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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1212


Chapter 1212: Chapter 1212: Visiting the Bloodsword Sect

Chapter 1212: Visiting the Bloodsword Sect

Jian Chen could not help but smile. He was filled with joy inside as well. He had never thought that Nubis, who had been locked up for several years and had been devoting all his time to studying a Saint Tier Battle Skill, would finally come out at this moment and that he would have modified the Saint Tier Battle Skill into one that he could use himself. Jian Chen was happy for Nubis’ success.

The pressure that permeated the surroundings shocked him in particular. Although he had not personally experienced a strike from the modified Saint Tier Battle Skill, he could tell from the presence alone that the battle skill was not weaker than an attack from a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King.

The huge golden dragon above Nubis began to revolve quickly again. Pulses of energy rippled out as the pressure in the surroundings began to gradually increase.

Jian Chen knew that Nubis had not finished casting the skill when he felt this. Nubis was about to direct it toward the ground again. If Jian Chen was outside, he obviously would not do anything about it, but the artifact space was his territory. He did not wish for it to become a mess because of Nubis, so he hurriedly yelled, “Nubis, stop! If you want to try the Saint Tier Battle Skill, go outside. Don’t do it here!”

“Hahahaha, Jian Chen. I, the great Nubis, have finally succeeded in modifying that Saint Tier Battle Skill for the sea race into one that’s specific to me. This Saint Tier Battle Skill has been modified according to myself, so no other human or magical beast can use it other than Silver Striped Golden Snakes. Jian Chen, taste the power of the Saint Tier Battle Skill!” Nubis laughed aloud. He was extremely excited and proud. With that, the dragon above his head roared and shot toward JIan Chen like a golden streak of lightning.

Jian Chen became stern. Nubis was a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King, so Jian Chen actually felt pressured facing a battle skill from him. Not only had the golden dragon locked onto Jian Chen’s presence, preventing him from dodging, even the space around him became thick. Not only did he feel like he was standing in treacle, a heavy pressure was also pressing against him from all directions as if a huge mountain lay above him. His mobility was greatly limited.

Jian Chen’s indifferent gaze became sharp in that moment. A great battle intent began to radiate from him. Although Jian Chen did not fear Nubis’ Saint Tier Battle Skill, he was still cautious. Strands of Chaotic Force surged within him, quickly fusing into every inch of his flesh. Jian Chen used everything that his Chaotic Force could provide, forcefully pushing back the space around him by three inches.

The Emperor Armament had already appeared silently in his right hand. Violent and destructive Chaotic Force swirled around the sword. All that was left where Jian Chen had been standing was an afterimage now;he advanced instead of retreating, charging toward the golden dragon with an unstoppable force.

Bang! With a great sound, Jian Chen collided with the golden dragon. A terrifying ripple of energy erupted in the form of a golden storm into the surroundings, dying the entire place a golden, dazzling light.

The space at the center of the golden world violently trembled. It had turned into a blurry mess there. Even though the artifact space was much tougher than the outside world, it still ended up ripping open from their attacks.

The golden energy slowly receded after a long while. Jian Chen stood upright where the golden dragon was before. His clothes had become rather messy and even slightly tattered, but his complexion remained the same, just as composed as before. The soul beneath him had already disappeared, now replaced by a hundred-meter-wide ditch. He levitated in the air.

Meanwhile, Nubis’ golden dragon had vanished.

A thousand meters away in the air, Nubis blinked a few times and looked at Jian Chen in disbelief. He cried out, “How could that happen! My Saint Tier Battle Skill was already at the level of Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, and even a Saint King at that level would need to exert quite the effort to defend against it. How did break through it so easily? Jian Chen, what’s your strength right now? Have you reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer already?”

Jian Chen put the Emperor Armament away. away. He did not care about his clothes at all. He took a step and arriving by Nubis’ side instantly, He chuckled, “My strength is the same as yours, at the Third Heavenly Layer, but if I borrow the Emperor Armament and use all I have, I should be able to display strength at the peak of the Seventh Heavenly Layer.”

“I understand the Saint Tier Battle Skill I’ve modified extremely well. It needs a sliver of my essence to cast it, so its strength is incomparable to ordinary Saint Tier Battle Skills. Even if your battle prowess is at the peak of the Seventh Heavenly Layer, it’s impossible for you to block my Saint Tier Battle Skill so easily,” Nubis pursued the matter. He still refused to believe that Jian Chen’s strength was at what he had said.

Jian Chen thought about it and added, “Maybe it’s because of my Chaotic Force.”

Nubis gave a deep nod with that. He said, “The energy you use is weird. Looks like that’s really the cause.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. Let’s go out first. I just happen to have some problems I need your help with,” said Jian Chen.

Nubis’ eyes lit up with that, “I never thought that I’d have to fight right after I get out. Let’s hurry. I just happen to be in need of someone to try my Saint Tier Battle Skill on.”

Jian Chen shook his head speechlessly. Nubis sure was a battle freak to have thought that his problem was a powerful enemy. However, he did not give an explanation. He just left the artifact space with Nubis.

Nubis looked around after he got out. Other than a small island in the distance, there was just the boundless ocean.

“Jian Chen, didn’t you say you encountered some problems? Why don’t I see any enemies?” Nubis asked in confusion. He constantly looked around in search of something.

Jian Chen rolled his eyes at Nubis, “I think you’ve become confused after so many years of seclusion. My problem is something else, not a powerful enemy.”

“What’s your problem then?” Nubis asked reflexively. He then looked toward the island far away and immediately understood something, “I get it, Jian Chen. Let me guess. Does your problem have to have to do with the Heavenly Enchantress?”

Before Jian Chen could reply, Nubis continued as if that really was the case, “You don’t need to reply anymore. I already know that that’s the case. Hmph, to think that I was so afraid of that woman when I was still a Saint Ruler. That’s the greatest embarrassment in my entire life. But who made her specialize in soul attacks? And who made magical beasts have a weak soul? Too bad that my strength has skyrocketed, my soul had been refined as well when I modified the Saint Tier Battle Skill. Both my strength and the power of my soul are no longer comparable to before, so I have no need to fear even if I have to face up against the Heavenly Enchantress who’s skilled in soul attacks.”

Nubis could not help but feel bold when he reached he spoke to that point. He said, “Let’s go Jian Chen. Let’s go to Three Saint Island. Allow me, the great Nubis, to witness the soul attacks of the Heavenly Enchantress and regain the honor that I had lost back then.” Nubis was about to fly toward Three Saint Island when he said that.

Jian Chen’s heart jumped. He knew extremely well that it would be no different than seeking death if Nubis went to the island right now. He was not the Heavenly Enchantress’ opponent back then and was even less of an opponent now.

Jian Chen grabbed Nubis’ arm hurriedly and forcefully stopped him. He sternly said, “Nubis, don’t blame me for not warning you. The Heavenly Enchantress’ strength right now is incomparable to the past. I think she’s already reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint King, and her zither attacks are even more terrifying.” Jian Chen could not help but think back to when the Heavenly Enchantress had knocked out countless experts of the protector Changyang clan with a single note. He was also certain that the Heavenly Enchantress had only played the zither casually. If she had used all she had, even Saint Kings would not have been able to resist the terrifying charm hidden within the notes.

“What! She’s already reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer!?” Nubis jumped in fright. He stared at Jian Chen in disbelief.

“A Chen in disbelief.

“A few days ago, she played a note casually and it lead to the collapse of a powerful protector clan. Are you still certain you want to do that?” Jian Chen said.

Nubis could not help but retract his head in fright as he looked at the island in fear. He was no longer bold enough to proceed with what he was going to do. Magical Beasts possessed an innate advantage of a powerful body, such that their battle prowess exceeded humans at the same level. However, they were not without weaknesses either, and one of these weaknesses was the soul. As a result, Nubis was more willing to fight against powerful humans than those who could use soul attacks.

“Nubis, I may have the battle prowess of a Saint King, but my comprehension of the mysteries of the world remains at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler, so I can’t rip open a Space Gate. I want to return to the Gesun Kingdom immediately, so just make a Space Gate for me.”

Only now did Nubis understand. Jian Chen’s problem was not something he had thought of. Instead, it was the fact that he did not have the ability to construct a Space Gate to return home.

Nubis was no longer willing to stay a moment later after learning how terrifying the Heavenly Enchantress was. He immediately created a Space Gate as quickly as he could, leaving with Jian Chen.

Jian Chen and Nubis returned to the Gesun Kingdom together before summoning the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect. They directly proceeded to the Bloodsword sect under the lead of the four protectors.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian stayed in the clan. They did not go with him, but they had already left a method of communication with Jian Chen. As soon as Jian Chen encountered an opponent he could not defeat, the three of them would hurry over as soon as they could.

You Yue did not go along either. Instead, she stayed in the Bright Moon divine Hall to cultivate, working hard on increasing her own strength. She knew that she could only help Jian Chen with even more things once she was strong.

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