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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1227


Chapter 1227: Chapter 1227: The Sea Goddess’ News

Chapter 1227: The Sea Goddess’ News

The azure and violet light engulfed Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness, protecting it at the same time. As soon as the terrifying coldness came in contact with the lights, it came to a halt, no longer able to advance any further.

“What coldness. Master, where have you come? Why is there such great coldness where even your chaotic neidan has been frozen?” Zi Ying’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head in shock.

Not only did Jian Chen lose control over his body, he had also lost all of his senses. The moment the sword spirits began protecting his soul, his consciousness had entered his sea of consciousness without choice.

A five-colored crystal hovered within the sea of consciousness. It was the Multicolored Stone Jian Chen had come across by accident and purchased in Walaurent City back then. During these past years, the sword spirits had been absorbing the pure energy within it, and thus, the stone was smaller than before.

An azure and violet light rotated around the stone. The two lights seemed to be connected with one another but not, at the same time. It seemed as if a certain distance was always maintained.

They were the original forms of the sword spirits, but they were deeper in color than before. Jian Chen knew that they had become much more powerful after absorbing the stone and recovering.

Although the sword spirits were recovering in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness, they clearly did not pay attention to everything, so they didn’t know that Jian Chen had come across the Ice Goddess Hall.

Jian Chen explained everything he had gone through at the Ice Goddess Hall in full detail, immediately causing the sword spirits to fall into a temporary silence. Only a while later did Zi Ying sternly say, “Qing Suo and I once felt someone secretly observing us through their presence, but we were far too weak back then so we could not find where that person was hiding. But now, it looks like that person is protector Shui. Master, this protector Shui is extremely powerful. She shouldn’t be a person of this world, and you’re completely helpless against her with your current strength. You mustn’t go out of your way to provoke her.”

“Are you saying that she’s the same as me, from another world?” Jian Chen questioned in surprise.

“Correct, that’s indeed the case. However, the only difference is that master came from the bottom while she came from the top. She’s extremely powerful, but her strength suffers the restrictions of the world, so she can’t act freely, much less break the balance here, or she’ll be punished by the world. As long as you don’t provoke her, you should be fine,” said Zi Ying.

Jian Chen’s heart sank. He had never thought that protector Shui would possess such great origins where she was an expert from a higher world. In other words, he was unable to save Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu any time soon. It would even be impossible for him to see his sister if the protector obstructed them intentionally.

Although the sword spirits had said that the protector could not act freely, it meant that she could not do things without reason. Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu’s origin energy treasures had been described by her as saint artifacts that should not have appeared in this world. This was more than enough of a reason for her to act against the three of them.

“Master, Zi Ying and I have not fully recovered yet, so we’re not protector Shui’s opponent at the moment. However, we can nullify the coldness in your body. You can break free in a while as long as you cooperate, and you must immediately leave the icy plains as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the coldness will be increased by several levels the next time protector Shui moves, and we’ll be helpless against it at that time,” Zi Ying sternly explained.

“I understand. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, let’s start,” said Jian Chen.

The two balls of light in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness began to glow brighter and brighter. They shot out from his sea of consciousness like swords while the two balls of light revolved around each other. However, they avoided contact as they shot toward Jian Chen’s dantian with lightning-like speed.

The two balls of light were like a miniature sun. All of the coldness that they came in contact with along the the way melted away.

The lights arrived at Jian Chen’s dantian and the frost around his chaotic neidan rapidly dispersed, allowing Jian Chen to regain control over his chaotic neidan.

Jian Chen immediately made his chaotic neidan to spit out strands of Chaotic Force without requiring a warning from the sword spirits. The Chaotic Force then worked with the power of the sword spirits as it swam through his body, rapidly cleansing the coldness.

A few seconds later, a great bang suddenly rang through the icy plains. Jian Chen broke free from the thin layer of frost on him, and without any hesitation, he immediately shot into the sky, flying away as a blur. He left the icy plains as quickly as he could.

“Master, we’ve used a lot of energy. We’ll have to sleep for some time. We’ll only awaken if master faces fatal danger or if heavenly resources that peak our interest appear.” Zi Ying’s voice was slightly weak, and he made no more sounds after that.

Jian Chen entered his sea of consciousness again, and indeed, he found the sword spirits to have darkened. Clearly, they had expended a lot of energy to purge the coldness.

Back at the Ice Goddess Hall, protector Shui was still standing where she had been before. She had not moved at all, so she stood there like an ice sculpture as she contemplated things.

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed through her eyes. She glanced in the direction of Jian Chen before losing interest again. Her cold eyes swept past Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu’s origin energy treasures as if she was deep in thought.

Suddenly, her cold eyes erupted with a dazzling light. Immediately, the surrounding temperature plummeted and became even colder than ancient ice caverns.

She slowly clenched her fist as destructive energy condensed around her hand. She coldly said, “I understand. I finally understand. No wonder I always felt like something was wrong with you as I surveyed you with my presence. So you had discovered me long ago, and you had purposefully acted like that to fool me. Impressive! Very impressive! What an impressive Mo Tianyun! What an impressive Winged Tiger God…” Her voice became colder and colder, chillier and chillier as her fury became fury became stronger and stronger.

She suddenly looked in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent. A huge, stone statue was reflected in her cold pupils. It was the sculpture that stood in the center of Mercenary City. The next moment, the sculpture disappeared from her eyes and was replaced by a huge divine hall that stood ninety-nine floors high. It was the supreme divine hall of the Beast God Continent, the Beast God Hall!

“Just who are you, Winged Tiger God and Mo Tianyun? To even trick this king…” Protector Shui gritted her teeth. She felt like she had been fooled by the Winged Tiger God and Mo Tianyun. This was utterly shameful to her, an embarrassment that could never be washed away.

Protector Shui suddenly swung out and three finger-like arrows of ice condensed out of nowhere. They immediately shot toward the three origin energy weapons that had been frozen, and with three crisp sounds, the Sacred Dragon’s Sword, the Scorching Godfire Hairpin, and Hei Yu’s machete were split in half, falling onto the frozen ground with a clatter.

Jian Chen found the saint artifact and returned to the Changyang clan in Lore City in a rather dispirited fashion. He locked himself in his room and did not take a single step out.

After returning from the Ice Goddess Hall, Yu Fengyan’s mood took a great turn for the better. Her face was full of life within the next few days while the worry on her face had disappeared. Her haggard face improved with each coming day.

Jian Chen remained in his room for the next few days, and no one came to disturb him. He currently sat on his bed with a dull, high class monster core in his hand as he worked hard to absorb the energy inside.

The monster core originated from within the artifact space. It had already existed for several tens of thousands of years. After being eaten away by time, it could not even be called a monster core, but something that was between a rock and a monster core. Not only had most of the energy leak away, any residue left had basically solidified, making absorption extremely difficult.

After feeling just how helpless he was when Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hong Lian, and Hei Yu had been trapped, it stimulated his desire to become powerful. He locked himself up to cultivate as soon as he had returned to the clan.

Jian Chen did not touch the monster cores in his Space Ring. They all originated from the Heaven’s Incense School. After giving Bi Lian and Xiao Bao a lot of them, he did not have much left, and even if he absorbed all of them, he would not be able to reach the fourth layer of his Chaotic Body.

He could only forcefully absorb the large pile of monster cores in the saint artifact since his cultivation method was special and he was in possession of the Chaotic Body. If it were someone else, even Saint Kings, they would not be able to absorb the energy that had almost solidified, which was why Jian Chen decided to refine these monster cores first.

He also understood that even if he refined all the monster cores in the artifact space as well as the ones in his Space Ring, it would still not be enough to elevate him to the fourth layer. However, it could strengthen his chaotic neidan at the very least.

With each layer of the Chaotic Body, the energy needed to progress to the next was at least several times more than the previous stage, even ten times more. The resources required to progress from the third layer to the fourth layer were unimaginable.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had already been in seclusion for several days. He had refined many monster cores in those days, but the effects were basically non-existent. His chaotic neidan was still the same size. It had not changed at all, Jian Chen could not even feel it grow.

“Jian Chen, the worldly ebb is about to happen. It will erupt in the next few days, so make your preparations and come to the sea realm as soon as possible.” At this moment, the sea goddess’ obscure voice rang through his head. It was extremely gentle and pleasant.

Jian Chen immediately stopped cultivating. He slowly opened his eyes. Just hard work was not enough to make his Chaotic Body reach another level. He required luck.


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