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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1156


Chapter 1156: Chapter 1156: Aurous Sand

Chapter 1156: Aurous Sand

Jian Chen had already arrived in front of the Saints’ Fruit. With a flip of his hand, a supreme quality jade box appeared, and without any hesitation, he extended it toward the Saints’ Fruit.

“Jian Chen is a person of the Changyang clan. A member of the Changyang clan has already approached the fruit…”

“Everyone be careful. The Changyang clan is colluding with the foreigners…”

Many people discovered Jian Chen, who had already approached the fruit and was about to pick it. They immediately cried out in exasperation before attacking even harder. They did everything they could to finish off the vengeful spirits they were fighting so they could go and take the Saints’ Fruit.

The great elders of the Changyang clan had all rejoiced. Jian Chen’s appearance had completely surprised them. They knew that Jian Chen was connected to Rui Jin and the others, but they never thought the relationship would be so deep, where the three of them were actually willing to help him obtain the fruit.

“Fantastic, this is fantastic. The Saints’ Fruit belongs to our Changyang clan,” Changyang Qing Jueri was ecstatic. He seemed to have seen that a Saint Emperor would soon appear in the Changyang clan.

The other great elders were the same. They showed no doubt in Jian Chen’s abilities from their excitement.

Jian Chen’s actions pushed the battle to a climax. Everyone used a hundred and twenty percent of their power so the fruit would not end up with someone else. They all traveled in the fruit’s direction as they became blinded by greed.

However, when the Saints’ Fruit was about to fall into Jian Chen’s jade box, another formation silently appeared. It formed a light screen around the fruit and protected it.

A gleam of stern light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. He immediately drew his Emperor Armament and began attacking the formation, but it was extremely powerful. He could not shake it even with his full strength.

Both the humans and vengeful spirits had sustained great casualties. Several dozen Saint Kings had already become heavily injured, and three Saint Kings below the Third Heavenly Layer had already passed away. Their souls had been wiped out by the vengeful spirits and all the vitality within them had been sucked away.

The vengeful spirits also suffered great casualties. Many vengeful spirits collapsed plenty of times, and over ten of them had turned into a dense black mist, no longer able to reform.

On the other side, Tian Jian currently fought against Gustys with the five veterans of Mercenary City, who were at the end of their lives, and two Saint Kings at Great Perfection from the protector clans. As the strongest Saint Emperor in ancient times, Gustys was terrifying even as a vengeful spirit. It took the combined force of eight Saint Kings at Great Perfection to merely stop him, and they had even vaguely fallen to a disadvantage.

The five veterans of Mercenary City and the two Saint Kings at Great Perfection from the protector clans immediately began to panic when they saw that the Saints’ Fruit was about to be taken.

“This vengeful spirit is just too powerful. If we keep fighting like this, victory won’t be determined even after three whole days and nights. We can’t continue like this. Quickly use the final trump card to finish off these vengeful spirits and then take the Saints’ Fruit,” a Saint King from a protector clan yelled as he fought against Gustys. With a flip of his hand, a scorching ball of light appeared A brutal, flaming hot presence of supreme yang permeated the surroundings.

With a wave of his hand, he immediately threw the light in his hands toward Gustys like rain. Only then could the light be seen properly. It came from extremely tiny particles of sand, and each particle radiated with a burning golden light. The sand actually possessed the essence of the sun.

As the sand touched Gustys, it appeared just like sparks landing in a vat of alcohol. Gustys actually caught fire and his rapidly weakened.

“Don’t hold back everyone, or none of us will be getting the Saints’ Fruit. Use the Aurous Sand to deal with the vengeful spirits,” someone called out from a group. He was a great elder from the Tyrant’s Blade School.

A few great elders from different protector clans hesitated when they heard the cry, but they soon made up their minds. With a flip of their hand, a similar ball of burning light immediately appeared as well. The essence of pure, supreme yang appeared.

A burning ball of light appeared in the hands of the ancestors from the ancient clans as well. They then reluctantly let it scatter into the vengeful spirits.

The Aurous Sand was an item invented by past Saint Emperors specifically for dealing with the vengeful spirits. They used meteorites as a material, grinding them into the consistency of sand before placing it in a location extremely close to the sun. They were only created after being refined by the flames of the sun for a thousand years, and every single particle of sand had absorbed a thousand years’ worth of the sun’s flames. They were filled with the essence of the sun and were items of supreme yang. They just happened to be the bane of the vengeful spirits.

Even the protector clans possessed an extremely small amount of the Aurous Sand. They were their final trump cards to deal with the vengeful spirits, and they would never be used so easily unless they absolutely needed to use them.

This was because the sand could not be refined easily. Only Saint Emperors possessed the ability to get close to the sun, and a powerful formation that could resist the impact of the sun’s fire needed to be set up so that the sand could move with the sun. This was not something any old Saint Emperor could achieve.

The ancient clans in possession of this sand were all powerful existences that once had Saint Emperors.

Light scattered through the air and the vengeful spirits immediately began to burn as soon as they came in contact with the light. The flames caused them to rapidly weaken.

The human experts were originally in a disadvantageous position, but the situation changed as soon as the sand appeared. Instead, the vengeful spirits became suppressed.

The vengeful spirits began to retreat in defeat. A few Saint Kings at Great Perfection abandoned their opponents and quickly flew toward the fruit.

Gustys had been greatly weakened by the sand, and had retreated already. The five veterans from Mercenary City were free now, and they all looked at the fruit. Their eyes burned with a desire to own it, and they flew toward it in unison. Following them were the two other Saint Kings at Great Perfection who fought Gustys with them.

“Wait, Jian Chen possesses a very deep connection with our Mercenary City, and his talent is extremely great. What you are doing will only ruin our relationship.” Tian Jian appeared before the five people from Mercenary City and obstructed them.

The five old men did not waver because of this at all. One of them huskily replied, “Grand elder, the five of us don’t care about whatever connection you have with Jian Chen. We only know that once we obtain the Saints’ Fruit, one of us will be able to become a Saint Emperor and let Mercenary City become even more glorious.”


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