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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1161


Chapter 1161: Chapter 1161: An Existence Beyond Saint Emperor

Chapter 1161: An Existence Beyond Saint Emperor

The clouds of Baleful Yin Force quickly rolled toward everyone. They reached where they were standing very soon.

Rui Jin had just broken free, so he had not started to run. The Baleful Yin Force was extremely close to him already, less than a hundred meters away and the distance was rapidly decreasing.

Rui Jin’s face abruptly changed. The Baleful Yin Force had yet to enter his soul, but his soul was already feeling a violent, stabbing pain. He also felt extremely dizzy. The Baleful Yin Force was so powerful that even Rui Jin struggled to endure it.

Rui Jin became extremely stern. He was filled with shock. As a Golden divine Dragon, he was the king of dragons. He possessed a natural advantage of an extremely powerful body and soul. The Baleful Yin Force had not even reached him, yet it was already affecting his soul this much. He found this difficult to accept.

The origin energy bead appeared above his head and shined with a hazy light, coating his body. It protected his soul, and with its assistance, the discomfort of his soul was immediately purged.

The bead was a treasure that could block all attacks targeting the soul. The Baleful Yin Force, was powerful but clearly it was not enough to break through the treasure’s defenses.

Rui Jin’s eyes flickered with a golden light. He stared at the huge skeleton hidden within the Baleful Yin Force before quickly arriving in front of Jian Chen. He stood with Hong Lian and Hei Yu.

“What’s up with this skeleton?” Rui Jin gruffly asked. He had been trapped in Mo Tianyun’s hand earlier, isolating him from the outside world. As a result, he had no idea what had just happened.

“It appeared suddenly. No one knows why, but it’s an enemy,” Hong Lian explained in a heavy voice.

“The Baleful Yin Force is very terrifying. No one among the humans can withstand it. If they get caught in it, they’ll die for sure. We better leave here quickly before anyone notices. I suddenly feel like the Death Nest is much more complicated than it seems,” Hei Yu said with a frown. He was stern.

All the human Saint Kings were rapidly retreating. They avoided the Baleful Yin Force. The horror of the Baleful Yin Force had scared many people witless, and only a few of them were still thinking about the Saints’ Fruit.

“Xiang’er, we can’t stay here. Let’s leave quickly.” Changyang Qing Yun suddenly appeared by Jian Chen’s side and warmly spoke in concern.

Jian Chen frowned slightly as a sliver of undetectable coldness flashed through his eyes. He did not pay any attention to Changyang Qing Yun, directly ignoring him.

Changyang Qing Yun had used the time when he was removing Huang Luan’s ancient secret technique to plant another one of his own. His actions made Jian Chen extremely furious inside, and he had already begun to treat Changyang Qing Yun as an enemy.

“Let’s go!” Rui Jin growled before grabbing Jian Chen’s arm and retreating to the outskirts.

The Baleful Yin Force spread very quickly, but it was still slower than the speed at which the Saint Kings could fly. With their retreat, they immediately pulled far away from the Baleful Yin Force. They were just about to leave the third zone of the Death Nest.

At this moment, the blood-red skeleton roared at the sky. There was no sound, but a visible ripple expanded into the surroundings. Every single bone on its body churned with endless amounts of Baleful Yin Force, actually causing the mist to clump together. It seemed to have become a sea of blood.

Copious amounts of Baleful Yin Force surged into the ground, causing the blood-red soil to become even brighter. At the same time, the ground began to shine with a faint, red glow.

The third layer of formations in the Death Nest was originally only used to separate the vile energies between the two zones. It could not obstruct the entry and exit of people, but it was suddenly activated at that moment. It formed a layer of red mist that surrounded the third zone, preventing any human experts from leaving.

“How is this possible? The skeleton can actually control the formations here. Weren’t they cast down by Mo Tianyun all those years ago? How can it control them at will?”

“Looks like this skeleton has already developed a basic form of intelligence. It is much more complex than it seems. It’s using Baleful Yun Force to activate these formations, or maybe using the formations to allow the Baleful Yin Force to gain another wondrous effect.”

“We can’t leave. Everyone work together to smash the formation together.”

Many Saint Kings immediately launched powerful attacks at the formation. However, it had been cast down by Mo Tianyun all those years ago. Even after countless years, it remained as powerful as before. It was not something a group of Saint Kings could smash through, so the formation did not even budge no matter how hard they struck it.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu struck out as well. They used their origin energy treasures to attack the formation in unison, but their attacks only made it shake. It was not enough to break through.

The ground shook constantly as the skeleton approached them all, step by step. Its feet were like mountains, and every time a foot fell, the ground would violently shake. The dense Baleful Yin Force would roll over from in front, getting nearer and nearer to all of them.

All the humans fell into a panic. The Baleful Yin Force was basically the grim reaper’s scythe to them. It could ignore any Saint Force defenses and injure the souls of people. Even though many of them knew ancient secret techniques, they possessed no methods of dealing with the Baleful Yin Force.

“Are we all really going to die today?” Someone wailed. He could already taste regret.

“God dammit, how did this skeleton appear here? Why has it never appeared in countless years, and why does it have to suddenly appear in this age when there is a lack of Saint Emperors?” Some experts of the protector clans were confused and filled with questions. The appearance of the skeleton had become a mystery to all of them.

Jian Chen also became unprecedentedly grim. He stared at the blood-red mist up ahead and said, “These people can’t all die here. The Tian Yuan Continent cannot sustain a loss like this. Seniors, are you able to destroy this skeleton?”

“The Baleful Yin Force does not affect us, so we can try,” said Rui Jin. Afterward, he went up with Hong Lian and Hei Yu to fight the skeleton together.

But the power of the skeleton was far beyond anyone’s expectations. The three of them attacked the skeleton using their origin energy weapons, but all that was left behind was a shallow mark. The attacks that were powerful enough to harm Saint Emperors could not even break one of the skeleton’s bones.

At this moment, a red light flashed by. A huge, bone club had appeared in the skeleton’s hands at some point, sweeping toward Rui Jin and the others.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With three muffled sounds, the three of them were blown away by the skeleton’s swing. Their origin energy armor had dulled as well.

All the experts present became utterly stunned by what had just happened. All of their mouths hung agape as disbelief flooded their faces.

They understood the three magical beasts’ strength extremely well. They possessed the power to rival Saint Emperors, yet they could not even withstand a single blow from the skeleton.

“It’s beyond a Saint Emperor. The skeleton already possesses strength at the level of the four champions from ancient times,” a great elder of a protector clan cried out. His voice trembled as horror filled him.

With that, everyone paled. Despair filled all of their eyes.


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