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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1203


Chapter 1203: Chapter 1203: Wolf King of Greed, Feng Yixiao

Chapter 1203: Wolf King of Greed, Feng Yixiao

“Are your feelings reliable? Are you just going to believe in your feelings like this?” Feng Yixiao weirdly looked at the disheveled man. This was the first time he had ever come across such an interesting Earth Saint Master in his long history of being alive.

However, Feng Yixiao understood that the disheveled man before him was not particularly impressive in terms of strength, but he did possess a truly unique aspect, or Feng Yixiao would not bother with a mere Earth Saint Master with his current strength and prideful personality.

The disheveled man nodded firmly. He said without any room for disagreement, “I believe in my feelings very much. Ever since I began my journey on this path, I felt that they have not been wrong. Everything that I feel will happen.”

“Oh, since your senses are so sharp, then can I ask if you will forget people you don’t want to forget?” Feng Yixiao asked in much interest as he bit into his roast chicken.

The disheveled man became very dejected and lost all appetite. He lowered his head and said with a heavy voice, “I am afraid of thinking about that, and I am also afraid of sensing the future of that. I’m afraid that some sorrowful things will happen to me.”

The disheveled man fell silent for a little longer. He seemed to understand something. He deeply sighed and said, “Severing the emotions and desires is not forcing yourself to forget but to break free from them. There should not be any pain in the entire process, only indifference. I have still yet to severe my emotions for my family, which is why I am in pain, but in the future, if I severe this unknowingly, I will never feel like this again. At that time, my family in my eyes will be nothing. I will forget everyone at that moment, including my mother.” The disheveled man’s voice was filled with deep sorrow. He knew extremely well that if he overcame this last obstacle, he probably would be able to reach an unmatched level of cultivation. His strength would drastically increase, but he would abandon all his emotions at the same time.

He did not want to do this. He would rather be an ordinary person than abandon his connection with his parents, except he had no other choice.

Right now, his fate seemed to have been predetermined. He could not stop if he wished. All he could do was proceed along the path.

Feng Yixiao threw the last chicken bone far away before downing the entire flask of liquor. Afterward, he stood up and said, “Kid, since you’re so sorrowful, let’s not talk about this. Look at you. You’re a man, yet you’re about to cry just like a girl. I just happen to have matters I need to attend to. I’ve already spent quite a lot of time with you, so I can’t waste anymore time. I gotta go immediately.”

The disheveled man calmed down very quickly. He stood up and said, “Senior, thank you for helping me in the past few days. If there is a chance, I will definitely return the favor.”

Feng Yixiao chuckled aloud. He said, “Return the favor? Hahaha, you probably won’t even remember who I am the next time we meet. Would there still be any favors to return?”

“Senior, I definitely won’t forget you,” the disheveled man replied rather awkwardly.

“Alright, alright. Enough of this. Kid, aren’t you going to the Gesun Kingdom? There’s still over a hundred thousand kilometers, so you probably have to walk for a few years with just your legs. That just happens to be in the direction I’m traveling, so I’ll just carry you with me. I can’t take you all the way to Gesun Kingdom, but at least it’ll cut down the distance you have to walk,” Feng Yixiao said in an extremely straightforward manner. For a mere Earth Saint Master to receive the help of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler would be a great honor.

However, the disheveled man behaved as usual. All he did was smile gratefully before calming down. He was not excited in any way.

Feng Yixiao had grown accustomed to his calm demeanor long ago. Without saying anything more, he grabbed the man’s shoulder and left extremely hastily.

A white-robed, middle-aged man with an extremely ordinary appearance silently appeared where they had been after Feng Yixiao had left. He looked in the direction the two of them had traveled off to in a trance and mumbled, “Changyang Hu’s at the last, crucial stage of breaking through to Worldly Transcendence. All he needs is one final step to overcome it.

“Changyang Hu has experienced a lot during his journey after he left the Pure Heart Pavilion. He has experienced tests of life and death and understood the various aspects of life, allowing him to take a solid step in Worldly Transcendence. It’s just a pity that Feng Yixiao suddenly appeared half way through. Not only did he fail to help Changyang Hu, he even ruined it all, or Changyang Hu probably would have been able to severe the last part before the journey ended. Feng Yixiao is letting Changyang Hu arrive home sooner. I wonder if it’ll affect anything.

“A Saint Ruler would actually become interested in a mere Earth Saint Master. Sigh, is this really the will of the heavens? Even the heavens have organized Changyang Hu to meet with his family in this last stage.”

Feng Yixiao hurried along using Spatial Force. He fused with the surrounding space and completely disappeared. Although he moved extremely quick, he was unaffected by the drag of air, so he moved in complete silence. The disheveled man being carried along with him could only look at the blurry landscape that shot past beneath him. When they flew over a city, he could not even see what the city looked like.

In less than half a day, Feng Yixiao traversed several tens of thousand kilometers with his strength as a Saint Ruler at the Ninth Heavenly Layer. In the end, he stopped ten kilometers away from a small town.

“Kid, I can only take you here. You need to rely on yourself for the future journey. Take these purple coins and buy some things you need when you travel.” Feng Yixiao was straightforward and extravagant, throwing his space ring to the disheveled man.

“Senior, I don’t need it…”

“Kid, there’s never been the case where I take back things I give out. Are you looking down on my giving you things?” Feng Yixiao narrowed his eyes and unhappily asked.

The disheveled man had no other choice. All he could do was accept the Space Ring obediently.

Feng Yixiao patted his shoulder, “Kid, look after yourself in the future. I hope you can still remember who I am when we meet again next time.” With that, he flew away before the disheveled man could reply.

“Senior, I will definitely still remember you when we meet next time,” the disheveled man yelled in the direction Feng Yixiao had disappeared.

The disheveled man did not leave and instead stood where he was, silently gazing in the direction had left Feng Yixiao. The two of them were strangers to one another, yet Feng Yixiao had actually helped him so much in such a selfless manner despite being a Saint Ruler. This touched him deeply.

He could clearly feel Feng Yixiao’s sincerity toward him during the days they had spent together. Feng Yixiao did not have any other intentions.

Suddenly, the disheveled man’s eyes darkened. There was no light at all in the darkness. It was like that had become a vast, infinite, and boundless space of darkness. If someone else looked him in the eyes, they would feel that their souls would be sucked in.

But the next moment, faint glimmers of light suddenly began to flicker in his dark eyes. They were like the stars of the night sky. His eyes seemed to contain some other space, some other universe.

Suddenly, the man violently jerked. He returned his senses at that moment and his eyes immediately returned to normal. He cried out, “Oh no, senior’s going to die for sure. There’s no chance of him surviving.” With that, the disheveled man began to sprint in Feng Yixiao’s direction. A mysterious force seemed to surge out of the ground with every step, pushing him forward. Although he was only an Earth Saint Master, his current speed was even greater than Heaven Saint Masters flying. Even wind-attributed Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters would not be as fast as him.

Jian Chen, You Yue, Bi Lian, Bi Hai, and the others currently sat around a table as they ate in the Flame Mercenaries den. Even Dugu Feng was present.

Although Jian Chen had basically subdued Dugu Feng as a servant back in Mercenary City, he had always treated him like a brother and never as an outsider. In reality, Dugu Feng lived up to Jian Chen’s hopes as well. He forsook his own time to cultivate and took up the position of a disciplinary elder, pouring his heart into the development of the mercenaries.

Dugu Feng had always been a quiet person, so he did not say much at all at the table. He seemed rather cold.

“Dugu Feng, it really has been busy for you during these past years. For the development of the mercenaries, you’ve even given up your own cultivation time. If you want to let go of everything you’re doing right now, you can come find Bi Lian at any time. After all, your personal cultivation is more important. Possessing great strength is far more useful than possessing great authority,” Jian Chen sincerely said. In his eyes, authority was not important at all. Even kings would need to lower themselves in front of Saint Rulers.

Even one of the eight great kingdoms like the Qinhuang Kingdom would be nothing in front of Saint Kings. A wave of the hand would be all that was needed to reduce so many years of work into nothing.

“Now that the foundation of the Flame Mercenaries is stable, I need to spend another two years consolidating it, and then I can let go of everything I’m doing. I’ll focus on cultivating after that,” Dugu Feng expressionlessly replied. His voice was rather cold.

Jian Chen laughed, “At that time, I will make you into a Saint Ruler as soon as possible and give you the chance to become a Saint King.”

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