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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1217


Chapter 1217: Chapter 1217: Ancient Teleportation Formation

Chapter 1217: Ancient Teleportation Formation

Rui Jin’s Dragon’s Domain had already engulfed a radius of a thousand kilometers, but it had only been a few seconds since the divine hall of the Underworld sect had been destroyed. In such a short amount of time, even Saint Rulers could not traverse a thousand kilometers, so all the assassins were trapped in the domain as soon as it formed. No one managed to flee successfully.

Jiang Wang and the five protectors had all caught up with the Saint Rulers now and began a great fight with everything they had. All the Saint Rulers of the Underworld sect used darkness-attributed Saint Force, so they all used secret techniques to morph into dense, black mist as soon as the battle began. They engulfed a certain range, silently moving through the mist in search of an opportunity to deal a sneak attack on their enemies.

The Saint Rulers of the Underworld sect mainly used their darkness-attributed Saint Force to assassinate their targets while the Bloodsword sect used Baleful Yin Force as their trump card. All the assassination organizations used unique techniques. However, none of them used Baleful Yin Force in their fight against the Saint Rulers of the Underworld sect. Baleful Yin Force was refined through slaughter, so it was just too valuable to Saint Rulers.

Even though that was the case, the experts of the Bloodsword sect gained the upper hand since they were unaffected by the Dragon’s Domain and, hence, at a complete advantage. On the other hand, the Saint Rulers of the Underworld sect struggled to use seventy to eighty percent of their power under the restraint of the Dragon’s Domain.

Bang! Jiang Wang casually struck the head of a Saint Ruler with his hand, blowing the head up on the spot and wiping out the soul.

At the same time, a Ninth Heavenly Layer elder killed his opponent as well. A blood-red spike passed through the forehead of his enemy before emerging from the other side. It completely passed through the person’s head and dissipated his opponent’s soul before he could flee.

Jian Chen did not take part in the battle and instead stood with Nubis. He constantly looked around with sharp eyes. He planned on leaving all the Saint Rulers to Jiang Wang and the elders. He would not bother with personally dealing with those who were weaker.

“Odd, Jian Chen. Why don’t I see that dude with the arm you took?” Nubis stood beside Jian Chen with his arms crossed as he constantly looked around, searching.

Jian Chen frowned slightly. He too had been waiting for Luo Qi this entire time, but he still had not seen Luo Qi flee from the divine hall. Although the divine hall was now ruined, the power inside had yet to dissipate completely, so his presence could not enter the structure.

“Perhaps Luo Qi is still hiding within the divine hall?” Jian Chen mumbled to himself. Although all the assassins that fled from the divine hall wore the exact same thing, none of them could escape his presence. He did not find Luo Qi at all.

“I’ll enter the divine hall and have a look,” said Jian Chen before entering the ruins. Nubis followed him in as well.

The divine hall was pitch-black inside. The darkness-attributed Saint Force was extremely dense. For those who used darkness-attributed Saint Force, cultivating inside would have been extremely effective, but the structure was now destroyed, so the Saint Force was slowly dissipating. The power of the divine hall dispersed rapidly as well.

Jian Chen stood with Nubis in the dark structure. He frowned slightly because their visibility was limited to five meters due to the darkness.

“Hmph, do you think darkness-attributed Saint Force is enough to stop me, the great Nubis?” Nubis sneered. He then immediately began to shine with a dazzling, golden glow. He was like a miniature sun in the divine hall where the Saint Force dispersed as soon as it came in contact with the light. In the blink of an eye, the divine hall cleared up.

They were inside a well-adorned hall. It was empty, only possessing a few valuable decorations. Jian Chen ignored the decor and looked around. He said, “Luo Qi must be hiding in this divine hall. Let’s look around first. We can’t let him escape, or it’ll cause endless future problems. We have the three seniors seniors watching guard outside, so we don’t need to worry about Luo Qi fleeing from another exit while we’re in here.”

Jian Chen and Nubis began to look though the divine hall. There was still some residual power of the divine hall in the surrounding walls, obstructing Jian Chen’s presence. As a result, they could only search slowly.

Along the way, Jian Chen came across quite a few tunnels that had been hidden by walls as well as formations that were concealed everywhere. However, they were all smashed through by the two of them. The toughness of the divine hall and the formations inside were supported by the divine hall’s power, so as it slowly dissipated, both the walls and formations weakened greatly.

At this moment, in an extremely well-hidden room within the divine hall, a shrouded person, who was missing an arm, stood with a short old man. The old man was rather pale, but his eyes shone with vigor.

“Luo Qi, there’s already been two people who’ve entered the divine hall. It probably won’t take them long to arrive here. We need to leave as soon as possible,” the old man said softly and indifferently.

“Former sect master, we’re not going to bother with the other people of the sect?” Luo Qi asked hoarsely.

“They can destroy the Darkness divine Hall with a single strike, so they must be at the level of Saint Emperors. Against such opponents, I wouldn’t even have the power to fight back even if I was at my peak. Hmph, this Baleful Yin Force sure is powerful. I was injured by Houston’s Baleful Yin Force a thousand years ago. My soul still hasn’t recovered after a thousand years of resting,” the old man coldly stated. He was still filled with much hatred.

“All the people of the Bloodsword sect are outside right now as well as the three terrifyingly-powerful magical beasts. We’ll definitely be discovered if we go out, so how should we leave?” Luo Qi asked.

“I already understand the situation outside. An expert has already cast an absolute secret technique to engulf the surrounding radius of a thousand kilometers. We definitely can’t go outside, but we still have one thing we’ve been we’ve been holding back, or we’ll probably end up dead today,” the short old man spoke in a heavy voice. Darkness-attributed Saint Force surged from his feet into the ground. Gradually, an extremely complicated formation appeared beneath them.

“This is a Space Gate. Can we leave through a Space Gate in the divine hall? Isn’t it impossible to rip open space in the divine hall?” Luo Qi asked doubtfully.

The short old man coldly smiled with that, “This is no Space Gate, but an ancient teleportation formation. It was accidentally obtained by the sect several tens of thousand years ago, and it was cast here to prepare for the day when we suffer devastating attacks from enemies. It can allow us to avoid this disaster, and once it’s used, the formation will shatter by itself. There’s no need to worry about people following our tracks.”

Luo Qi rejoiced inside. He said, “Let me go get the Saint Tier Battle Skill first and then we can leave.”

“There’s not enough time. The two of them are already close, so we need to leave immediately. Otherwise, we won’t be able to leave if they destroy the formation,” replied the old man.

The teleportation formation was activated very quickly. With a violent rippling of space, the two of them disappeared.

Several hundred meters away, Jian Chen and Nubis continued to search, headed in the direction of the room. The divine hall’s power was much thinner than before, so Jian Chen’s presence could pass through a few obstructions with some difficulty.

When Luo Qi and the old man left through the teleportation formation, Jian Chen’s expression changed. He could suddenly feel an extremely minute rippling of space, so he quickly ran in the direction without a second thought.

Boom! Jian Chen cut down the entrance with a single stroke after arriving outside the room. The rippling of space that filled the room became even more intense now that the door was gone, but there was not a single person in it, only a destroyed formation on the ground.

Jian Chen sighed when he saw the formation, “We’ve come too late. They’ve already left. I never thought they could leave through a Space Gate in the divine hall.”

Nubis’ the divine hall.”

Nubis’ face became rather sunken. He knew exactly what it meant for a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King to flee. Their future problems would be unending once they decided to take revenge, and it would become an extremely annoying situation, let alone the fact that the person who escaped was a Saint King assassin.

“Jian Chen, what do we do?” Nubis’ complexion became rather ugly. He had already become great friends with Jian Chen since what had happened in the past, so he obviously treated Jian Chen’s business as his own.

Jian Chen furrowed his brows in thought before relaxing soon after. He greatest worry was the Changyang clan and his friends in the Flame Mercenaries, but the Changyang clan was now protected by Changyang Zu Yunxiao, who was basically on par with a Saint King at Great Perfection, so the clan were basically impregnable. He planned on asking Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu to look over the Flame Mercenaries. You Yue could help as well, so he would no longer have to worry about Bi Lian and the others’ safety once the Bright Moon divine Hall was present.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Nubis began to search the divine hall. They found a huge stone tablet lodged into a stone wall in a neighboring room. What surprised Jian Chen was that it was actually a complete Saint Tier Battle Skill.

Jian Chen began to remove the stone tablet from the wall without any hesitation. Only after a tremendous amount of effort did he finally succeed in removing the tablet. It was only five meters long, but it was exceptionally heavy, countless times heavier than metal. Even with Jian Chen’s current strength, he needed to use quite some power to lift it up.

The Saint Tier Battle Skill recorded in the stone tablet was a fist technique, which was unsuitable for Jian Chen. Jian Chen walked a different path of cultivation from the people of the Tian Yuan Continent, so he could not practice Saint Tier Battle Skills. He threw the tablet into the artifact space, planning to get the elites in there to comprehend the Saint Tier Battle Skill after they became Saint Rulers.


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