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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1131


Chapter 1131: Chapter 1131: The Nirvanic Immortal Exalt

Chapter 1131: The Nirvanic Immortal Exalt

“Sh*t, more and more feral beasts are detecting our presence. We need to get to the second layer of formations as soon as possible,” A’Er said through a communication techniques. He was extremely stern. The beasts here were just too powerful. There were multiple beasts that were equal to hall elders, and there was even a Class 9 feral beast hidden between then.

The five of them began to move even faster. At that moment, all of them pushed their speed to the utmost limit, using every second they had to travel to the second region. They used everything they had hid before, no longer holding back at all.

The beasts in the first region learned that there were intruders through communication techniques with one another. They all roared out furiously as they aimlessly attacked in attempt to find the intruders. The ground trembled violently from the attacks and the entire region shook. The space there even began to ripple, showing signs of shattering even though it was much tougher than the space in the sea realm.

The ground within the formation was clearly protected by a powerful and mysterious energy. No matter what attacks landed on the ground, the land was not destroyed.

The space became even more unstable from the attacks of the beasts, so Jian Chen and the others could not use their various abilities to hurry along by controlling space. They all used the various movement techniques they knew to travel extremely fast. Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash to stick close behind the old men. They continued to hold hands with one another to avoid becoming lost.

Terrifying energy ripples from the attacks swept past them. The powerful attacks from the beasts landed beside them many times, almost injuring them. If it were not for their strength, just the ripples of energy would have been enough to stop them from advancing or even heavily injure them.

A’Da and the three others all because extremely stern. They clenched their teeth tightly as sweat poured from their foreheads. At that moment, they felt like a few kilometers, which was usually nothing to them, was extremely far away. It was impossible for them to travel at their usual speeds in the space shaken up by energy.


Suddenly, A’Si vomited a mouthful of blood. His chest was randomly struck by a fist-sized ball of energy, and his flesh completely disappeared there. He became heavily injured.

A’Si tightly clenched his teeth and endured. He continued toward the second region without slowing down at all.

Finally, they successfully reached the second layer of formations before quickly entering it.

However, before they could relax, A’Da said, “Crap, the formation’s changed from the attacks of those beasts. The method we originally comprehended to get through here has become useless.”

A’Er, A’San, and A’Si’s expressions all drastically changed. They all called out without a second thought, “Retreat, let’s retreat and get out.”

Comprehending the method to enter the formation was not something that could be completed in a short moment. They did not have much time right now, so they could not slowly study the formation.

They immediately began to retreat, wanting to leave the formation. Otherwise, all the beasts would see them once the formation stabilized. There would only be death for them at that point.

As they ran back, all of them sustained some injuries. Even Jian Chen was hit as well. His left arm had been clawed to a bloody mess.

When the four old men made it back to the first layer of formations, their faces changed once more. A’Da cried out, “We’re in deep trouble now! The formation out had also changed from the attacks of the beasts. We can’t leave.”

“What!” A’Er and the others all became shocked with that. Despair filled their eyes. They had all realized the problem. They were trapped in there with a group of terrifying beasts, and the beasts would definitely not let them go.

At this moment, the formations gradually began to stabilize. The distorted space rapidly recovered and the blurriness slowly disappeared.

“We don’t have anymore time. We’re dead if we still don’t get out,” A’Si yelled in a panic.

The four of them were utterly panic-stricken right now. They had lost all composure, only Jian Chen was the exception.

“Maybe this will work,” said Jian Chen. Afterward, he let out the white tiger from the saint artifact and said, “Xiao Bai, quickly take us out of here.” Jian Chen immediately jumped onto its back and told A’Da and the three others to grab onto its wings. He planned on using the white tiger’s natural ability to ignore formations and spatial barriers to take them out.

Without any hesitation, the white tiger attempted to charge out with Jian Chen. However, when it hit the formation, it did not directly pass through like usual and was instead blocked.

The white tiger growled and attempted to get through the formation again. However, it still failed. It was trapped in the formation with Jian Chen and the others.

Jian Chen was filled with disbelief with that. He dismounted the white tiger and gruffly said, “The formations here are weird. They aren’t as simple as they seen.” As he said that, he sent the white tiger back into the saint artifact.

The formations finally stabilized while they tried to leave with the white tiger. All of them were exposed to the beasts.


With an earth-shaking roar, all the eyes of the beasts became bloodshot. They became filled with a ruthless bloodlust. Although they all possessed intelligence, the bloodthirsty instinct within them remained.

Several beasts immediately began to attack Jian Chen. The weakest was at the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint King, and there was even one at the Ninth Heavenly Layer that charged over.

The feral beasts all varied in appearance. Some were like large cats while others seemed to be the amalgamation of several animals. It was impossible to name them.

Jian Chen drew his Emperor Armament and charged at the beasts. A’Da and the three others also quickly formed a sword formation to fend off the beasts, but the disparity between their strength was just far too great. Although their sword formations were very strong, they were still not strong enough to defend against a single swipe from many of the beasts. They all were thrown back as they vomited blood. A’Da’s entire arm had been crushed and pulled off by the jaws of a beast. It was painful that he could not help but shriek. His severed arm was devoured noisily.

“Brother!” A’Er, A’San, and A’Si all cried out. They knew that it would be very difficult for A’Da to recover his severed arm since there was no medicine that could regrow limbs.

“Quick, use the final forbidden technique and flee. We can’t stay here, or we’ll end up dead for sure,” A’Da called out as a resisted the pain. His voice was extremely hoarse. Afterward, he turned to Jian Chen and said, “Brother Yang Yutian, forgive us. We’ll be leaving first. I hope we can meet again in the future.” With that, the four of them immediately gathered together in a weird formation. They placed their swords horizontally against their chests and chanted, “Of the vast world, all is one. With the Nirvanic Sword Formation, only we are supreme. With the four swords as one, all shall be destroyed!”

With their chant, the four metal swords immediately began to shine with blinding light. At that moment, the light from the four swords bonded together before enveloping the four of them and surging into the sky. They vanished at that very moment.

In the blink of an eye, only Jian Chen was left in the formation, stuck in a difficult battle against the beasts. Jian Chen already knew that he had no other choice now. There was no hope of victory at all just by himself, so he immediately stopped holding back and released Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian from the saint artifact.

The three of them did not need an explanation from Jian Chen. They understood the situation just from a single glance. Rui Jin said, “Let us deal with the trouble here.” Rui Jin gazed past the many beasts and locked onto the two-meter-long, tiger-like beast in the distance. His eyes began to shine with interest and the Sacred Dragon’s Sword and Sacred Dragon’s Armor appeared at the same time. He equipped the armor and charged at the Class 9 feral beast with the sword.

At the same time, Hei Yu donned his origin energy armor. He drew his machete and split the Ninth Heavenly Layer feral beast Jian Chen was fighting into two. Weapons with origin energy were just far too powerful. Just a single strike was life-threatening, so the beast immediately met its end. It could not even resist.

Flames roared around Hong Lian. She was like a goddess of flames as the terrifying fire seemed to be able to scorch the air. The flames caused the surrounding temperature to skyrocket and many of the beasts became extremely fearful of her flames.

Hong Lian did not take part in the battle and instead stood beside Jian Chen, glaring at the surrounding beasts. Her strength had been greatly reduced, but she was still able to frighten away the beasts.

A thought pulsed from the Azulet sword spirits as they gathered around a multi-colored rock in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

“No wonder I felt that the presence of the four metal swords was rather familiar, so it turns out that they practice the famed technique of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, the Nirvanic Sword Formation…”

“The Nirvanic Immortal Exalt was one of the five Grand Exalts. He had reached the same level of cultivation as former master, having reached the utmost extremes in terms of strength. It’s a pity he died to the Grand Prime of the warring gods in the end…”

“In that battle back then, the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt fell first. His four swords shattered and their sword spirits dispersed. Afterward, our original swords shattered as well. We managed to survive in the end and were born from Yinyang Qi and are blessed by the world, but our vitality was greatly weakened as well…”

“The Nirvanic Immortal Exalt always moved by himself. He never had a disciple, so it’s fortunate that his famed technique was not lost after his death. Though, it’s a pity that the four of them haven’t seemed to obtain the full cultivation method and their swords are too low-quality. Otherwise, the force of the Nirvanic Sword Formation would never have been so puny…”


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