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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1207


Chapter 1207: Chapter 1207: Changyang Hu’s Arrival (Three)

Chapter 1207: Changyang Hu’s Arrival (Three)

“Jian Chen, my enmity with Gu Tu is personal. It has nothing to do with your Flame Mercenaries, so are you trying to interfere with our personal matters?” Feng Yixiao growled. Even though he knew that the person before him was undefeatable, he felt no fear at all.

“Your enmity with Gu Tu has nothing to do with me, but Gu Tu is still a member of my Flame Mercenaries. Am I really supposed to let people kill off members of the Flame Mercenaries as they wish? Not to mention, you killed him right in the open, right in front of countless other members of the mercenaries,” Jian Chen replied in an extremely indifferent voice.

Feng Yixiao knew that he was done for today after listening to Jian Chen’s reply. He clenched his teeth and was still rather unwilling to give in. He said, “Jian Chen, you probably had already discovered me when I had arrived with your abilities. Why do you have to deal with me right after I killed Gu Tu and not before?”

At this moment, Bi Hai and the four other Saint Rulers arrived beside Jian Chen as well. The four of them looked at Jian Chen with unhideable admiration as well as some fear.

Jian Chen looked at Feng Yixiao again. He turned around and flew back toward the city. He indifferently commanded, “Finish him off on the spot!”

“Yes, captain!” The four Saint Rulers responded at the same time. Excitement filled all their eyes. Killing a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler was extremely stimulating to them as well as a great honor.

Bi Hai looked at Feng Yixiao with some regret. He gently shook his head before turning and returning to the city as well. Bi Hai felt extremely regretful because someone who was just about to reach Saint King would die just like this. The level of a Saint King was a realm of cultivation that Bi Hai had longed for himself.

The four Saint Rulers all smiled viciously. They had been deterred by Feng Yixiao to the point where they had not dared to do anything. They only helplessly watched as their companion was killed off. They felt extremely oppressed inside, and now they could finally vent their feelings.

“Looks like today is my death day. To think that I’ve wandered for all these years killing so many people. Even experts more powerful than me would fail to take my life, but in the end, I will die in the hands of a few ants instead. What a pity, what a pity.” Feng Yixiao sighed at the sky as he was filled with regret. Although he was only struck by a single attack from Jian Chen, his wounds were extraordinarily severe. The destructive Chaotic Force rampaged within his body, and he could not suppress it at all. Every moment his wounds rapidly became worse. He had completely lost the ability to fight now.

Although he could flee in the form of a soul, Feng Yixiao did not believe he had that ability in front of Jian Chen. The outcome in the end would still be the same.

The four Saint Rulers all smiled viciously as they lifted their Saint Weapons. Killing a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler was something they felt felt they could take pride in, which was why they planned to finish off Feng Yixiao together.


At this moment, a loud shout echoed over from the distance. As it came from just too far away, it had become extremely faint when it arrived where Feng Yixiao was. However, they all heard it clearly.

Jian Chen jerked slightly and suddenly looking in the direction of the voice. On the horizon, a black speck had suddenly appeared. It was approaching the area with lightning-like speed.

Although it was very far away, Jian Chen could see the person clearly with his eyes. Immediately, his indifferent eyes began to shine brighter as he stared fixedly at the black speck. Disbelief filled his face.

The four Saint Rulers did not care who the person was. They swung their Saint Weapons at the same time, chopping at his heart, throat, head, and forehead.

Feng Yixiao could only watched helplessly as the four Saint Weapons rapidly drew near. He did not even have the power to dodge due to the injuries from the Chaotic Force.

“Stop, don’t harm senior Feng!” The person yelled again. The voice was filled with panic, but it was still not enough to stop the four Saint Rulers.

Jian Chen’s face changed slightly when he heard that. Without any hesitation, he flicked a finger and shot out four weak sword Qi toward the Saint Weapons of the Saint Rulers.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

With four crisp sounds that sounded like metal colliding, the Saint Weapons were deflected by Jian Chen’s sword Qi. They swept past Feng Yixiao, and in the end, it struck the ground and produced a great hole with a loud boom.

The four boom.

The four Saint Rulers looked at Jian Chen in surprise and were all filled with confusion.

“You are dismissed,” said Jian Chen, but he remained focused on the figure that drew closer and closer.

“Yes, captain!” The four Saint Rulers respectfully replied and obediently stepped away after putting away their Saint Weapons. Jian Chen’s orders were like the edict of a ruler. Even though they were all confused by his actions, none of them questioned him.

The figure drew closer and closer and his appearance could gradually be made out. He was a disheveled but extremely burly man in tattered clothing. His messy hair covered most of his face and the only portion that could be seen was dirty. It was covered with dirt. He seemed like a beggar.

The four Saint Rulers could not help but shift their gaze toward the disheveled man who ran over. They were extremely curious. They wondered just who this person was. They wanted to know who was enough to change the captain’s decision of killing Feng Yixiao and make him personally deflect their Saint Weapons to save him.

However, when they saw the man, gleams of light flickered through their eyes at the same time. As Saint Rulers, they could obviously tell that the man was only a Earth Saint Master, but he ran so quickly that even wind-attributed Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters were no match for him.

Even with Heaven Tier Battle Skills, it was impossible for an Earth Saint Master to run at such a speed.

The beggar-like man ran to the side of Feng Yixiao with lightning-like speed, as if he did not notice the other people standing around. He dropped around. He dropped down to lift up the heavily-injured Feng Yixiao and asked in worry, “Senior Feng, are you alright?”

Feng Yixiao obviously recognized the man that he had just separated with. A sliver of surprise flashed through his eyes as he weakly asked, “Kid, why’d you come here? And how’d you catch up?”

“Senior Feng, I felt that you were in danger when you left, so I immediately chased after you. It’s fortunate I wasn’t too late,” the disheveled man seriously replied. He was secretly relieved inside, extremely glad that he had made it in time.

“You dumb brat. How can matters that even I can’t change be changed by you? Leave here immediately, or I might end up dragging you in and causing trouble for you as well,” Feng Yixiao powerlessly explained as he coughed blood. His injuries were still worsening, and it had even become rather difficult for him to speak. He even suspected that if Jian Chen did not kill him, he would only be able to last for another quarter of an hour or so.

If he was a true Saint King, he might have been able to temporarily suppress the Chaotic Force if he used everything he had, but too bad he was not quite there yet.

Jian Chen stared blankly at the disheveled man. His eyes were wide-open with disbelief visible across his face.

“B- brother,” only a long while later did Jian Chen involuntarily mutter a word. His voice was filled with surprise. Didn’t his brother go to the Pure Heart Pavilion? Why would he have appeared here of all times, and why was he in such a horrible shape?


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