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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 126


Chapter 126: Tianxiong Clan

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s already poor mood grew nastier as a violent mood instantly arose from within his heart. His previously disorderly and expressionless eyes grew cold as he stared angrily at the youth. His eyes seemed to be able to shoot sharp swords as he growled, “Scram! What qualifications do you have to order me to guide you anywhere?” Jian Chen’s tone carried a strong, murderous aura.

The moment Jian Chen finished speaking, the other 6 mercenaries all gasped as their gazes uniformly locked onto Jian Chen.

Having been the target of Jian Chen’s powerful and piercing glare, the youth’s heart couldn’t help but tremble with a wave of cowardliness, and he took a step backwards. Soon afterwards though, the youth realized he had momentarily lost self-control, and anger washed over his cowering heart. As a noble figure, having a no-named mercenary barely older than him intimidate him in such a way was a humiliation that would never be washed away.

Glaring angrily at Jian Chen, the youth stepped forward and pointed at Jian Chen, yelling, “Smelly brat, what did you say to me? Why don’t you try saying it one more time.”

Jian Chen’s frosty glare swept over to the 6 mercenaries surrounding the youth. At a single glance, it was obvious what their strength levels were;one of them was a Peak Saint Master, two were Low Saint Masters, and the other three were Peak Great Saints. Compared to the Flame Mercenaries, the difference in strength was huge.

“Take a hike!” Jian Chen growled harshly. Even though he had already figured out from the amount of bodyguards around the youth that he was the son of an influential family, Jian Chen was by himself at the moment, and he wasn’t afraid of any type of power. To him, this youth was only another inconvenience.

Although he wasn’t very comfortable with this annoyance, there was no way Jian Chen was about to apologize to this person.

The youth looked at Jian Chen with a dark expression as he commanded the 6 mercenaries, “Capture him for me.”

“Yes, young master.” One man answered as he moved toward Jian Chen like an arrow with his arms outstretched. This mercenary had a Peak Great Saint level of strength after 30 years of cultivation. To that mercenary, Jian Chen was only a youngster whose strength couldn’t be that great. If Jian Chen were a Peak Saint, he’d already be labelled as a genius. But with the mercenary being a Peak Great Saint, catching Jian Chen wouldn’t be any trouble at all.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed coldly as he effortlessly dodged the other mercenary’s hand. “You aren’t strong enough to touch me.” Normally, Jian Chen wouldn’t speak with such disdain and harshness, but Jian Chen had been severely affected by the bitter end of the Flame Mercenaries. Thus, he was no longer feeling as well mannered as before. This youth’s arrogant attitude made Jian Chen’s already bad mood reach an exploding point. Deep in his heart, there was already a strong urge to kill.

Hearing these humiliating words from Jian Chen, this middle aged man’s face became unsightly;with his Peak Great Saint strength, he would undoubtedly beat this 20 year old kid easily. After being ruthlessly humiliated by this kid, he had lost face in front of all of his companions, as well as the rich kid who could affect his future prospects. If he didn’t teach this brat a good lesson, he wouldn’t dare to ever lift his head among his peers again.

The man decided to not hold back any longer. He materialized his sword in his hand and fed his inner Saint Force to it, causing it to shine brightly.

“Arrogant child, why don’t you find out for yourself if I’m qualified or not to go up against you!” The man bellowed as he swung his sword at Jian Chen’s shoulder

With a cold snort, Jian Chen instantly materialized his Light Wind Sword and stabbed it forward. A shining, silver ray of light followed the blade as it moved.


Before the middle aged man’s sword could reach Jian Chen, the Light Wind Sword had already stabbed into the man’s throat.

The man’s entire body suddenly went rigid as his eyes slowly looked at the area where Jian Chen had stabbed him with the slender sword. With one final look of disbelief, the man’s eyes slowly lost their luster and clouded over as he toppled down to the ground with a grieved face.

Seeing their middle aged companion be killed by Jian Chen, the other 5 mercenaries protecting the youth were amazed. Their eyebrows raised upward momentarily before they materialized their Saint Weapons, seemingly watching Jian Chen warily as a great threat.

The youth couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at the fallen man next to Jian Chen. Pointing his finger, he tried to show his strength even though he was inwardly frightened by saying, “Y-y-you dare kill my guard? Do-don’t you know who I am? Are you tired of li-living?” Although the youth and Jian Chen weren’t all that different in age, the youth had grown up sheltered, and so he didn’t have any experiences, nor had he lived through any hardships. So the moment he saw blood being spilled on the ground, his cowardice immediately showed itself.

Although he had used his clan’s power to bully many people, those people were weaklings that didn’t dare to rebel against him. Thus, his life had always progressed smoothly, and he had always looked down on others. However, he had never seen a person like Jian Chen, who was so blunt and killed people as if it was an everyday occurrence. The youth that had never seen such a scene was absolutely intimidated by Jian Chen’s methods.

Suddenly, another sturdy mercenary walked forward and politely gestured at him, “Dear junior, we are members of the Tianxiong clan, and this is the young master. The matters that just happened were our fault, so I would like to apologize to you here. I hope that you can just look past this issue.” This mercenary that spoke was neither servile nor overbearing.

Jian Chen’s icy cold eyes stared at the group in front of him as his entire body radiated killing intent. Walking closer to them, he frigidly said, “Then come. If you guys can escape from my hand today, you will naturally be spared.”



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