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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1185


Chapter 1185: Chapter 1185: Poison of Heaven’s End

Chapter 1185: Poison of Heaven’s End

“What? Even the artifact spirit isn’t enough to purge it? How can there be such an unbelievably powerful poison on the continent?” Jian Chen was shocked by what Hei Yu had said. Disbelief flooded his face.

“We’ve looked through all our inherited memories, and we have no records regarding Hei Yu’s poison, which is why we’re helpless against the poison as well,” growled Rui Jin. He was extremely good friends with Hei Yu, so he felt rather horrible with Hei Yu in so much danger.

The room fell silent for a while. None of them said anything as they all felt very heavy inside. The poison’s potency had far exceeded everyone’s imagination since Rui Jin and Hong Lian had no idea what it was, and even the Radiant Saint Force origin energy of the artifact spirit was not enough to nullify it.

Hong Lian silently pondered and said, “I can vaguely remember that it was a few Saint Kings who poisoned Hei Yu. They were likely members of a protector clan.

“A protector clan,” Jian Chen softly mumbled. A gleam of light flashed through his eyes and he said, “I’ll go invite great-grandfather Changyang Zu Xiao. He’s also a member of a protector clan, and he’s knowledgeable. He may be able to help out.”

Jian Chen immediately went to invite Changyang Zu Xiao. Without much longer, Jian Chen returned to where the three of them rested with a haggard Changyang Zu Xiao.

Changyang Zu Xiao stared at Hei Yu for a while before he gradually frowned. He heavily said, “I know this poison. It’s the special technique of the Heaven’s Incense School, the Poison of Heaven’s End!”

“The Poison of Heaven’s End? How do we get rid of it?” Rui Jin paced over to Changyang Zu Xiao’s side and nervously asked. He was extremely worried.

“It’s rumored that the poison can even claim the lives of Saint Emperors. Other than finding the antidote, there is no other way to purge it,” replied Changyang Zu Xiao.

“If that’s the case, let’s kill our way into the Heaven’s Incense School right now.” Powerful battle intent radiated from Rui Jin. He was willing to venture into the most dangerous place in order to save Hei Yu.

“No, you can’t act recklessly with this. I admire your strength very much and outside the independent realm the protector clans are not your opponent unless they use their Emperor Armaments. However, that’s not outside, but the lair of a protector clan. You definitely won’t be able to get anything from attack them like that because even a Saint Emperor can’t penetrate through the defenses. If it weren’t for the fact that something so big happened between us in the Changyang clan, the Bright Moon divine Hall would not have been able to get in so easily and then leave without any difficulty,” explained Changyang Zu Xiao.

“Senior Rui Jin, we have to go to the Heaven’s Incense School, but we need to make all preparations beforehand. After all, it’s different from fighting against the people of the protector clans outside. It’s their territory. They have the advantage,” said Jian Chen.

Although Rui Jin had gotten carried away, he was not a reckless person. He found it rather reasonable after listening to what Jian Chen and Changyang Zu Xiao had said, so he responded, “Alright, let’s make the preparations as quickly as possible in the next few days. We need to set off as soon as possible. Hei Yu can’t last much longer.”

Changyang Zu Xiao nodded, “Only you can go deal with this matter now. Although Yunxiao and I have broken away from the Changyang clan, we still can’t assist you openly.” Changyang Zu Xiao paused there. He stared at Jian Chen weirdly before continuing, “And you better quickly find a way to deal with your friend’s problem. Once the news of the war god makes it out onto the continent, they will never let him go. At that time, it won’t just be the Tian Yuan Continent. Probably even the experts of the Beast God Continent will come to hunt him down. After all, both the Tian Yuan Continent and Beast God Continent have a very deep enmity toward the war god from the ancient times.”

“Changyang Qing Yun has already sent a message to me. He wants me to use the Saints’ Fruit to exchange for keeping Tie Ta’s identity a secret,” said Jian Chen.

Changyang Zu Xiao silently pondered that, and only after pondering did he speak, “Looks like Changyang Qing Yun won’t be leaking the identity of the war god soon. We need to stop him in the meantime. I’ll immediately send someone over to tell him that if he wants the Saints’ Fruit, he better keep it a secret for the time being.”

“That’s enough to stop him temporarily, but it’s not a long-term plan. Actually, I’ve already got a plan to keep Tie Ta safe. All he needs to do is hide in the Bright Moon divine Hall when the time comes and he’ll be completely fine. Even if Saint Emperors come personally, they won’t be able to threaten him,” replied Jian Chen. Now, there were only two places that were extremely safe for Tie Ta. One was Mercenary City while the other was the Bright Moon divine Hall.

However, Jian Chen knew even better that Tie Ta could only hide in Mercenary City before his identity had been leaked. Mercenary City would be a forbidden land once it was leaked. Even if the authoritative elders of the city agreed to shelter him, they would be looked down upon by the entire continent and lose their superior status.

Jian Chen had never considered sending Tie Ta back to the Hundred Races since it would be like sending Tie Ta to his death in his eyes. He had never been to the Wasteland Continent and had no idea about the exact strength of the Hundred Races, but he knew they were not as powerful at the Tian Yuan Continent. They would not even be able to fend off the Tian Yuan Continent, let alone when the Tian Yuan Continent worked together with the Beast God Continent to attack them.

All in all, the people of the two continents would never allow Tie Ta to successfully mature. Once Tie Ta’s strength surpassed Saint Emperor, no one would be able to contend against him other than the young Winged Tiger God.

“Fairy Hao Yue, who created the Bright Moon divine Hall, was the strongest Saint Emperor in her age. The records say that she had already arrived at the border of surpassing Saint Emperor, except she still failed in the end. On the other hand, her divine hall created from the special materials of the moon is very extraordinary where even Saint Emperors cannot destroy it, so sheltering him in the divine hall is indeed a good idea. However, when the time comes, you need to shelter the entire clan in it as well along with all the people you care about. Otherwise, I worry that they’ll use these people to come threaten you,” Changyang Zu Xiao said rather sternly.

Jian Chen’s expression changed slightly. He heavily replied, “The Flame Mercenaries will become rather troublesome. With their current scale, they’ve probably exceeded a million people in size, and there are many of them dispersed everywhere. Sheltering so many people in the divine hall will be very difficul. At the same time, fairy Hao Yue is still alive. Her soul remains, and she possesses full control over the divine hall. Just in case she doesn’t agree, it’ll be…”

“You might as well just let me seal up the protector clan,” Rui Jin suddenly piped up.

“What!? You can seal up the protector clan?” Changyang Zu Xiao was astounded. He stared at Rui Jin in disbelief.

Rui Jin nodded, “My Dragon clan has many paramount legacy secret techniques. There’s one that can seal up a region of space. The protector clan may inhabit an independent space, but its connection to the outside world cannot change. I can use the secret technique to seal up the entrance, and they can’t leave like that, nor can they leak any information.”

“Fantastic. That way, we don’t have to worry about Tie Ta’s identity being leaked. Senior Rui Jin, when will we seal up the entrance of the Changyang clan?” Jian Chen said rather impatiently.

“I’ll need to visit Dragon’s Island and retrieve some million-year Dragon’s Saliva from the necropolis. I’ll use the essence of the herbs to complete the seal, but the seal can’t last for too long. It might be a century, it might be a few decades, or it might even be just a few years before it’s broken through by them,” said Rui Jin.

“We’ll drag it out if we can drag it out. Even if it’s just a few years, it’ll be enough.” Jian Chen immediately became confident. He thought about uncle Xiu who had entered seclusion with the Empyrean Demon Orb and the grand elder of Mercenary City, Tian Jian, again.

Now that uncle Xiu had the Empyrean Demon Orb, reaching Saint Emperor was no problem. If Tian Jian consumed the Saints’ Fruit, reaching Saint Emperor would just be a matter of a few years.

At this moment, an extremely pleasant melody rang out. It was very gentle and seemed to originate from everywhere. It made it impossible to find its origins.

The moment the melody appeared, the people in the room all stopped talking. Other than Jian Chen, the four of their souls started to shake. Their souls were actually affected by the melody.

“An attack of the soul. What a great method of attack, to fuse such a powerful attack into the melody,” Changyang Zu Xiao heavily commented. Attacks of the soul were the hardest to guard against. The only method would be to forcefully resist it, which was why these attacks were the most terrifying.

“It’s that girl. Why do I feel like her strength has increased a lot since we last met her in the City of God?” Hei Yu asked on the bed. His voice was filled with evident surprise.

“Her attacks of the soul are becoming more and more powerful,” Rui Jin sternly added. At the same time, he was completely confused after much thought as well. He had no idea how her strength could undergo such great changes.

“Why has she come?” Jian Chen gently murmured before bidding farewell to them. He left the room by himself.


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