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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1142


Chapter 1142: Chapter 1142: Hei Yu Fights Gustys

Chapter 1142: Hei Yu Fights Gustys

After learning about the identity of the vengeful spirit before death, Jian Chen and Hei Yu immediately became extremely stern. The burly and tangible vengeful spirit actually possessed such a great background. He was known as the strongest Saint Emperor, so his strength was indisputable. Even though he had been reduced to a vengeful spirit now, he was probably a very powerful vengeful spirit.

Tie Ta clearly had not realized that danger was close. He stared at Gustys and out of slight excitement said, “Senior Gustys, do you still remember the past?”

“Tie Ta, he is no longer the strongest Saint Emperor of the past. He’s only a vengeful spirit condensed from the grudges of the dead,” Jian Chen heavily explained.

Tie Ta quickly calmed down. He stared blankly at Gustys. He knew extremely well that he had come from the Death Nest and that the Gustys right in front of him was no longer the strongest Saint Emperor in Aergyns’ memories. He was now a vengeful spirit.

Gustys stood there silently. His face was expressionless and cool. He did not respond at all to what Tie Ta had said, as if he could not hear Tie Ta at all.

Suddenly, Gustys moved. He used a very brutal attack, hurling a punch at Hei Yu. The fist seemed extremely simple and straightforward, but the single fist could make mountains collapse, the ground crack, and the world darken.

The surrounding black mist filled was affected by Gustys’ punch. It began to violently tremble, as if dragons were dancing within them.

His attack was different from normal vengeful spirits. He seemed to possess some of his abilities from his former life, so the simple punch possessed a terrifying might.

“Back off!” Hei Yu yelled. He became extremely stern. He felt that his battle against the vengeful spirit would be much more difficult than with the human and magical beast Saint Emperors he had faced before. After all, Gustys was just far too strong when he was alive. In ancient times, a place that teemed with Saint Emperors, he had the power to surpass all and be crowned as the strongest.

At the same time, Hei Yu instantly punched out as well. Hei Yu dared not to hold anything back against such a powerful vengeful spirit. He used everything he had of his Great Perfection Saint Kings strength.

Hei Yu’s original form was a mutated divine Alligator. He was comparable to beasts of antiquity, and beasts of antiquity were far stronger than regular magical beasts. Regular magical beasts were also tougher than other experts of the same level of cultivation, so Hei Yu’s punch was much more powerful than a punch from regular Saint Kings at Great Perfection.


The two fists collided and produced a muffled sound. A violent ripple of energy expanded in all directions with their fists as the epicenter, kicking soil into the air and causing the ground to crack. All the mist in the surrounding area was blown clean away by the energy, revealing unconcealed land.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta trembled violently. They struggled to stand firm even with their strength as the violent ripple of energy swept by.

Jian Chen was shocked inside. He had seen quite a few Saint Kings at Great Perfection. The great elder of the Yiyuan sect, Yi Yangzi, who had once attacked him was a Saint King at Great Perfection. However, a large difference existed between him and Hei Yu.

Yet, Hei Yu was actually blown away by Gustys’ punch. A rock several hundred meters away shattered while Gustys stood firm like a mountain. He remained where he was.

Jian Chen was astounded. Gustys’ strength was so great that he could be described as a deviant. He found it rather difficult to believe that Hei Yu had actually been blown away so easily.

Jian Chen knew that Gustys was extremely powerful when he was still alive, but he was only a vengeful spirit now. He was no longer as great as before, so it was shocking for him to still possess such terrifying strength.

“Saint Kings are definitely not his opponent. Even Great Perfection is not enough. Only other Saint Emperors can rival Gustys,” Jian Chen quickly concluded inside.

Hei Yu roared at the sky and shot over as a black streak of light. He was in a horrible condition, but his presence was strong and his battle intent was even greater. There was no fear on his face, only elated spirits and a will to fight.

An extremely vast energy rippled out. It was extremely terrifying, and with its appearance, all the Yin Qi and grudges within the Death Nest became rather calm. The dense black mist around Hei Yu was quickly forced away.

A shiny machete appeared in Hei Yu’s hand. He wielded it with one hand as he began fighting with Gustys. Swinging it heavily, each stroke possessed the force to conquer mountains.

This was a weapon with origin energy. Hei Yu seemed to have become a true Saint Emperor now that he was wielding the machete. He fought Gustys in a head-on battle. When he swung his machete, it would knock away Gustys’ earth-shaking punches before continuing toward Gustys without weakening in form, cleaving Gustys in half.

Gustys was no longer as powerful as before while facing an origin energy weapon. Origin energy was a powerful energy that belonged to a whole different domain. It could not be compared to any energy of this world, so even true Saint Emperors dared not to accept attacks that were laced with this energy, let alone Gustys who was condensed from the grudges of the dead.

Gustys’ body healed instantly. He seemed like he had never been injured in the first place, and he hurled another punch.

The punch broke through the surroundings, causing space to shatter and fall into darkness as it moved.

With the machete in his hand, Hei Yu firmly swung it. There were no tricks. It was a simple and straightforward attack, striking Gustys’ fist.

Gustys had become very weak before the origin energy weapon.

Boom! Suddenly, Gustys’ huge figure erupted and turned into a ball of extremely dense mist. The dense mist surged toward Hei Yu before completely enveloping him.

At the same time, Yin Qi and grudges that were powerful enough to make Hei Yu’s expression change invaded his body. The Yin Qi was so dense that the layer of energy outside him could not obstruct it, so it quickly entered his body. It began to devour all the vitality within him. At the same time, the pure grudges attacked his soul, causing a stabbing pain to appear in Hei Yu’s soul.

Hei Yu bellowed out and his origin energy armor immediately appeared. It completely isolated him from the invading Yin Qi, and a thumb-sized pearl also appeared above his head. It radiated with a light that enveloped Hei Yu, protecting his soul.

Hei Yu was no longer in an inferior position now that the three treasures had finally appeared. He was completely unaffected. Without any consideration for the consequences, Hei Yu began to attack as hard as he could. He swung the machete in his hand at the dense black mist as it glowed with a white light, and every blade of light that flickered past would cause the mist to disperse slightly.

The black mist around Hei Yu began to churn violently once it realized how it was no longer affecting him. It recondensed into Gustys’ form in the distance.

Hei Yu angrily roared out. He charged threateningly toward Gustys with his three origin energy treasures.

This time, Gustys did not bother with Hei Yu anymore. With a slight tremble, he turned into a black figure that disappeared off into the distance. He had left.

Hei Yu did not pursue. He stared deeply in the direction Gustys had vanished while a seriousness leaked from his gaze. A while later, his three treasures all vanished, having been put away.

“Senior Hei Yu, are you fine?” Jian Chen and Tie Ta immediately walked over from afar. They asked in concern.

Hei Yu gently shook his head and said, “It’s fortunate that I had my three origin energy treasures. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t have been his opponent. Probably only Rui Jin with the secret techniques of the Dragon clan could rival him. That vengeful spirit is just too strong. No wonder he was named as the strongest Saint Emperor in the past.”

The three of them all fell silent. Even using his three origin energy treasures, Hei Yu could not collapse Gustys’ vengeful spirit, and it had still managed to flee in the end. The vengeful spirit’s strength had reached an unbelievable level. It was enough to threaten Saint Kings at Great Perfection. Just how many people were its opponent in the current world?

Jian Chen said after some silence, “Senior, there shouldn’t be many vengeful spirits that are as powerful as Gustys. I don’t think the other Saint Emperor vengeful spirits are that powerful.”


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