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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1245


Chapter 1245:  Chapter 1245: Hall Master of the Heaven’s Spirit

Chapter 1245: Hall Master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

Protector Shui remained where she was after Mo Tianyun had left. The light in her eyes flickered as she deeply pondered her options. A while later, she gently sighed as she mumbled in a rather depressed manner, “Wu Han, is what Mo Tianyun had said true? Have you really betrayed her majesty? But why would you do that?” Sorrow filled her eyes. She really struggled to accept the things she heard as reality.

“Mo Tianyun said that Nan Potian has already gained control over the Moon God Hall.the Moon God’s daughter, Hao Yue, appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent several tens of thousands of years ago. Did Nan Potian move against the Moon God’s daughter after he failed to breakthrough to Grand Prime and had her fall in order to gain control over the Moon God Hall?” Protector Shui mumbled. She had a vague feeling that the matter was not as simple as it seemed.

“I had never thought that the Ice Goddess Hall would face such a disaster after three million years. I originally planned to take her majesty back to the Saints’ World after her Profound Ice Body matured and after she had absorbed the three Icesouls, but looks like I have to reconsider my plans now. If it was just me, I could die without regret, but her majesty can never be harmed.”

Mo Tianyun made his way to Dragon Island after leaving the Ice Goddess Hall. He levitated at an altitude of several hundred meters as he looked down at an extremely large island. The ten-meter-altitude restrictions of the island were as useless as decorations against him.

Living corpses mindlessly wandered across the entire island. They were not alive and they lacked self-awareness, but at the same time, they could exist indefinitely. They had been reduced to living corpses long ago, and some of them had even existed since ancient times.

Mo Tianyun hovered in the air as he silently monitored everything below. He gently sighed before turning into a streak of white light, flying toward the Lunastron Pit at an unbelievable speed. He passed through the formation in the depths of the pits like it was as simple as a stroll and departed from the world.

Mo Tianyun passed through the void with the formation and arrived in a desolate world in the end. The place was boundless, but it was filled with a dead silence. It was desolate as far as the eye could see and without any signs of life. Even the sky was a gray, hazy mess without any sunlight present.

“This space is growing larger and larger,” Mo Tianyun looked around and emotionally sighed. He then took a step and vanished after his foot touched the ground. He had traversed a great distance with that single step, arriving at the bottom of a huge crater.

In front of him hovered two balls of light—one black and one white. It was the Yinyang Saint Rock condensed from Yinyang Qi, but at the center of the rock was a bright-red speck of light. It was extremely attention-catching.

Mo Tianyun stared closely at the speck of light as he deeply frowned. His expression became extremely stern as he heavily said, “I never thought that the evil presence hidden within the Yinyang Saint Rock would actually become more and more powerful where even the Yinyang Qi cannot suppress it. It’s absorbing the energy instead and rapidly strengthening itself. If it manages to successfully grow, the outcome would be unimaginable. It might even cause a calamity.

“And I have no idea how this evil presence came into existence, actually hiding itself in the Yinyang Saint Rock. Unless I explode the energy in the rock, I can’t wipe it out. However, the Azulet sword spirits are here, so they should have a way to deal with the evil presence. I only need to make some time for them.” With that, Mo Tianyun silently pondered things for a while. A sliver of determination flashed through his eyes as he said, “Whatever. I’ll just give up this clone and enter the rock using the energy to suppress it.”

With that, Mo Tianyun’s figure became blurry. He turned into an extremely terrifying energy that split in half and both halves carefully entered the rock to suppress the evil presence hiding inside.

However, only a third of the energy Mo Tianyun had transformed transformed into was left when he made it to the center. Two-thirds of it had been wiped out by the rock’s energy.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. Jian Chen sat in an air-tight room within the territory of the Turtle clan. Luminous pearls had been lodged in the surrounding walls and roof. They gave off a gentle light, providing the gloomy place with a faint radiance.

Jian Chen held two high-class monster cores that had almost turned to stone. He worked hard to absorb the energy that had almost solidified inside. Meanwhile, a large pile of empty monster cores were stacked in a corner of the room. Most of them had already turned into tough rock.

Over the past few days, Jian Chen had absorbed the energy from a large number of monster cores and refined all of it into Chaotic Force. However, his Chaotic Force had increased by an insignificant amount.

Back when Jian Chen was still on the first layer of the Chaotic Body, just a Ruler Armament or the skeleton of a Saint Ruler was enough to refine a strand of Chaotic Force. However, his Chaotic Body kept increasing, and with every increase, the amount of energy he required jumped up by at least ten times more than what had been required before.

The chaotic neidan in his dantian needed to be the size of a fist everytime he moved up a layer. Just achieving that required countless strands of Chaotic Force, so the energy he needed to reach a new layer was unimaginable.

The two monster cores finally ran out of energy in his hands. They were reduced to stones the size of half a fist. Jian Chen casually tossed them into the corner of the room. Just when he was about to pull out another two cores to continue cultivating, his eyes suddenly froze. He immediately became rather stern as he sharply gazed ahead.

The space Jian Chen was staring at distorted by an almost undetectable amount. A phantom of a blurry person slowly emerged. At first, he was just a faint shadow, but after a few seconds, he had basically solidified completely, but he was still slightly ethereal.

Jian Chen suddenly stood up as up as he stared at the unwelcome guest who had suddenly appeared. He growled, “Sir, who are you?” Jian Chen knew that the person in front of him was only a projection of a soul, but he still dared not to be careless. He was filled with caution. He could clearly feel that this soul was far stronger than his own. It was definitely a Saint Emperor, and this soul was even greater than regular a Saint Emperor’s soul.

“You can refer to me as the hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall, but how should I refer to you? Should I call you the ruler of the Turtle clan, Jian Chen? Or should I call you Changyang Xiangtian?” The hall master asked with an extremely indifferent tone.

Jian Chen was surprised. The name Changyang Xiangtian was only known by people of the Tian Yuan Continent. Since the hall master knew this name, he had probably investigated his identity on the continent.

Jian Chen showed none of his surprise. He calmly smiled and clasped his hands at the hall master, “So it’s the esteemed hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. It is an honor for me, Jian Chen.”

The hall master stared at Jian Chen, examining him a little. He chuckled, “Jian Chen, I never thought that the ruler’s Qi that only the Sea race could possess would appear on you, a human. That really has surprised me. However, what has surprised me even more is that you’re clearly a Saint King, yet you can pass through the barrier of the sea realm at ease. It really does make me very curious about the relationship you have with her, for her to help you out so selflessly.”

“Hall master, the reason why I possess the ruler’s Qi of the Turtle clan is probably due to the fact that I accidentally ingested the neidan of a ruler from the Turtle clan in the past. As for how I can enter the sea realm at will, that would be even easier to explain. As it is known, the barrier around the sea realm will only stop foreigners at the level of Saint Kings. Although I can display the strength of the 16th Star the 16th Star when I use everything I have, my comprehension of the mysteries of the world remain at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler. In a certain sense, I’m not a Saint King, so I’m obviously unaffected by the barrier. However, I am confused with what you mentioned at the end,” Jian Chen explained in a composed manner. Although he knew that his explanation was probably useless, the hall master would definitely continue to probe into why the sea goddess would help an outsider for no reason if he admitted that she had indeed secretly helped him in the past.

Although Jian Chen could sense that the sea goddess probably wanted him to enter the worldly ebb in search of certain items to rebuild her body, he could not let the hall masters of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and the Serpent God Hall learn this. Both of them knew that the sea goddess’ soul remained and was currently hidden in her divine hall. Jian Chen knew that they both wanted to take her soul from the divine hall and then devour it so their strength could progress, or maybe even reach the sea goddess’ former level of cultivation.

It was just that the divine hall had always floated about in the Sea of Despair. It could not be found without the key, and even if it was found, it could not be opened. The Abyssal Crystal was the only key to finding and unlocking the divine hall.

“Jian Chen, I’m one of the three rulers of the sea realm after all. I have an extremely good understanding regarding the barrier, and do you really believe that just the ingestion of a ruler’s neidan will give you the ruler’s Qi?” The hall master sneered. He did not give Jian Chen any time to explain as he continued, “Jian Chen, there’s no need to hide it from me. I know everything you should know, and I also know some things you shouldn’t know. The reason why the sea goddess has found you and helped you time and time again is probably due to the fact that she wants you to assist her in rebuilding her body.”


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