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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1257


Chapter 1257: Chapter 1257: Reconstruction Gel

Chapter 1257: Reconstruction Gel

After removing the energy crystal from the Xuanhuang beast’s corpse, Jian Chen tossed the carcass into his Space Ring. He had obtained a Class 7 and 8 Monster Core in less than half a day after coming here, which delighted him very much. At the same time, he believed that there would definitely be even more Class 7 and 8 Xuanhuang beasts as he progressed further into the depths. That way, he would be able to obtain more and more of these energy crystals. He might even be able to break through to the fourth layer using the energy crystals from the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

Although Jian Chen had managed to increase his chaotic neidan from the size of a chicken egg to the size of a fist and reached the peak of the third layer back in the whirlpool of energy, it did not increase his battle prowess at all. It only made the Chaotic Force he could store in his dantian reach to a limit. Only by breaking through and reaching the fourth layer could his strength increase.

Jian Chen returned to the hill. His battle with the Class 8 Xuanhuang beast was extremely short, having ended in less than a minute. Tie Ta remained in the sea of flowers. He was intoxicated by the fragrance so much that he could not return to himself.

Jian Chen glanced at Tie Ta from quite far away and did not disturb him. He knew that Tie Ta was no weaker than him right now, but the matters he had experienced and the heavenly resources he had come across were nowhere near as plentiful. The fragrance of the Heaven-connecting Flowers was extremely attractive to someone who had not come across various heavenly resources before, let alone Tie Ta who had rarely ever come across any of them. This was why Tie Ta’s immunity for the flowers was not as great as his own.

Jian Chen arrived in front of the Comprehension Tea Tree and was about to begin collecting the leaves. The reason why he had fought the Xuanhuang beast five kilometers away was because he was afraid that the ripples of battle would damage the tree. He did not want such a valuable Comprehension Tea Tree to be destroyed by his own carelessness.

“Master, the Comprehension Tea Leaves are rather different from regular heavenly resources. You must not use your hands to touch the leaves when you collect them. You must use their branches instead. At the same time, you cannot use jade boxes to store them. It would be best if you used wooden boxes created from the trees that naturally grow grow in the Xuanhuang Microcosm,” Zi Ying warned Jian Chen. He was afraid that Jian Chen would store the tea leaves like any other heavenly resource and either ruin its quality as a result or destroy them entirely.

Jian Chen immediately used the Emperor Armament to chop down a 30-centimeter-wide tree nearby. The trees in the Xuanhuang Microcosm were extremely tough. Jian Chen needed to swing the sword several times to cut through the tree that was only as thick as his waist. Afterward, he hollowed out a piece of wood and created a simple and extremely rough-looking box before returning to the location of Comprehension Tea Tree. He gently snapped off a few branches of the tree and used them as chopsticks, removing the leaves one by one.

The leaves of the Comprehension Tea Tree took an extremely long time to grow. They would only grow back after ten thousand years. However, this also meant that basically every time the worldly ebb descended, the trees would be covered in leaves again, so Jian Chen did not hold back. He removed all eighty-one leaves on the tree and carefully stored them in his wooden box before sealing it up with self-crafted wooden nails.

“Master, these Comprehension Tea Leaves are only of the first grade of the Immortal Tier. They’re the lowest quality in the entire the entire Xuanhuang Microcosm. You’ll definitely come across trees of higher quality as you head further into the depths. Different quality leaves need to be stored separately, so it’s best if you make a few more boxes,” Qing Suo explained to Jian Chen.

As a result, Jian Chen made a few more simple boxes from the remaining wood, around a dozen just in case. Every single one of them was around half the size of his body, so they could easily store several hundred tea leaves.

Jian Chen originally planned to take the tree with him and plant in the outside world, but he could only give up on that idea after he learned from the Azulet sword spirits that the tree could only grow within the Xuanhuang Microcosm, and it would immediately wilt if it left the realm. Clearly, Comprehension Tea Trees could not be planted like the Heaven-connecting Flowers.

In the end, Jian Chen left behind the bare Comprehension Tea Tree. It stood all by itself on top of the hill. Although its trunk was filled with vigor, there was not a single leaf left. It seemed like an old man who had all his hair plucked out.

Afterward, Jian Chen arrived before the Spring of Life several dozen meters away. The pool was much larger than the one he had come across in the across in the small forest, and it contained several times more spring water as well, reaching over five hundred liters. A ball of essence sat at the bottom of the pool as well.

Jian Chen immediately pulled out several storage containers from his Space Ring to collect the spring water. He removed around two hundred and fifty liters, half of the total again. He obviously did not miss the essence either.

Jian Chen checked through the lair of the Xuanhuang beast after collecting the spring water, but he found nothing. He then called over Tie Ta to leave. He continued into the depths of the region by following the sword spirits’ directions.

But after traveling for ten kilometers, Jian Chen finally came across the other material that the sea goddess needed to reconstruct her body. It was a white substance the size of a fist and slightly transparent. It was soft to the touch and elastic, but it was extremely tough at the same time. Jian Chen was unable to rip it in half when he used all his force.

“Master, this is called Reconstruction Gel. It can reconstruct the bodies of people. It’s something extremely common in our former world, but we never thought that the sea goddess mentioned by master would understand the usages of this gel. She really has surprised us,” said Zi Ying.


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