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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1197


Chapter 1197: Chapter 1197: The Heaven’s Incense School (One)

Chapter 1197: The Heaven’s Incense School (One)

“Sh*t, this is an attack of the soul. Everyone gather your focus and avoid listening to it!” Changyang Qing Yun understood what was happening very quickly. He immediately roared in a deafening fashion in attempt to use his voice to suppress the music and awaken the clansmen that were affected. However, his roar did not influence them at all. Only a few stronger Saint Rulers resisted with all they had while the weaker Saint Rulers, Heaven Saint Masters, and weaker clansmen were all affected. Their eyes blurred as they became drowsy. A large portion of them had already collapsed on the ground already.

“The Heavenly Enchantress!” Jian Chen turned his head in delight. Although he could not see her, he had already guessed who was creating the unique music.

The wondrous effects of the music became more and more evident. Gradually, a few Heaven Saint Masters gave in and collapsed on the floor, followed by a few Saint Rulers. They all fell asleep.

In the blink of an eye, all the people at the three hundred and sixty crucial points had fallen asleep. Even the great power of the Origin Formation could no longer be upheld without the support of three hundred and sixty people.

Changyang Qing Yun and the others became pale-white. They all clenched their teeth and trembled all over. Their hatred for the Heavenly Enchantress had already reached an irreversible point. They were just about to successfully activate the Origin Formation and kill off all the intruders, which would not only allow them to remove Jian Chen as a future problem, but also allow them to obtain the Saints’ Fruit, yet someone just had to ruin everything at that moment. They were so furious that they wanted to spit blood.

The music did not stop. Instead, the charm hidden within rapidly strengthened where even the most powerful Saint Rulers could not resist it in the end. They all fell with a plop.

There was no longer anyone standing on the floating piece of land. Only the Saint Kings were able to resist in the huge clan as well as You Yue who hid in the Bright Moon divine Hall. The zither music could not penetrate the thin light screen at the main entrance.

At this moment, the Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls collapsed. All eighteen Saint Rulers hidden inside rolled out and fell to the floor like rocks. Their eyes were closed, and they were asleep as well.

Changyang Yuan Zhenghua, who stood on the top divine hall, became stunned by this as disbelief filled his face. Meanwhile, the eighteen stone tablets continued to circle around him. He could control the divine halls through the stone tablets, but he could not activate the encirclement since it needed a Saint Ruler in each divine hall.

“How did it end up like this!?” Changyang Yuan Zhenghua blankly asked. Just a single tune had reduced such a great protector clan to this miserable state. This was something he could not accept.

The Changyang clan was a great protector clan, one of ten most powerful clans on the Tian Yuan Continent. They possessed several Saint Kings, several dozen Saint Rulers, and countless Heaven Saint Masters, yet such a powerful lineup had actually collapsed before a tune.

No matter how deep their clan’s heritage was, no matter how many powerful trump cards they possessed, it would all be useless before this tune. This was because they had nothing to fend off attacks directed at the soul, and the music could pierce through all obstructions and even penetrate into the center of mountains. It would not be enough even if they covered their ears.

In the blink of an eye, the situation had been reversed by zither music that appeared out of nowhere. The Changyang clan that possessed the advantage and was about to be victorious was directed toward a path of defeat.

The huge Origin Formation hovering in the sky also vanished. Without the support of three hundred and sixty people, it was unable to display its great might. If it continued to be active, it would only drain the energy of the miniature world.

“What’s happened outside?” You Yue stared blankly from the Bright Moon divine Hall as confusion filled her inside. The light screen of Moonlight Force had blocked all of the music, so she did not hear it. Thus, she naturally had no idea just what had happened outside. All she saw was large swathes of people collapsing.

Hong Lian recovered her freedom. Flames immediately began to roar around her as a large ball of flames enveloped her. Her figure was obscured by the fire. She seemed like a goddess of fire. Her wounds also rapidly healed.

Hong Lian arrived in front of Changyang Qing Yun and the three other Saint Kings as flames scorched around her. She glared icily at them and coldly taunted, “I’d like to see just what methods you have left to match up against me.”

The four great elders had already become deep red. As great elders of a lofty protector clan, they had actually been embarrassed by their enemies in such a fashion in their own territory. This was a vicious slap to their faces, but they could not find anything to say.

Now, the only thing they could do that could pose some threat to Hong Lian was use the Emperor Armament. However, with just the four of them, they would not be able to emerge victorious in a short amount of time even if they controlled the Emperor Armament. Once too much time passed, they would not be able to endure the backlash. They might even end up dying from it.

“If we could use all the power of the Emperor Armament, there would be only death for you even with the protection of your origin energy armor,” Changyang Yuan Zhenghua finally managed to squeeze some words out after holding them in for a very long time. The protector clans were proud. Their dignity could not be degraded. Changyang Yuan Zhenghua did not want to accept the fact that his own clan had suffered a defeat to a Saint King.

With a cold glare, Changyang Qing Yun stared at Hong Lian who bathed in the scorching flames. He sneered, “I really do wonder what overwhelming benefits Jian Chen has provided you two with for a prideful member of the divine Phoenix clan and a king of the Dragon clan to forsake their dignity and serve him time after time, being reduced to that fledgling brat’s servant.” Changyang Qing Yun’s tone possessed naked provocation.

Hong Lian eyes grew cold, but at that moment, both her and Jian Chen’s expression changed at the same time. They had received a message from Rui Jin. His secret technique was about to be completed, and they needed to retreat immediately, or they would be sealed in the miniature world as well.

Without any hesitation, Hong Lian and Jian Chen returned to the Bright Moon divine Hall as quickly as possible. The divine hall immediately left the miniature world, and without the structure’s obstruction, the World Gate quickly closed up. Just when it was about to close up completely, Changyang Qing Yun hurriedly charged over. He knew that Rui Jin and the others wanted to seal the Changyang clan.

Another red feather crafted from special materials appeared in Hong Lian’s hand. The energy of flames surged within.

Swish! The feather shot through the World Gate that was only two meters wide now as a red streak of light before loudly exploding. It blocked Changyang Qing Yun. Just as its sparks were about to spray into the outside world, the World Gate closed completely.

“Siege of the Nine Dragons, seal!”

At the same time, Rui Jin explosively yelled out. Nine huge dragons charged out of the nine stalks of Dragon’s Saliva. They were all a hundred meters long and ethereal in form. They were condensed from the vast amount of vitality within the grasses.

The nine illusionary dragons produced a soundless roar at the sky. They swam through the air before colliding in the end. Their nine huge bodies actually condensed into a head-sized dragon orb in the end. This orb glowed with resplendent light before slowly disappearing, sealing up this region of space.

Rui Jin deeply exhaled as a slight bit of exhaustion appeared on his face. Clearly, casting the seal on the Changyang clan took quite the effort.

“It’s finally complete. As long as the dragon orb’s power does not dissipate, no one can exit the miniature world of the Changyang clan,” Rui Jin said with a sense of relief.

Jian Chen and Hong Lian arrived in front of him. Jian Chen said, “Senior Rui Jin, around how long can this seal be maintained?”

Rui Jin pondered silently and answered, “The energy of the orb is limited and cannot be replenished. Under ordinary circumstances, it can last for a hundred years, but there’ll definitely be people in there striking it with all they have to break through. That’ll increase the consumption rate, so I am unsure how long the seal can last. However, it can last a few years at the very least, possibly even longer.”

“Senior Rui Jin, can you keep them trapped if you cast the same seal after this seal has been broken through,” You Yue asked as she put the Bright Moon divine Hall away and stood beside Jian Chen.

Rui Jin shook his head, “You don’t know this, but the nine stalks of Dragon’s Saliva I have brought to seal up the Changyang clan were all left behind by my seniors who had reached Saint Emperor. Only a single stalk will be left behind with the death of each dragon. My clan vanished far too long, so there were only around a dozen left in the necropolis. I’ve used nine this time, so there’s not enough for the same secret technique now.”

Jian Chen and You Yue both became disappointed. They understood that once the dragon orb’s power ran out, it would be the day when Tie Ta’s identity would be broadcast across the Tian Yuan Continent and the beast God Continent. It would also be when they would face the speedy revenge of the Changyang clan.

Although they only needed to kill all the people in the Changyang clan to keep Tie Ta’s identity a permanent secret, this was clearly not feasible.

Jian Chen looked around and expanded his presence at the same time in attempt to find signs of the Heavenly Enchantress. However, the results were disappointing. He did not discover the Heavenly Enchantress after extending his presence to the limit.

Rui Jin could tell that Jian Chen was looking for something with a single glance. He chuckled, “You can stop looking. That girl’s already left, but she’s becoming more and more skillful. Even I had no idea she had come, and I could not find signs of her when she played the zither either. Only when she left did I find where she was hiding.”

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