenaries.

Bi Lian shook her head, “They’re still Saint Kings. We should get people to bury them instead to help them retain some dignity.”

“Yes, vice city lord,” the middle-aged man replied politely before immediately ordering a group of people to carry the five corpses out of the city to find a suitable place to be buried.

Fairy Hao Yue’s illusionary figure sat on a piece of jade in the divine hall. The piece of jade gave off pure and clear Moonlight Force. It was no simple piece of jade since it had originated from the moon.

You Yue asked about her in concern from right in front, “Master, are you fine?”

Fairy Hao Yue faintly smiled and said, “My dear disciple, you don’t need to worry about your master. I may just be a soul now, but I’m not as weak as you’ve imagined. I’ve cast down many formations both inside and outside the divine hall. These formations are far more powerful than what the people of the Tian Yuan Continent can even imagine. Their strength may be restricted by the limited materials, but they can easily block attacks from Saint Emperors. The Lunar Years is one of them.

“It’s just that using these formations takes up quite a lot of energy. Although this can be replenished by absorbing the energies of others, it still can’t make up for when whole formations get used up. As a result, you can’t rely on your master for everything in the future. Working hard to increase your own strength is the most important.”

“Yes, master. I will definitely work even harder on cultivating.” You Yue firmly answered.

All the Saint Kings from various parts of the continent were gathered in a majestic hall within the miniature world of Mercenary City. They all sat in a circle as they discussed how to stop the World of Forsaken Saints.

The number of people gathered there had already reached into the four hundreds. They were all the Saint Kings of the continent.

“Although the divine hall of Mercenary City is extremely tough, we still don’t know whether it can stop the Reciprocity experts from the World of Forsaken Saints, and on the continent, the Emperor Armaments of the ten protector protector clans are extremely powerful. They are difficult to control even when several Saint Kings work together, so I suggest that the protector clans bring all their Emperor Armaments here and pass them on to elder Tian Jian, who’s a Saint Emperor, to control. The great elder must be able to display even greater strength. May I ask what you think of this?” The grand elder of Mercenary City slowly inquired as he looked at the people of the ten protector clans.

“We, the Heaven’s Incense School, do not mind. We are willing to temporarily hand over our Emperor Armament to the great elder…” The school master of the Heaven’s Incense School was the first one to agree to the grand elder’s suggestion.

The pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion pondered slightly before saying, “Great elder Tian Jian has already reached Saint Emperor and his strength is now incomparable to any one of us. We obviously do not mind handing over the Emperor Armament of the Pure Heart Pavilion, except our Emperor Armament is rather special. It’s slightly different than the nine other clans

It can only be controlled by those who practice the cultivation method of the Pure Heart Pavilion. As a result, we may have to disappoint the grand elder.”

A great elder from the Moyuan clan said, “Grand elder, the power of the Emperor Armaments have reached an extremely terrifying level. Even if several Saint Kings control it together, they will suffer a backlash, so probably only Saint Emperors can use them at will. However, can great elder Tian Jian use so many Emperor Armament all by himself? Even if the great elder has become a Saint Emperor, he shouldn’t be able to control so many Emperor Armaments simultaneously.”

The great elder had spoken the doubts of many people present, in particular the people from the protector clans. They all wondered whether or not Tian Jian could control so many Emperor Armaments all by himself. After all, they were no ordinary objects.

The grand elder chuckled, “The power of the Emperor Armaments from the protector clans have already reached a level that’s enough to terrify all of us. Although the great elder has become has become a Saint Emperor, controlling so many Emperor Armaments simultaneously is indeed extremely difficult. However, I am asking to use them for another reason.”

“May I ask what this reason is? Do the Emperor Armaments have other uses?” A great elder from the Heartless School asked.

The grand elder thought a little before speaking, “We have quite a few abilities and secret techniques left behind by the city lord. These abilities and techniques all possess unpredictable power, and some of them can only be practiced by Saint Emperors. Now that great elder Tian Jian has become a Saint Emperor, he’s already grasped some of the techniques and abilities that only Saint Emperors can learn, and one of them just happens to allow him to use the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans to cast down an extremely powerful ancient killing formation. The formation can activate the potential power within the Emperor Armaments to deal terrifying attacks. Everyone, think about it. If we can cast down this killing formation at the entrance of the tunnel, it will have a shocking effect.”

With that, the eyes of many people present lit up. At the same time, they were secretly shocked. The heritage of Mercenary City was actually no weaker than the ten protector clans. They actually possessed such great abilities and techniques that only Saint Emperors could learn them.

“Protecting the Tian Yuan Continent was the original responsibility of us protector clans. Since the World of Forsaken Saints is so powerful, that is more than enough of a reason for us all to work together. We can’t forsake the continent for our personal needs. Our Shenxiao sect is willing to lend our Emperor Armament…”

“Our Potian sect is also willing to lend our Emperor Armament…”

“Our Moyuan clan is also willing to lend our Emperor Armament…”

“Our Yangji sect is willing to lend our Emperor Armament…”

“The Yiyuan sect is willing to lend out their Emperor Armament…”

The various clans all expressed their thoughts. In the blink of an eye, eight clans agreed to lend out their Emperor Armaments, with only the Tyrant’s Blade School and Changyang clan left.

The grand elder immediately looked at the Saint Kings of the Tyrant’s Blade School and Blade School and Changyang Zu Xiao.

The Saint Kings from the Tyrant’s Blade School hesitated before one of them reluctantly said, “Our founding ancestor, Guihai Yidao, has already returned. The Emperor Armament is currently in his control, so we have to decline lending it out. However, we believe that the Emperor Armament will be able to demonstrate even greater power in our founding ancestor’s hands.”

The Tyrant’s Blade School originally wanted to hide the return of their founding ancestor, but now that such a great matter had happened on the continent, there was no point in keeping it hidden anymore. At the same time, they had personally witnessed their founding ancestor’s strength when the Hundred Races had invaded. They were confident that even if their ancestor’s identity was revealed, no one on the continent could threaten him. This included Saint Emperors.

However, the piece of news was like a bolt from the blue to everyone else. They all became stunned and stared at the Saint Kings in disbelief. None of them believed what they said to be real.

“What did you say? Your founding ancestor has returned? Xing Feng, what’re you blabbering about,” a Saint King who was on good terms with the Tyrant’s Blade School replied in shock. He looked at Xing Feng weirdly.

Xing Feng also knew that it was very difficult for everyone to believe what he had said. However, he did not explain any further. He nonchalantly answered with, “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, but we’re not going to be lending out our Emperor Armament.”

Many people became confused as soon as they heard what he said. None of them believed that Xing Feng was telling the truth and that this was just an excuse to avoid lending out the Emperor Armament. Even though the excuse was extremely exaggerated, exaggerated to such a level that it was unbelievable, no one delved on the matter.

After all, the Emperor Armament belonged to the Tyrant’s Blade School. If they were unwilling, the rest of them could not force them.

The grand elder then looked at Changyang Zu Xiao. Among the ten protector clans, there was only the Changyang clan left to express their thoughts.


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