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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1198


Chapter 1198: Chapter 1198: The Heaven’s Incense School (Two)

Chapter 1198: The Heaven’s Incense School (Two)

Jian Chen could not help but feel surprised inside with what Rui Jin had said. He knew that the Heavenly Enchantress’ strength had skyrocketed at an unbelievable rate in recent years and that she was already extremely powerful, so powerful, in fact, that her strength was unfathomable. However, never did he think that the Heavenly Enchantress would still be able to move about elusively right before a king of the Dragon clan that was at Great Perfection of Saint King. This greatly exceeded anything Jian Chen had expected.

“Has the Heavenly Enchantress’ strength rapidly increased lately because she gave birth to a child with the Innate Chaotic Body?” Jian Chen thought inside as the words of the sword spirits rang through his head again. The mother of a child in possession of the Innate Chaotic Body would be blessed by the heavens and possess infinite potential.

A strange light flickered through You Yue’s eyes. She did not hear the music before since she was in the Bright Moon divine Hall, but she had already guessed what had happened from Rui Jin and Jian Chen’s conversation. She arrived beside Jian Chen and gently hugged his arm. She did not show any displeasure at all. She was just very curious. She softly asked, “Jian Chen, who was the person who secretly assisted us? How is she so powerful that even senior Rui Jin could not sense her whereabouts?”

Jian Chen slightly hesitated. He turned to You Yue and said, “Yue’er, she calls herself the Heavenly Enchantress while others call her the Saintess of the Zither. If she did not help out earlier and prevent the Changyang clan from completing the Origin Formation, we probably would have been in quite some trouble.”

Jian Chen paused. However, before You Yue could follow up with another question, he continued, “Now that the problem with the Changyang clan has been dealt with, let’s immediately go to the Heaven’s Incense School. Senior Hei Yu is heavily poisoned and his life is in danger at all times. We need to obtain the antidote as soon as possible.”

Rui Jin and Hong Lian became stern as soon as Jian Chen mentioned the problem regarding Hei Yu. They knew very well just how powerful the poison in Hei Yu was, especially since it could not be purged even with the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force. If they could not obtain the antidote, Hei Yu would probably end up in the afterlife even as a Saint King at Great Perfection.

They had learned the location of the Heaven’s Incense School long ago from Changyang Zu Yunxiao, so Rui Jin created a Space Gate and delivered everyone to an area several million kilometers away.

The Heaven’s Incense School was a rather different existence compared to the other protector clans. They were known for their poisons. Within the clan, the most common and most powerful methods of attack were not devastating Saint Tier Battle Skills but unparalleled poisons. At the same time, the cultivation method they used was special as well. Their vast Saint Force would be choke-full of extremely potent poisons, and their abilities to utilize poison had reached a high level of mastery long ago. No one could match up against them in terms of the usage of poison even with the entire continent in perspective.

There were all kinds of strange methods in regard to poisoning in the Heaven’s Incense School. They possessed almost all the methods possible, and most of the time, it would be impossible to sense their methods, able to poison the target soundlessly. Some of their potent poisons could even threaten Saint Kings.

Before them were boundless plains of grass. Various weeds grew three to four meters long. Their branches were supple and were teeming with life force. The misty layer of clouds had descended to an altitude of a hundred meters above the plains. No matter how hard the wind blew, the clouds never dispersed or even moved.

With his arm around You Yue’s waist, Jian Chen stood with Rui Jin and Hong Lian three meters in the air. The tip of their feet rested on the blades of grass, so they seemed as light as a feather where even the fragile tips could withstand their body weight.

“Right ahead is the entrance to the miniature world of the Heaven’s Incense School. I can already vaguely sense the special spatial ripples of the World Gate,” Rui Jin calmly revealed as he looked ahead.

All of them looked at the empty space up ahead. Other than a hazy swathe of green, they could not see anything else.

At this moment, there was a faint green flash. The tip of the unknown plant beneath Jian Chen’s feet suddenly split open and turned into a head-sized mouth. This mouth was filled with sharp spikes as a sticky fluid slowly revolved in it. This mouth bit toward Jian Chen’s leg at an unbelievable speed.

With a cracking sound similar to the destruction of a weapon, not only did the mouth fail to break through Jian Chen’s skin, but its teeth were also crushed. The green liquid hit Jian Chen’s leg and ate away his pants instantly.

The sticky fluid was extremely poisonous and corrosive.

Jian Chen seemed like he had yet to discover the abnormality. His eyes remained facing forward, but his leg that had been bitten gently shook, directly shredding the plant into pieces.

Rui Jin and Hong Lian did not look at what had happened to Jian Chen either. Rui Jin mumbled, “These plains have been modified. They can stop a lot of people. It’s probably because of the Heaven’s Incense School.”

A sliver of fury flashed through Hong Lian’s eyes. She said, “I can burn this entire place down to the ground with just a ball of fire.” Hong Lian did not have a good opinion of the Heaven’s Incense School because of what Hei Yu was going through.

“I think I know this place. It’s called the Oasis of Death. There aren’t any magical beasts in it, only various weird plants, but virtually every single plant is fatal to people. Earth Saint Masters are unlikely to make it out alive if they enter, and even Heaven Saint Masters aren’t able to fly past it. Heaven Saint Masters can only fly beneath the cloud layer, and since the clouds in the sky are so low, they can’t surpass a height of a hundred meters. Meanwhile, there are many plants in the Oasis of Death that can extend their tough tendrils to that altitude and trap the Heavenly Saint Masters before sucking them dry,” Jian Chen explained with a heavy tone.

“Looks like this Oasis of Death has claimed quite a few lives. Hmph, if this was all natural, then so be it, but the Heaven’s Incense School needed to make it. They’re a great protector clan, yet they’ve made such a vicious zone of danger to harm people. The Heaven’s Incense School doesn’t seem to be anything good to me. Let me do a good deed,” Hong Lian coldly replied. A scarlet flame surged from her body before expanding out in the form of a flame wheel with her at the center.

This was no ordinary fire. Although it was only a casual action from Hong Lian, its power could not be underestimated. Wherever the fire passed, all the green vegetation would be reduced to ash, and even the spongy soil was turned into tough rock. All the roots beneath the ground shriveled from death.

The fire expanded to five kilometers before slowly dispersing. At that moment, the surroundings had opened up around them. The ground was charred black and a burnt smell lingered in the air.

Five kilometers away, flames and smoke surged into the air. The terrifyingly-hot wheel of flames had already disappeared, but it had set the vegetation in the distance alight. The fire was slowly spreading through the entire area in an unstoppable fashion, and wherever it passed, it would burn the ground to a crisp and fill the air with smoke.

Suddenly, the space in front of them began to pulse. A two-meter-wide Space Gate suddenly appeared and a small, black-robed, bald, old man emerged. He was furious.

“How dare you! Who was it who set this place on fire!? What! This is outrageous! The oasis that we nurtured after so much effort has actually been burned to a crisp. Who did it!? Stand forward for me! Even if I take your head, it won’t be enough to make up for the mistake you just committed!” The old man immediately swore furiously when he saw just how much of the place had been burned down. He placed all his attention on the burning landscape and had not discovered Jian Chen’s group.

“The fire’s obviously from us. Your Heaven’s Incense School may be a protector clan, but you’re probably still not enough to take our heads,” mocked Jian Chen.

“Who’s so reckless to challenge the dignity of the Heaven’s Incense School!? Don’t you know that the Heaven’s Incense school i- i- is…” The old man became even more enraged, but he bit his tongue just as he got through half of what he was saying. As if a bucket of cold water had been poured on him, all his anger vanished instantaneously. He stared at Jian Chen, Rui Jin, and Hong Lian with a pale face. At that moment, he finally recognized just who they were.

The old man reacted fast, vanishing with a swish. The World Gate also closed up as quickly as possible.

The old man seemed to have lost all his power back inside the miniature world. He lay powerlessly on the ground as beads of sweat covered his forehead. He breathed heavily as deep dread lingered in his eyes even though he was a Saint Ruler.

“Why would it be them? And they’ve burned down our oasis as soon as they’ve come, so they haven’t come with good intentions. We’re done, we’re done for. It’ll be troublesome now,” the old man said with a trembling voice. He was filled with fear. He was fortunate enough to witness Rui Jin and Hong Lian battle against Saint Emperors in the past, and it had become an unerasable imprint in his life. As a result, he was extremely terrified of Rui Jin and Hong Lian.

“I better report this to the school master as soon as possible.” Suppressing his fear, the bald old man quickly flew toward the depths of the miniature world.

The World Gate opened once again very soon, but this time, it was not two meters across but a hundred meters across. The World Gate was now fully open.

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