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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1250


Chapter 1250: Chapter 1250: Peak of the Third Layer

Chapter 1250: Peak of the Third Layer

Jian Chen quickly recalled the cultivation method of the Chaotic Body recorded in the Azulet Sword Law before entering a state of cultivation. He silently endured the burning pain brought on by the violent whirlpool of energy as the chaotic neidan in his dantian produced strands of Chaotic Force. These strands of Chaotic Force quickly rampaged through his body. They viciously smashed into the energy of the whirlpool like dragons, grinding away the violent factor inside and leaving behind the purest energy possible. Then it could finally be absorbed and slowly be converted into Chaotic Force.

Jian Chen’s chaotic neidan became smaller and smaller. He had directed a third of all of his Chaotic Force out of the neidan, basically forming rivers that ran through every corner of his body. The vast amounts of Chaotic Force flowed quickly, forming a protective net. All the energy he absorbed from the whirlpool would have to pass through the net, filtering out the violent factor. All that was left behind was the purest energy for Jian Chen to absorb.

Outside the whirlpool, the sea goddess’ figure that had been condensed from her soul hovered there silently. She stared fixedly at Jian Chen as he cultivated several dozen kilometers in the whirlpool. The surprise in her eyes grew heavier and heavier.

“I never thought that Jian Chen’s body had actually reached such a level of toughness. Without any protection, he can stay near the center of the whirlpool and remain unscathed just with the toughness of his body. Probably even Saint Emperor magical beasts can’t do this. Although Saint Emperors can easily reach where he is, they need to use their powerful energy to resist the rush, or even they will become injured.

“But what has surprised me even more is that not only can Jian Chen stay there and remain perfectly fine with his tough body, he can absorb the energy and cultivate. The violent factor within the energy grows stronger the closer one is to the center. If energy like that enters the body, it would reduce the interior to a battlefield without any doubt. This is extremely fatal even to a Saint Emperor. They could end up utterly doomed with the slightest careless mistake.

“I really do wonder what cultivation method Jian Chen practices. Not only does he wield a powerful energy that I’ve never seen or heard of, but even his body is terrifyingly tough. He probably can just stand there and Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings won’t even be able to puncture his skin with his current toughness.”

In roughly a dozen minutes, Jian Chen had already absorbed an extremely vast amount of pure energy from the whirlpool. The energy was so vast that it was enough to shock a Saint King, but to Jian Chen, it was only a strand of Chaotic Force after being filtered.

Jian Chen finally refined his first strand of Chaotic Force from the whirlpool in that short amount of time, which immediately delighted him.

“I still have another three months to cultivate here, and there will be many dozens of minutes in three months. I wonder if I can reach the fourth layer within that time frame.” Jian Chen began to anticipate the end of the cultivation period. His battle prowess would increase by several smaller cultivation realms with every increase in the Chaotic Body. Once he reached the fourth layer, he might reach the level of Saint Emperors, but he was certain he could reach the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint King or even Great Perfection.

“It’s a pity that time’s limited. I can only cultivate here for three months. Although there’s an endless supply of energy here, raising my Chaotic Body to the fourth layer in three months will still be rather difficult. If only I could stay here forever. There’d even be a tiny hope hope of reaching the fifth layer if that were the case, let alone the fourth.” Jian Chen could not help but feel rather regretful. Places like the worldly ebb were just far too difficult to find, and the worldly ebb would only occur once every ten thousand years. He could not rely on waiting for it to appear again, because the energy in the worldly ebb might not mean anything to him after ten thousand years.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had stayed there for a month. In that time, he had refined so many strands of Chaotic Force that he had forgotten the number. However, he could feel his chaotic neidan swell at a slow rate every day as the Chaotic Force in it increased.

Tie Ta spent the entire time cultivating as well. Although he was a warring god with a battle prowess no weaker than Jian Chen, his body was nowhere near as tough as his. As a result, Tie Ta remained in the very outskirts of the whirlpool to absorb the energy and did not progress any deeper.

Although the suction force at the outskirts was even greater than in the depths, the violent factor present in the energy was minute, so it was much easier to absorb.

A month later, the toughness of Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body slowly increased after being forged by the energy of the whirlpool. It no longer posed any risk to him now, so he stopped cultivating and ventured another five kilometers toward the center. He stopped when he had reached his utmost limit before continuing to cultivate.

Although he had only advanced by five kilometers, the purity of the energy had greatly increased. He required around a dozen minutes to refine a single strand of Chaotic Force, but five kilometers later, he could refine thirteen or even fourteen strands in about two hours. His refinement rate had increased very much.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had cultivated for cultivated for three months. However, to his regret, he failed to reach the fourth layer in that time. He remained at the third layer, but his egg-sized chaotic neidan had reached the size of a fist. To no surprise, this was the sign of the peak of the third layer.

Jian Chen ended his three months of cultivation. Although he knew that he only needed another month to reach the fourth layer, the time frame agreed upon by him and the sea goddess had ended. He needed to stop cultivating and enter the independent space to find the materials required to reconstruct the sea goddess’ body. Finding the materials were far more important than reaching the fourth layer to him. After all now that he was at the peak of the third layer, he could reach the fourth layer with just a large pile of high class monster cores even if he could not use the energy of the worldly ebb anymore. However, the opportunity to reconstruct the sea goddess’ body only came once every ten thousand years, and if he missed it this time, he would need to wait another ten thousand years. And at that time, she might not be able to find someone suitable.

Jian Chen pulled out a set of robes from his Space Ring and put them on. With a thought, he condensed a layer of Chaotic Force around him to resist the violent energy that constantly swept past him. He then made his way to Tie Ta. Although he was several dozen kilometers away, Jian Chen could cross the distance in a few seconds.

Roused by Jian Chen, Tie Ta immediately stopped cultivating and a golden energy surged from him. He obstructed the violent energy of the worldly ebb around him. As he pulled out a set of robes from his Space Ring and put them on, he said with a muffled voice, “Jian Chen, this place sure is a good is a good cultivation location. I’ve only cultivated here for three months, but I can already feel that my strength has increased a lot.”

Jian Chen examined Tie Ta and, indeed, discovered that Tie Ta’s strength had increased by quite a lot. Although Tie Ta’s cultivation method was special and could not be measured using the standards of the Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chen made a rough estimate from his strength and presence. In these three months, Tie Ta’s strength had increased from the Fourth Heavenly Layer to the Fifth, and he was quite close to the Sixth.

Jian Chen nodded in agreement, “Tie Ta, let’s go into the independent space to find the materials for the sea goddess. The sooner we find them, the sooner we can come out, and we might have enough time to continue cultivating here.”

“Then let’s hurry. Let’s save some time to continue cultivating here.” Tie Ta immediately became rather impatient.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Tie Ta walked to the center of the swirl, protected by a layer of energy. The sea goddess’ soul was beside them as well.

“Jian Chen, there’s a black tunnel at the center. You two can enter that place to get to the independent space. The energy of my soul will be consumed even faster within the whirlpool, so I can’t stay in here for too long. I’ll be going first,” said the sea goddess. Afterward, the strand of her soul condensed into a faint shadow that quickly shot into the hole and vanished in an single moment.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta sped up as well. They entered the center of the energy swirl while resisting the great pressure.

As soon as they entered the eye of the swirl, the two of them immediately felt their bodies lighten. All the pressure they had been resisting vanished in a single moment and right before them was a black hole that was three meters wide. Nothing was visible inside.


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