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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 116


Chapter 116: Magical Horned Boar

The morning came as the sky grew brighter. Jian Chen who was cultivating the World Essence finally opened his eyes. Feeling his internal Saint Force stay the same size instead of growing, Jian Chen could only sigh. Although his current cultivation rate for the World Essence was far faster than before, whenever he cultivated, the World Essence had practically been devoured by the two glows in his dantian. So his true cultivation rate could practically be ignored.

Walking out of his tent, Jian Chen stood in the fresh morning atmosphere with his head raised up high to look at the tree branches overhead. In this morning hour, the air was filled with mist and it was quite dim out as the sun was still rising from the east.

Hearing the faint snoring sounds coming from the other tents, Jian Chen shook his head in disappointment. With his strong sense of hearing, Jian Chen could detect that every single mercenary was fast asleep, and not a single one of them were cultivating.

“Ai, how lazy. How do they think they could increase their strength? On the road of cultivation, while talent is very important, hard work is just as important as talent. Even if a man has the talent, if he does not work hard to cultivate, then his achievements will be no better than a man with no talent but is hardworking.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

After walking into the forest to get a tree branch, Jian Chen restarted the fire and fashioned out a simple grill to cook a few pieces of magical beast meat.

Perhaps it was the outside movement that had awoken Kendall but his head popped out from his tent to stare at Jian Chen who was roasting meat, “Jian Chen, why is it you’re up so early?”He laughed.

Without even turning around in response, Jian Chen said, “The sky is getting bright, so its no longer that early.”

Captain Kendall looked up at the brightening sky and laughed. Without saying anything, he walked out from his tent and sat down next to Jian Chen by the fire.

Just as Captain Kendall walked out of his tent, the other members of the group were awakened by the noise as well. Walking out of their tents, they proceeded to pack up and store everything into their Space Belts as they began to gather around the campfire. Even Hu Po approached the campfire with a gourd of wine as he continued to drink from it.

Seeing everyone up and at the campfire, Jian Chen looked at Kendall and said, “Captain Kendall, what do you plan to do next for our course of action?”

“The next thing we should do is to stay around this area for a while and continue to hunt down Class 1 and 2 Magical Beasts. Let’s continue this for a few days at the Magical Beast Mountain Range so that we can build up a nice amount of profit before leaving.”Kendall said plainly.

Hearing this, Jian Chen went silent for a moment before opening his mouth to ask, “Captain Kendall, I have a suggestion, would you please listen to it?”

Kendall’s eyes lingered on Jian Chen as he laughed and said, “Jian Chen, whatever suggestion you have, say it. There’s no need to think twice about what you’re about to say. Although you’ve joined our Flame Mercenaries only recently, everyone here is still your brother, so whatever you say won’t be taken as an insult.”

“I suggest that we go a bit deeper, and directly kill Class 3 Magical Beasts.” Jian Chen levelly looked at Kendall.

“What, kill Class 3 Magical Beasts? Jian Chen, you’ve gone crazy. A peak level Class 2 Magical Beast was already so difficult to kill, let alone a Class 3 Magical Beast.” Xiao Dao exclaimed in shock. Although the Flame Mercenaries now had the middle Great Saint, Jian Chen, in Xiao Dao’s eyes, killing a Class 3 Magical Beast with this amount of power was still difficult.

Hearing Jian Chen’s proposal, everyone’s eyebrows furrowed together. The Flame Mercenaries had 1 Primary Saint Master and 6 Great Saints, but the Magical Beast had an innate superiority over the humans who were of the same strength level of them. If a person didn’t have a Battle Skill or an attribute, then it would be practically impossible to kill a Magical Beast on the same level of strength as them. Even if they could, the price they would have to pay for doing so would be tremendous. On this Magical Beast Mountain Range where Class 3 Magical Beast roamed, if the Flame Mercenaries were to come across a Primary Class 3 Magical Beast, then they would be able to kill it with some difficulty. However, if they were to come across a Peak Class 3 Magical Beast, then they would be have no chance at all.

After killing a Peak Class 2 Magical Beast, Captain Kendall and Chang Ning Feng had been injured. If it weren’t for Jian Chen’s intervention, then it wouldn’t have been possible for them to capture and kill the Magical Beast.

So for that reason, Jian Chen’s suggestion to kill a Class 3 magical Beast to the Flame Mercenaries was an attempt of suicide.

Kabolds looked at Jian Chen with a curious glint in his eye, “Jian Chen, to think that you are suggesting to go kill a Class 3 Magical Beast, then I presume that you have the ability to kill a Class 3 magical Beast?”

Hearing Kabolds, Jian Chen hesitated for a second before nodding his head. “As long as we don’t come across 3 Class 3 Magical Beasts, I can safely say we won’t be in mortal danger.”

Everyone’s eyes widened in astonishment. Doubt and disbelief clouded their eyes as they stared at Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen, so what you’re saying is that as long as we don’t come across 3 Class 3 Magical Beasts at the same time, then we won’t be in any danger at all.” Kendall said with a deep breath. If what Jian Chen said was true, then Kendall would want to bring Jian Chen with him to go kill some Class 3 Magical Beasts. After all, Class 3 Magical Beasts had a body and a Monster Core that were far more valuable than a Class 2 Magical Beast.

“Jian Chen, do you really have enough strength to kill a Class 3 Magical Beast?” Deere asked to clarify. Although Jian Chen had killed a Peak Class 2 Magical Beast, but the Black Tiger had already been injured, so its strength was far different than a Class 3 Magical Beast a in perfect condition.

“That’s right, Jian Chen, something like this can’t be randomly said and tried, otherwise you might throw away your life in the attempt.” Chang Ning Feng said with worry.

Jian Chen smiled at everyone, despite everyone’s reaction to this suggestion, Jian Chen wasn’t unhappy with them. After all, killing a Class 3 Magical Beast was a task far too difficult for the Flame Mercenaries. Regardless of whether they were careful or not, they would still sustain a few injuries.

“Everyone should believe me this time, if we really cannot beat a Class 3 Magical Beast, then we at least have enough strength to run away.” Jian Chen said with firm conviction.

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes gathered at the figure of Captain Kendall. Regarding such an important decision like this, it would be for the best for Captain Kendall to make the final decision.

Kendall took in a deep breath of air as he stared at Jian Chen. Seeing how Jian Chen seemed to have complete faith in himself, Kendall bit his lips and finally made a decision. “Then how about this, we’ll believe in what he says this time. Jian Chen, if you truly do believe yourself, then I’ll let you lead the group for a while. Whatever we do will be up to you to guide us, does anyone have any problems?” Kendall said to everyone else.

“I’ve no problems!”

“No problems here!”

“I don’t have any problems here either!”


Kendall’s decision had quickly convinced everyone else without anyone having a disagreement. Jian Chen’s face had a big smile on it as he said, “Then, since everyone has confidence in me, I will definitely make sure not to disappoint anyone. Let me plan a few things then.” Jian Chen’s voice stopped for a moment before saying, “Let me walk in the front while everyone else take the same positions. If we come across a Class 3 Magical Beast, then let me up first while everyone else surrounds it to prevent any other attacks. If any other magical beasts come, then you guys should attack those, but remember to take care of your own life, as long as you can stall the other magical beasts from attacking me, that’ll be enough.”

When they heard Jian Chen’s plan, everyone looked at each other with a dubious look. They had felt extremely curious about this plan, to have a Middle Great Saint fight against a Class 3 Magical Beast by himself? This sort of plan was kind of unpleasant to hear since they all took a Class 3 Magical Beast seriously.

After eating breakfast, everyone finished packing up their things and headed for the deeper parts of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. This time however, the formation of the group was slightly different with Jian Chen walking by himself 10 meters ahead of the group who retained their original positions. Not a single member of the group emitted any murderous intent while traveling, causing some Class 1 Magical Beasts to be attracted to them. However, since they wanted to continue on their journey quickly, they didn’t let Xiao Dao or the other Saints fight the magical beasts. Instead, the Class 1 Magical Beasts were given to the Great Saints to kill.

As the group continued to walk into the forest, the terrain grew more and more nasty as swamps greeted their eyes in every direction. All sorts of toxic plants and insects also came into their field of view, and sometimes, a man eating magical beast would come out of nowhere.

On the road, everyone was very attentive to their surroundings. While listening to the sounds underneath their feet, they were also cautiously looking around themselves. At this point, a few Class 2 Magical Beasts had attacked them, but they continued onward. The amount of Class 1 Magical Beasts began to lessen while they encountered a Class 2 Magical Beast every so often.

At that moment, the leading Jian Chen’s ears twitched, and then he suddenly stopped in his tracks, raising a hand to signal the Flame Mercenaries behind him to stop as well.

Seeing Jian Chen’s movement, everyone in the mercenary group had stopped as well and nervously looked carefully at their surroundings. Although Jian Chen had repeated time after time that as long as 3 Class 3 Magical Beasts didn’t attack them at the same time, then they would be in no danger at all, everyone was still extremely nervous. After all, they were up against a Class 3 Magical Beast this time instead of the normal Class 2 Magical Beasts. Although there was only one class apart from each other, the difference in strength between a Class 2 and a Class 3 Magical Beast was vast.

At that moment, the cry of a wild beast rang out from ahead of them. The grass around them violently swayed as a great, 2 meter tall magical beast appeared in the people’s line of vision. This magical beast looked like a wild boar. It had a long nose, and the only thing different from a wild boar was the fact that it had fierce, inch-long, snow white teeth protruding from the corners of its mouth. It also had a single horn sprouting from its forehead.

Captain Kendall surveyed the magical beast in front of them. His expression turned grave as he said, “Magical Horned Boar! Jian Chen, be careful. That’s a Class 3 Magical Horned Boar.”

Jian Chen nodded his head as he stared impassively at the Magical Horned Boar. The silver glow of his Light Wind Sword gradually appeared in his right hand as it was enveloped by a hazy glow of light that covered the entire blade.

“We’ll act as we had originally planned. Let me deal with this magical beast, you guys just keep yourselves safe.” As soon as he said this, Jian Chen raised his sword and swiftly charged at the Magical Horned Boar.



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