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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1246


Chapter 1246: Chapter 1246: Wiping Out a Saint Emperor’s Clone

Chapter 1246: Wiping Out a Saint Emperor’s Clone

Jian Chen was secretly shocked. He had never thought that the hall master would get everything correct to such a degree and would even know about the sea goddess’ situation. He had even been spot on with the secret about how the sea goddess helped him only in hopes of having her body reconstructed.

“Hall master, may I ask just what you’ve personally come for?” Jian Chen asked. He refused to believe that the hall master would lower himself and visit the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall with his dignity as a Saint Emperor just to tell him these things.

The hall master thought a little and continued, “Jian Chen, I’ve come to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall personally because I actually want to talk to you about cooperating.”

“Cooperating?” Jian Chen was slightly stunned. He could already guess how the hall master wanted to cooperate, but he continued to ask in a curious manner, “May I ask why the hall master wants to cooperate with me? My strength is weak, so I may not be able to help the hall master.”

The hall master gently chuckled, “Jian Chen, there’s no need for you to belittle yourself. This deal can be made without anyone else except you, because my plan will probably be impossible for the rest of my life without you.” He paused before continuing, “You must know that the sea goddess has lost her body by now and that she’s been reduced to a soul that is hiding in the divine hall floating through the Sea of Despair. The reason why you’ve received her help time and time again as a human is because she wants you to recover her body. I may not know just what method the sea goddess will be using to do that, but I have already determined that you are definitely a crucial part of her plan and that you will get closer and closer to the sea goddess’ soul in the future, or even enter the divine hall where her soul resides. Our cooperation would be for us to act when the opportunity arises and obtain the sea goddess’ soul together.”

“You want to devour the sea goddess’ soul?” Jian Chen’s heart sank slightly. The hall master had actually said something so reckless in such a flagrant manner. He was completely fearless. It was more than enough to see just how fearless he had become to fulfil his wild ambitions. He did not even worry about this information making its way to the outside world.

The hall master sinisterly smiled, “Not devour, but fuse. I know a supreme secret technique that can fuse souls. With my current strength, I only need to fuse with half of the sea goddess’ soul, and then I’ll probably be able to surpass Saint Emperor. The remaining half will obviously go to you. At that time, I will pass on this secret technique to you, so you can fuse with the other half. Although you might not necessarily surpass Saint Emperor, it’ll allow you to reach the higher levels of Saint Emperor at the very least and make it so that it’s extremely likely that you can break through to even greater levels in the future.”

Jian Chen fell silent. His eyes flickered with light as he became uneasy.

The hall master coldly smiled when he saw how Jian Chen acted. He thought, “The sea goddess may have helped you in the past, but you’re not close to her. I refuse to believe that you won’t take the lure now that I’ve shown you such a tempting thing. I obviously don’t have a secret technique that can fuse with souls, but even if I did have it, it wouldn’t be something you would be able to enjoy.”

A while later, Jian Chen slowly raised his head. He stared at the hall master and said, “You mean you want me to find a way into the divine hall to obtain her soul before giving it to you?”

The hall master was overjoyed inside when he heard that response. He could already guess that Jian Chen had probably been hooked by his deal. He immediately suppressed his excitement in a forceful manner and shook his head, “Although the sea goddess is just a soul, she’s still someone who surpassed the level of Saint Emperor in the past. It won’t be enough to deal with her with just you alone. You’ll require my full power to suppress her. Jian Chen, if you’re willing to cooperate with me, I’ll hide this clone of my soul in your body. Once you make it into the divine divine hall, I’ll use this clone to suppress the sea goddess’ soul. Only like that can you remain safe.”

“Won’t the sea goddess see that you’ve hidden a clone in me?” Jian Chen asked in doubt.

The hall master was confident, “Although my strength is not as great as the sea goddess when she was in her peak condition, you have to remember that she’s no longer that sovereign of the past. At the same time, my mastery over my soul has reached a level of perfection. With the assistance of an ancient secret technique, hiding away from the sea goddess is obviously no problem.”

Jian Chen suddenly understood everything. He finally nodded his head after hesitating for while, “I’ll cooperate with you.”

The hall master chuckled loudly and said, “Alright, alright, alright. Jian Chen, I haven’t misjudged you. You really are someone who can do big things. I believe you’ll surpass Saint Emperor soon. Now please open up yourself and don’t resist at all. I’ll hide my clone in you right now.”

Jian Chen nodded before sitting down. He closed his eyes and dropped his guard, allowing the clone of the hall master to enter his body without any worries.

Seeing how Jian Chen had indeed dropped his guard, the hall master could not help but sneer with his blurry face. His body faded and turned into a wisp of energy that entered Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness between his eyebrows.

The hall master recondensed in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness. He smiled as if his scheme had been successful. He indeed was quite skillful with his soul, which was why it was much more powerful than a regular Saint Emperor’s soul. He believed that even as a clone, he could completely take control of Jian Chen as long as he entered Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

“As long as I control Jian Chen’s body, I can use him to continue to interact with the sea goddess and then find an opportunity to enter the divine hall and devour her soul, so my soul can strengthen qualitatively.” The hall master became extremely excited as soon as he thought up to there.

But at this very moment, an azure ball of light and violet ball of light began to glow brightly in the depths of his sea of consciousness, engulfing the hall master in an instant.

The hall master hall master only felt the landscape in front of him make a sudden change. He had actually arrived in a vast, starry part of space without any reason. Countless experts clad in various armors fought intensely there as the terrifying ripples of energy destroyed galaxies and caused the entire universe to shake. He could even see a huge sword, three thousand meters long, shining with a dazzling golden light. It produced a terrifyingly large sword Qi that cut through several large stars in a single stroke before disappearing into the depths of the cosmos.

“W- where is this place?” The hall master became as white as a sheet in that moment. Even his clone that had been condensed from his soul trembled gently. He could clearly feel the terror of the people present. He could sense that even the weakest people present were countless times more terrifying than Origin realm experts. As a mighty Saint Emperor in front of these people, he felt even more insignificant than an ant.

“This is impossible, this is definitely impossible. How can there be so many terrifying experts in the world? It’s fake, it’s fake. It’s all fake,” the hall master said with a trembling voice. He felt like he had fallen into an illusion and that his soul was about to be pressed to pieces by the terrifying presences of these people.

At this moment, a violet sword and an azure sword suddenly appeared in the battlefield. They radiated with lights so bright that they could not be ignored as they danced in the void. Wherever the two swords passed, the terrifying experts would immediately be slain without any power to resist like ants. In the blink of an eye, the entire place was filled with golden blood that gave off powerful ripples of energy.

Without any doubt, the hall master felt that a single droplet of blood was enough to kill a Saint Emperor. He felt extremely shocked when he realized that a supreme emperor in the sea realm was not even on par to a droplet of blood.

“What terrifying swords are they? They’re actually even more terrifying than these people. They’re killing them like ants…” The hall master shook more and more intensely. He had already begun to stagger back. He had become utterly frightened by the two swords.

At this moment, something that filled him that filled him with terror happened. The two swords actually charged toward him, locking onto his presence.

“No…” The hall master produced a horrified cry. He began to flee without a second thought. However, the swords moved just too fast. He did not even possess the power to escape.

“Argh!” The hall master howled out painfully. He helplessly watched as the two swords impaled his body, causing his soul immediately faded by a lot. At the same time, he suffered from excruciating pain.

However, the landscape before him suddenly disappeared after he became injured. He returned to the first space he had been in with azure and violet lights, which was Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

However, before he could become relieved, his eyes suddenly narrowed. Horror filled his face as the two terrifying swords reappeared a thousand meters in front of him. Their tips were pointed toward him.

The hall master became utterly terrified. This time, he did not wait for the swords to shoot over before he immediately fled. He wanted to leave Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

At the same time, the two swords shot toward the hall master as streak of lightning, impaling his soul clone once more and making it fade even more.

The hall master clenched his teeth as he fled as fast as he could. He had already begun to regret entering Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness. This was no sea of consciousness, rather an extremely terrifying hell. The battle among the stars he had just witnessed was particularly bad. It had utterly frightened him.

A golden tower suddenly appeared just as he was about to escape from Jian Chen’s soul, perfectly blocking his path with a dazzling golden light.

“Esteemed hall master, why are you in such a hurry to leave as soon as you’ve come to my sea of consciousness? Don’t you plan on staying a little longer?” Jian Chen’s voice rang out from the side. He had already silemtly appeared by the hall master’s side, forming a triangle encirclement around the hall master with the Azulet swords and the saint artifact.

“Nah, I changed my mind. I still have important matters to attend to. Jian Chen, let me leave first,” the hall master said in horror. At the same time, he glanced at the Azulet swords behind him as fear permeated the depths of his eyes.


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