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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1249


Chapter 1249: Chapter 1249: Absorbing the Energy of the World Eb

Chapter 1249: Absorbing the Energy of the World Ebb

“What a terrifying whirlpool of energy. Jian Chen, is this the place of the worldly ebb?” Nubis stared blankly at the whirlpool as he choked out his words.

Jian Chen said nothing because he didn’t know either. He had never seen what a worldly ebb looked like.

“Correct, this is the worldly ebb.” At this moment, the sea goddess’ voice rang through their heads. The sea goddess’ illusionary body gradually appeared before the three of them. Her face was a blur, making it impossible to see her appearance. Only her pupils, bright like moonlight, could be seen.

The sea goddess swept her gaze over the three of them before looking at the huge whirlpool of energy. She said, “This place can be labeled as the most wondrous as well as the most well-hidden place in the sea realm. Extremely powerful energy ripples will erupt once every ten thousand years here before forming this huge whirlpool of energy. I call it the worldly ebb.

“In all these years, I’ve tried investigating the reason for the worldly ebb, but I have learned nothing. Even now, I have no idea why it forms, but all I know is that the vast energy that gathers here comes from the entire world. All the various energies in this region silently gather here once every ten thousand years and form this huge whirlpool. No one can sense it, and if I had not purposefully watched over this place, I would not have been able to discover the secret hidden here.

“A tunnel will gradually form at the center of the whirlpool. It is a tunnel to another region of space. I once used my soul to explore that space. It does not have any energy of the world, nor any laws of the world. Even if Saint Emperors enter that space, they’ll lose all their comprehension of the mysteries of the world, and even their physical power will be suppressed. They will be reduced to ordinary people.

“It’s definitely not safe in there either. There are many vicious beasts that live there. Although they lack intelligence, they are not weak. Even Saint Emperors will fall when their abilities are suppressed and they can’t use their full strength.”

The sea goddess gave Jian Chen a deep look when she reached that point. She said, “Jian Chen, the reason why I’ve come to you is because the energy you use is different from others. Although I’ve never seen or heard of this energy, I can sense its power. I suspect that your power may not be suppressed in that independent space, so you’ll be the one who can use most strength in there or maintain it perfectly. Even if I’ve guessed incorrectly and your power is suppressed, you can use your powerful body to not die to the vicious beasts.”

Jian Chen thought silently for a while before asking, “Your majesty, may I ask just what you need me to look for.”

“I need you to find two things for me. One of them is a soft, white substance while the other is a green liquid. The liquid is teeming with the presence of life. Those two items are crucial to reconstruct my body,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen nodded, “Your majesty, don’t worry. I’ll definitely bring back these two items.”

“Although I’ve entered that independent space with my soul and obtained some information before, my soul dispersed after only moving around in the outskirts after a short while. As a result, I don’t know if there are even greater dangers in the depths of the space, so don’t go too far in when you enter this time,” the sea goddess warned Jian Chen in concern. He was her only hope for reconstructing her body, so she obviously did not wish for any accidents to befall him.

“Then when can I I enter, your majesty?” Jian Chen asked as he stared fixedly at the swirl of energy.

“A tunnel has already formed in the center of the whirlpool. If you’re fully prepared, you can enter now. This tunnel will only exist for half a year, and it’ll disappear after that timeframe. As a result, you have to exit before it closes, or you’ll be trapped in there,” said the sea goddess.

“Only half a year? Isn’t that a little too short?” Jian Chen thought inside. He found it rather regretful. He then said to the sea goddess,” Your majesty, not only is the energy gathered here extremely vast, it’s extremely pure as well. I want to cultivate here for three months and enter the space after that.”

The sea goddess became surprised because what Jian Chen had said. She responded with, “The energy here may not possess offensive capabilities, but it’s also extremely violent and very difficult to absorb. And once you enter the whirlpool, the pressure will be extremely powerful. Are you certain you want to cultivate here?”

Jian Chen nodded without any hesitation. If he wanted his Chaotic Body to become stronger, he needed to accumulate vast amounts of energy, even if the amount of energy in the whirlpool was so terrifying that it exceeded his imagination. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him, so how could he miss it so easily? He knew that he would have to endure the pressure if he wanted to absorb the energy there, he believed that it was possible with his tough Chaotic Body, which was at the third layer.

The sea goddess helplessly agreed after seeing how Jian Chen was determined, “Alright then. You can cultivate here for three months. After that, I’ll split a strand of my soul to enter with you. Although the strand can only exist for less than two hours away from me, I can use its power to search and provide you with you with accurate locations. If you come out early, you can continue to cultivate here for some time.”

Afterward, Jian Chen asked Nubis and Tie Ta if they were willing to cultivate here for three months. Nubis immediately paled when he caught a glance of the vast and violent energy and requested to be sent into the artifact space. Although he was a beast of antiquity, just the pressure and ripples of the terrifying energy were no weaker than a battle between two Saint Emperors. He was not confident that he could resist the threat of the whirlpool.

“Jian Chen, I’ll stay outside and see if I can absorb the energy. As the war god, my body should be able to endure it.” Tie Ta hesitated before planning to try it as well.

Afterward, Jian Chen sent Nubis into the artifact space before entering the whirlpool carefully with Tie Ta. He originally planned to let out the white tiger in the artifact space to cultivate as well, but when he remember that he was not even at the level of Saint Kings, he gave up on that. As a beast god, the white tiger’s body could probably rival Tie Ta, but Tie Ta was not fully confident even as a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta entered the edge of the whirlpool and their bodies suddenly jerked. The whirlpool spun at an unbelievable speed, and it spun faster near the edges. The terrifying suction force almost caused Jian Chen and Tie Ta to lose their balance as soon as they had stepped into the whirlpool.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta reactions were extremely quick. With a deep grunt, they arduously world to stabilize themselves. Their feet were planted into the ground like roots, and they did not move no matter how great the force of the whirlpool was.

The pure energy that had almost liquified swept over the two of them like sharp blades. The sharp blades. The moment it swept over them, their clothes were reduced to shreds while a layer of thin wounds appeared Tie Ta’s body. Golden blood could vaguely be seen.

However, Tie Ta’s recovery rate was very fast. His wounds immediately began to close up right after they had been split open by the energy. He could remain a certain equilibrium between suffering damage and healing.

“Jian Chen, I’ll cultivate here. I probably can’t absorb the energy inside,” Tie Ta said to Jian Chen before immediately sitting down to cultivate.

Jian Chen did not stop at the edge. He continued toward the center of the whirlpool all by himself. The toughness of his Chaotic Body was clearly tougher than Tie Ta’s body as the war god at his current level. Although it was extremely painful to be cut by razor-sharp energy blames on almost every inch of his body, no wounds formed.

Jian Chen stopped after traveling thirty kilometers inside. He had almost reached the center of the whirlpool, and the energy there was even more pure than where Tie Ta had stopped. The suction force had weakened as well, but it was several times more dangerous than the outskirts.

The more pure the energy was, the more violent it was. Thus, the energy here was very difficult to absorb, so it was a huge test of the body. At the same time, the pressure from the energy was even more terrifying. A single moment of carelessness would lead to a backlash and heavy injuries or would lead to death on the spot.

Jian Chen had pushed the Chaotic Body to its limits long ago. He then sat there and began to absorb the energy.

As soon as the energy entered him he violently shuddered. The energy he was absorbing felt like gunpowder and exploded as soon as it touched him. If it were not for the toughness of the Chaotic Body, he probably would have been heavily injured already.


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