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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1270


Chapter 1270: Chapter 1270: Scarlet Gold Ore (One)

Chapter 1270: Scarlet Gold Ore (One)

At the same time, the huge, golden axe in Tie Ta’s hand landed on his Class 9 Xuanhuang beast. The outcome was the same as Jian Chen’s. His powerful strike failed to harm the Xuanhuang beast at all, not even puncturing its skin. All that was left was a faint mark.

Tie Ta immediately frowned at this. The toughness of the Xuanhuang beast had also exceeded his imaginations, but he did not become dejected at all. He now gripped the axe with two hands as he lifted it high above his head. It shone with a bright golden light as a powerful battle intent coiled around him, fusing with the axe head.

“Mysteries of War, Mortality-breaker!” Tie Ta called out as the axe was swung down covered in a coating of golden light.

This time, Tie Ta used the Mysteries of War, so it was far more powerful than his attack earlier.

Boom! The golden axe landed on the Xuanhuang beast and actually produced a heavy boom. Violent streams of energy shot out in all directions as storms of energy, kicking dust and stones into the air. The dust obscured most of Tie Ta and the Xuanhuang beast.

Tie Ta’s strength had increased a lot after he had cultivated for three months in the whirlpool of energy. He was far more powerful than he had been in the battle against the Tao family. The power of his Mysteries of War had even reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Saint King, now even stronger than Jian Chen.

However, his attack still failed to break through the Xuanhuang beast’s skin, only leaving behind a white mark that was slightly bigger than before.

Roar! The Xuanhuang beast was angered and produced a deafening roar. It raised one of its limbs and pressed it against Tie Ta. It clearly could not allow such an insignificant, ant-like existence to attack it time and time again. Although it did not possess any intelligence, it felt supremacy due to its strength, unable to tolerate contact from those weaker than it.

Due to being overly large, the Xuanhuang beast’s limb was extremely huge as well. It was twenty to thirty meters wide, larger than a regular house.

The Xuanhuang beast quickly slammed down its foot. Like a huge stamp descending from the sky, it engulfed an entire region. Tie Ta immediately felt a vast pressure appear beneath him since he was below the foot. Although the Class 9 Xuanhuang beast did not know any special abilities, it was still a powerful existence on par with Saint Emperors after all. Just any old attack from it possessed an extremely large amount of force and the pressure created could trap any prey that was weaker than it.

Tie Ta felt his body become heavier and heavier. His feet had already sunk into the ground and continued to sink. The Xuanhuang beast’s huge foot rapidly came crashing down from above him. With every inch it fell, the pressure Tie Ta felt became greater.

“Mysteries of War, Celestial Movement!” Tie Ta cried out before using a Mystery of War again. Bathing in golden light, he suddenly vanished with a flash and reappeared on the back of the Xuanhuang beast like he had teleported.

“Mysteries of War, Destruction!” Tie Ta roared out and was covered by golden light. Supreme battle intent permeated his surroundings once again. It combined with his axe as invisible energy and strengthened it. A destructive energy erupted from the axe that seemed like it could destroy everything in the surroundings.

Just from the presence, Destruction was far more powerful than Mortality-breaker. One of them was just a simple but powerful attack, while the other possessed an aura of destruction. It could annihilate anything.

When the golden axe struck the back of the Xuanhuang beast with its destructive aura, it actually left behind a thin, two-meter-long gash. Tie Ta’s Destruction could actually puncture the skin of the Xuanhuang beast. Although the wound was only an inch deep, not even a tenth of the beast’s hide, it was still shocking.

The Xuanhuang beast violently shook in an attempt to throw Tie Ta off its back. Tie Ta held onto a protrusion on its back, securing himself firmly to the beast’s back. He swung his axe with one hand and continued to use Destruction on the two-meter-long gash, causing it to rapidly widen. Once he got through the thick hide of the Xuanhuang beast, he would would be able to harm the it.

The Xuanhuang beast immediately began to growl angrily and stomp the ground when it saw how it could not shake off the insignificant existence on its back. It created huge ditches one after another in the tough soul as it used its thick and powerful tail to whip at Tie Ta. However, Tie Ta would avoid it using his Celestial Movement before returning to the same spot to continue deepening the wound.

One swing…

Two swings…

Three swings…

The force of Destruction was greatly reduced since he was using it with one hand, but the Xuanhuang beast could not endure his consecutive attacks. The gash became deeper and deeper on its back, but there was still no blood. The Xuanhuang beast’s hide was extremely thick. Tie Ta had not even cut through half of it.

Tie Ta was like a piece of gum stuck to the beast’s back, unable to be removed no matter what. Although the beast posed no harm to Tie Ta for now, it was still very difficult for him to slay the beast since he had yet to even get through its hide.

On the other side, Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash to avoid the attacks of the beast. After a period of weaving and dodging, Jian Chen had completely grasped the way the beast attacked. It did not use any tricks and only used the most primitive methods of attack as a beast. Although it possessed the great strength of a Saint Emperor, it was not even as threatening as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King besides its thick skin.

Jian Chen hid himself from the beast’s vision. With his presence fully erased, he silently made his way below the beast and stabbed as hard as he could at its snow-white belly.

However, the attack failed to harm the Xuanhuang beast at all. Jian Chen felt his sword strike something soft, preventing him from using any force.

The belly was the weakest point of many magical beasts, and it was a crucial region that was directly connected to its various organs. Unfortunately, even this weak point of many magical beasts had been greatly strengthened on this Xuanhuang beast.

“Looks like I can only attack its eyes, mouth, eyes, mouth, ears, and nostrils,” Jian Chen sighed inside. In all his years of fighting, this was a battle he felt most helpless about. It was not because his opponent was far too powerful but because their hide was just too think.

Jian Chen emerged from beneath the Xuanhuang beast with a flash, standing right in front of the beast’s head without hiding himself at all. He swung his Emperor Armament at the ground and immediately, a black, crescent sword Qi vanished into the soil. It moved through the ground, heading quickly toward the Xuanhuang beast.

Soil was kicked into the air wherever the sword Qi passed, launching large swathes of sand and dust into the air. The sky became a hazy mess. Both Jian Chen and the Xuanhuang beast had their vision obscured in such circumstances, unable to see each other at all.

Jian Chen closed his eyes and charged into the cloud of dust. At this moment, he no longer bothered with the fact that his soul would be consumed at an extremely rapid rate. He expanded the senses of his soul to a thousand meters and used it to observe his surroundings as he rapidly approached the beast. At the same time, he carefully erased his presence to prevent the Xuanhuang beast from discovering where he was.

Jian Chen arrived twenty meters away from the Xuanhuang beast’s head very quickly. Suddenly, his speed exploded, and he traversed the distance with the Illusory Flash, arriving before the beast’s eye. He radiated with a powerful sword intent as the Emperor Armament shone with a black streak of light that was several meters long. The violent and destructive presence entered the Xuanhuang beast’s eye, causing it to feel a piercing pain.

Before the beast could close its eyes, the Emperor Armament had transformed into an obscure streak of black light as it stabbed into one of the Xuanhuang beast’s eye that was half a man wide. The Chaotic Force hidden within the weapon wildly erupted, blinding the Xuanhuang beast’s eye at that moment. The residual energy used the eye as an entry and spread toward the brain of the Xuanhuang beast in attempt to destroy its central nervous system.

The Xuanhuang beast produced a painful cry a painful cry as it writhed on the ground, kicking up even more dust and sand. It became so obscured that it was impossible for Jian Chen to see right in front of him.

Jian Chen originally planned on using this opportunity to blind the beast’s other eye as well, but seeing how it writhed in an unpredictable manner, all he could do was give up with no other choice and retreat.

Not only did the Xuanhuang beast’s pain come from its blinded eye, it was also caused by the small amount of Chaotic Force Jian Chen had deposited. Wherever the energy went, the surrounding blood and flesh would vanish. The Chaotic Force quickly made its way toward the beast’s head.

The Xuanhuang beast also seemed to be able to sense the threat traveling toward its brain. Energy immediately surged out like water from a broken dam, quickly reaching its head. Afterward, it surrounded the small amount of Chaotic Force and slowly nullified it.

Jian Chen could sense the Chaotic Force vanish. He thought, “The Xuanhuang beast has grown up in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, so it must’ve absorbed some Xuanhuang Qi. Xuanhuang Qi is a powerful energy on par with Chaotic Force, so it possesses enough power to repel it. The threat of my Chaotic Force toward the beast has been greatly reduced. Greater effects will only appear when I use it on beasts that are weaker than me.”

“My Chaotic Force will be wiped out before it can reach the beast’s central nervous system. Looks like with my current strength, it’s very difficult for me to slay Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts even when using its weak points to my advantage.” Jian Chen emotionlessly stared at the writhing Xuanhuang beast in front of him. The light in his eyes flickered, but as if he had thought of something, a firmer gleam of light flashed through his eyes. The next moment, the saint artifact flew out from the center of his eyebrows and with a wave of his hand, he removed something from the artifact space.

At that moment, an extremely terrifying ripple of energy pervaded the surroundings. The energy ripple was so powerful that even the two Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts paused.


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