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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1158


Chapter 1158:  Chapter 1158: A Powerful Existence (Two)

Chapter 1158: A Powerful Existence (Two)

A devastating golden sword Qi suddenly appeared. As a streak of light, it chopped through the air and traveled with an unstoppable force. The hundred-meter-long sword Qi enveloped all the human experts who were charging over, causing them to pale.

At the same time, a huge silver blade of light shot through the air with lightning-like speed, chopping towards the human experts in another area.

The surrounding temperature quickly rose as a terrifying waves of heat shot out. Roaring white flames suddenly leaped into existence, forming a terrifying wall of fire in the air. Countless experts were afraid of getting close to it. They all feared it.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu attacked in unison. They faced enemies from all directions. With their origin energy weapons, they formed a tight defense, keeping countless Saint Kings at bay.

Although the Saint Kings were not as powerful as the vengeful spirits, they possessed intelligence. They knew how to work with one another, and they knew many ancient secret techniques and Saint Tier Battle Skills. It was no easier to face them than the vengeful spirits.

Faced up against Rui Jin and Hei Yu’s attacks, all the Saint Kings immediately began to work together with a tacit understanding. They all sent their attacks at the sword Qi and thr blade of light in unison.

There were no Saint Emperors among the human experts, but attacks from several dozen Saint Kings, or even a hundred, were no weaker than one from a Saint Emperor. It even seemed to surpass the attack of a Saint Emperor. Even if Saint Emperors were present, all they could do was dodge.

With two deafening booms, Rui Jin and Hei Yu’s attacks from the origin energy weapons were blocked by all the Saint Kings.

The origin energy weapons were powerful, but Saint Emperors could block them. The Saint Emperors would only become heavily injured if they were wounded by the origin energy.

The human experts confidence grew after blocking Rui Jin and Hei Yu’s attacks. The fear within them was reduced as they all rushed forward. However, no one dared to touch Hong Lian’s wall of fire, all detouring around it.

There were fewer and fewer vengeful spirits now. The Aurous Sand was very effective, bringing a radical change to the situation and killing off many vengeful spirits. It consumed all the of the spirits’ energy so that they could no longer recondense, reduced to a dense, dark mist in the Death Nest. Only after countless years would they be able to recondense.

Of course, a small portion of vengeful spirits had run away and avoided the disaster.

The vengeful spirits were invulnerable in the Death Nest.

“Hong Lian, release the killing formation!” Rui Jin called out before immediately pulling out the formation he had prepared earlier. He tossed it out, and it activated in the air. Radiating with powerful ripples of energy, the space in a radius of a thousand meters distorted. All the Saint Kings in the region disappeared, becoming trapped in the formation space.

Hong Lian frowned and lamented, “We prepared these formations specifically for the vengeful spirits. We’ve changed many aspects and replaced them with methods to deal with the vengeful spirits. If we use it against these humans, the advantages of the killing formations will almost be non-existent. It won’t be able to trap them for long.” However, Hong Lian did not hesitate even though that was what she said. She threw out a killing formation and trapped over thirty Saint Kings in it. Close to a hundred Saint Kings had been trapped by the two killing formations, greatly reducing the pressure they faced.

Hei Yu possessed no formations. He killed his way into the groups of humans with his machete. As his blade fell, blood splashed everywhere. No one was Hei Yu’s opponent except for the Saint Kings at Great Perfection, and even they were unwilling to take Hei Yu’s attacks head-on.

The Saint Kings were thrown into an utter mess by Hei Yu. As Hei Yu rampaged among them it was very difficult for them to gather several dozen people to work together and use powerful attacks.

Rui Jin looked back at Jian Chen and said, “These killing formations don’t pose a great threat to the human experts. They’ll break free very soon. Jian Chen, follow behind us. We’ll kill our way out.”

Jian Chen sternly nodded. Their plan could only adapt to the changes. Originally, they had planned to get Tie Ta to take them out after they had obtained the fruit, but there were too many human experts here now. Jian Chen could only leave Tie Ta in the saint artifact to protect his identity.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu paved a path up ahead. They killed the Saint Kings that charged up while Jian Chen did not stand around either. He wielded the Emperor Armament as he fought against five Saint Kings, two at the Seventh Heavenly Layer and the rest at the sixth. The saint artifact hovered above his head, helping him block powerful attacks from time to time.

The four of them had basically become public enemies in everyone’s eyes. They received attacks from all directions, enduring constant barrages from various ancient secret techniques and Saint Tier Battle Skills. However, the attacks struggled to harm Rui Jin, Hong Lian, or Hei Yu since they were clad in origin energy armor. The saint artifact also helped Jian Chen block two Saint Tier Battle Skills as they moved.

Behind the groups of people, five old men sat together in the air, casting a secret technique. They then pointed at Hei Yu from afar and an extremely obscure ripple of energy expanded. It was very difficult to sense.

Hei Yu’s face suddenly changed as he fought. A trail of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, and he began to tremble a little. His face paled.

“Hei Yu, what’s wrong?” Rui Jin immediately asked when he sensed the abnormality of Hei Yu. He was filled with shock.

“It’s poison. Supreme experts that are well-versed with poison have secretly poisoned me. They’ve actually planted it directly into my body. What great skills,” Hei Yu explained in a heavy voice. His face had already darkened while the blood at the corner of his lips had turned black.

Surprised, Jian Chen immediately arrived beside Hei Yu. He used the saint artifact to cover himself as he injected a strand of Radiant Saint Force origin energy into Hei Yu.

Hei Yu waved his hand and said, “It’s not a problem. The poison’s extremely powerful, but my body is no ordinary body. I can suppress it for a few days.”

Jian Chen also knew that right now was not the time to cure Hei Yu from his poison. He said, “Senior Hei Yu, when we leave here, I’ll use the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force to completely cure you of the poison.”

Near the back of all the people, the five old men who had cast the poison stood up at the same time. One of them said to the five veterans from Mercenary City nearby, “We’ve already used the Poison of Heaven’s End to heavily injure one of them. It’s about time you five get moving.”

The five old men from Mercenary City nodded. Without saying anything, they immediately stood in a pentagram formation. Immediately, five tremendous presences radiated from their bodies. They formed five pillars of energy which surged into the sky.

The five old men had reached the Great Perfection of Saint King long ago. They had already arrived at the peak of their cultivation level. They were existences that were infinitesimally close to Saint Emperor and were extremely powerful.

The five of them used an absolutely secret technique together. The commotion was so great that it alerted many people present, and they immediately glanced over.

The Changyang clan and the grand elder of Mercenary City remained in the distance. They never took part in the fight for the fruit. Seeing what the five old men were doing, Tian Jian gently sighed. He obviously knew what secret technique the five of them were using, but he was filled with helplessness since he could not go and stop them.

At this moment, the presences of the five old men actually fused together. Their presences joined to become an even more terrifying presence where even their energy stacked together. It became a force that could even shake the world, causing many Saint Kings to tremble inside.

“Saint Emperor, this is the overwhelming presence that only Saint Emperors can possess…”

Some people exclaimed. The five old men had used a secret technique to pool their power together, actually reaching the power of a Saint Emperor. They had basically reached the level of a Saint Emperor through an alternate method, shocking many people present.

The five old men were surrounded by a bright layer of white light as a tremendous, terrifying energy rippled in their surroundings.

“The five of them seem to have come with the grand elder of Mercenary City. They seem to be using an extremely powerful ancient secret technique, and they need time to charge it up even with their strength that has reached the utmost peak,” a Saint King from an ancient clan said. He was deeply shocked that Mercenary City actually hid such unknown experts.

At this moment, tremendous amounts of energy quickly condensed above the five old men. In the end, it transformed into a figure completely condensed from energy. Its facial features were clear-cut, and it seemed alive. It seemed just like an immortal.

“Mo Tianyun, that’s Mo Tianyun. It’s the champion of the humans, Mo Tianyun…”

“Just what is this powerful ancient secret technique? It can even condense Mo Tianyun’s figure…”

Countless people cried out in amazement. At this moment, the Saint Kings all struggled to keep their composure even with their mental fortitude. Mo Tianyun was just far too well known. Even after a million years, Mo Tianyun remained a god-like figure in the hearts of a countless number of people.

Not only was this because he was the savior of the human race, having repelled the invasion of the Hundred Races, but he was also a glorious legend among the humans. He was the only sovereign-like figure that had surpassed Saint Emperor as a human.


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