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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1237


Chapter 1237: Chapter 1237: Emissary of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

Chapter 1237: Emissary of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

“Hmph, you sure put it lightly. The only way for you to smash through my divine hall is to break through to the 17th Star and become an emperor. Ruler of the Turtle clan, I must admit that I’ve underestimated the strength of your clan, but it’s impossible for you to become an emperor,” Tao Zhengtian’s icy-cold voice reverberated from the divine hall. It was filled with scorn. How could reaching the level of emperors be that easy? Even Tao Zhengtian, who was about to become a hall elder, did not yearn for such a level of strength.

Jian Chen sneered, “It’s not up to you to decide whether I can become an emperor or not. The next time I visit your Tao family will be the day I smash your divine hall.” With that, Jian Chen controlled the divine hall and flew away. He picked up the elders of the Turtle clan, who were hiding several dozen kilometers away, and returned to the clan.

Jian Chen knew that Tao Zhengtian possessed a divine hall, so wiping out the Tao family was impossible. He still was not in possession of the power to destroy divine halls. What he did today was to collect some of the debt the Tao family owed the Turtle clan and to make the alliance pay a certain price for the disaster they had caused several days ago.

The divine hall vanished into the horizon with the experts of the Turtle clan. Only after confirming that they would not return did Tao Zhengtian put away his divine hall. However, only the five Saint Kings who had managed to survive left the divine hall. Tao Zhengtian dared not let out the clansmen who had entered, afraid that Jian Chen would take revenge on them.

Tao Zhengtian silently hovered in the air with the four other experts as they stared at the land of the Tao family that had been reduced to ruins. They were all gloomy and their emotions were heavy.

The corpses of the people from the Tao family were littered everywhere in the messy ruins. These people had all died from the great ripples of battle that had appeared in the battle between the Saint Kings, and among the corpses were close to ten Saint Rulers.

Tao Zhengtian slowly glanced over the ruins as his face darkened. His hands creaked from how hard he clenched them as flames of fury burned within him along with deep regret.

His clan had lost far too much during that battle. Over half of the clansmen had died and barely any elites were left. Even two-thirds of the Saint Rulers had died along with Tao Lin, who was a Saint King.

Compared to the Tao family, the losses of the Turtle clan were nothing. After all, their core power still existed.

“We judged the Turtle clan’s strength incorrectly. We never thought that they were actually so powerful. The Turtle clan will not just let this matter go like this. My Taiyi clan does not have a divine hall. Tao Zhengtian, I need to return to my clan immediately and find a way to avoid the revenge of the Turtle clan,” Tai Tongyi informed him with a heavy voice.

“I must immediately return to sort this out as well, or the Turtle clan can easily wipe out my Kai’en clan with the strength they’ve displayed,” said the ancestor of the Kai’en clan. His face was rather pale, and he felt extremely regretful over what he had taken part in. If he had known that the Turtle clan was this powerful before, he would have politely handed over the crystal mines he had taken from the Turtle clan.

“Sigh,” the ancestor of the Moxi clan exhaled as worry filled his face as well. He was constantly berating himself inside. Originally, his clan had nothing to do with the whole matter, but he was greedy for the resources the Turtle clan possessed, so he agreed to the marriage with the Tao family, causing him to join with the Tao family to handle the Turtle clan.

“It’s all because of my greed,” the ancestor sighed inside. With everything how it was now, he knew that his clan had already become tied with the Tao family. Regret was already useless.

“Everyone, we’ve become complete enemies of the Turtle clan. Fleeing is completely useless. The Turtle clan will never let us ago. Let’s fuse our clans together for now and protect ourselves with my divine hall. We can slowly develop a plan to deal with the Turtle clan later,” said Tao Zhengtian. He knew that the experts around him him represented an extremely great force. They were a great resource for dealing with the Turtle clan, so he needed to make them stay no matter what.

After considering their choices, the other Saint Kings all nodded before returning to their clans to make some preparations. Afterward, they sent the elite forces of their clans as well as their direct descendants to the Tao family. All the clansmen who had not been sent to the Tao family were dismissed, making them hide themselves in various places around the sea realm. It was no longer their problem if the people of the Turtle clan decided to hunt them down or not.

A huge, majestic divine hall stood quietly in the very center of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s territory. The divine hall was a supreme existence within the land because it was where the ruler resided.

At this moment, an illusionary, middle-aged man sat on a throne in the highest, most well-decorated room of the hall. He was an image projected by a powerful soul and not the person himself. A capable old man knelt beneath him.

“Hall master, I have returned from investigating things on the Tian Yuan Continent. That person’s name is Jian Chen, and he is extremely well-known on the Tian Yuan Continent. He is an unprecedented prodigy, having reached Saint Ruler in less than fifty years of cultivation. In the end, because of matters due to the ancient beast god, he suffered the pursuit of the emperors from the Beast God Continent, which was why he hid in the sea realm. During that time, he assisted the Dare tribe in dealing with the Menghuang tribe and happened to slay the emissary of the Serpent God Hall who was in possession of the Abyssal Crystal. He obtained the crystal from there and fled into the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. He then ended up with the ruler’s Qi of the Turtle clan for some unknown reason and becoming their ruler.”

The illusionary man on the throne frowned slightly. Although the Winged Tiger God was an ancient beast god that could possibly surpass Saint Emperor, all of it had nothing to do with the sea realm. What truly intrigued him was how Jian Chen possessed the ruler’s Qi of the Turtle clan when he was clearly a human.

The old man old man continued, “I’ve just received recent news that Jian Chen has been appearing on the Tian Yuan Continent from time to time, and his strength has increased to the level of a Saint King. However, he also appears from time to time in the sea realm and has even ventured into the dangerous divine realm. However, the barrier that guards the sea realm only allows outsiders that are below Saint King to enter. Once they reach Saint King, their entry will be denied after they leave, but this Jian Chen seems to be able to pass through it at will, as if the barrier’s restriction of strength is completely unless against him.

“I originally believed that the Jian Chen who had appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent and the ruler of the Turtle clan were two different people, but when I had analyzed when Jian Chen and the ruler of the Turtle clan appeared and disappeared, they matched up perfectly, to my surprise. Everytime Jian Chen appears on the Tian Yuan Continent, the ruler of the Turtle clan would vanish and vice versa. Even more importantly, Jian Chen’s increases in strength actually match up perfectly with the ruler of the Turtle clan. When Jian Chen seeked refuge in the sea realm, he was just a Saint Ruler, and the ruler back then was the same. Afterward, the Jian Chen from the Tian Yuan Continent reached Saint King, and the ruler of the Turtle clan mirrored the action closely. This is why I suspect the two of them to be the same person.”

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall deeply smiled and said, “Other than that, even his name and appearance is the exact same. There’s no need for any more guessing. They’re definitely the same person. If I’ve guessed correctly, the ruler’s Qi that’s appeared on Jian Chen for no reason should explain why he can freely pass through the barrier of the sea realm.”

The old man knelt on the ground courteously as he remained silent.

The hall master waved his hand, “You are dismissed, and send an emissary to the Turtle clan in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. Tell him that I have invited him to my Heaven’s Spirit Hall as a guest.”

“Yes, hall master!”

In the blink of an eye, five days had passed days had passed since the battle of the Turtle clan and the Tao family. During those five days, Jian Chen lead a group of experts from the Turtle clan to visit all the clans that had allianced themselves with the Tao family. Jian Chen ruthlessly wiped out the upper echelon, elites and direct descendants of the clans that had taken part in the attack against the Turtle clan, leaving behind a few innocent mercenaries and servants who were free to go.

Not only did the Turtle clan take back all the crystal mines they had lost several days ago, they even obtained a large number of crystal coins and valuable items from these clans. Other than the large clans that the four Saint Kings belonged to, which were cleared out, all the other clans and organizations either dispersed or were wiped out. Their names completely disappeared from the sea realm.

Even the great Moxi clan was reduced to an empty shell. All the items that could be taken away were taken away while the direct descendants and the upper echelon had completely vanished. All that was left was a few people of lower statuses.

Jian Chen knew that the Moxi clan and the three other clans had abandoned the bases that they had erected with much effort. They had all lead their experts and elites to join up with the Tao family.

Jian Chen did not really care in regard to this. He could not wipe out the Tao family right now, so it was nothing even if he let them exist for a few more days. Once he obtained the power to destroy the divine hall of the Tao family, he would completely finish resolving their enmity.

The battle between the Turtle clan and Tao family had already swept through the entire territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. All the people were shocked by the Turtle clan’s strength. At the same time, all the great clans within the territory began to deeply fear them.

On this day, Jian Chen was discussing the future developments of the clan with the elders of the Turtle clan. A guard suddenly ran in and dropped to one knee, “Ruler, the Heaven’s Spirit Hall has sent an emissary. He has said that he was sent by their hall master. The hall master wants to meet the ruler!”


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