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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1125


Chapter 1125: Chapter 1125: Who Dares Challenge Me? (Two)

Chapter 1125: Who Dares Challenge Me? (Two)

The battle between the huge ape and the other beasts was just far too intense. It could be described as earth-shaking and devastating, disturbing the entire central area of the divine realm. Thus, it attracted the attention of many experts.

More and more people arrived. There were several 15th Star experts, which was a horrible situation for Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun. They were only at the 13th Star, not even Saint Rulers at the Fifth Heavenly Layer. They did not even have the right to speak to the 15th Star experts.

“The two of you get away from the divine water immediately. A treasure like that isn’t something you can possess. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for the consequences,” a person said to Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun. He was a hunch-backed old man. He seemed ancient and his voice was husky, giving people a powerless feeling. However, he was one of the most powerful people present.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun looked at each other. They were troubled. They were now stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The four old men who had met Jian Chen in the cave all gathered their attention on Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun. Light flickered in their eyes as they remained silent. They would peek around with the corner of their eyes from time to time, and they seemed to be filled with caution and fear.

“Warriors, the truth is that this portion of divine water already has an owner…” Zhou Chuyun was without choice. All he could do was bring up Jian Chen again in hopes of deterring these experts. He had nothing else he could do.

“Brats, cut the bullshit in front of me. The beasts here clearly killed each other over the divine water of the world, and the two of you just got lucky, having made it just in time. There’s no supreme expert who can rival a hall elder here. That’s all just a lie you two ignorant brats have spun. Don’t you think so too, everyone?” The old man sneered.

“Yeah, there’s no supreme expert here at all. The beasts clearly killed each other if you look at the wounds. They weren’t killed by some supreme expert. In my opinion, these mere 13th Star brats have told a lie to us because they want to take the divine water for themselves. They just want us to back off, so they can benefit.” The middle-aged man who had arrived first added. He was not bold enough to offend the expert Zhou Chuyun was talking about, but instead cleverly dismissed what Zhou Chuyun had said as a lie.

“Four seniors, you’ve seen that supreme expert before, right? He was the one who killed his way through the mountains as he led us. He killed one of the most powerful existences on the peak and crossed through the mountains,” Zhou Chuyun said to the four old men. He wanted to show that he was not lying by using the four old men as witnesses.

The four old men said nothing. All they did was stand silently as they stared at the water. Gleams of light flickered through their eyes as they hesitated.

Their silent behaviour, where the did not openly admit anything, basically confirmed that Zhou Chuyun was telling the truth.

As time went on, more and more experts gathered. Very soon, the number of experts reached into the hundred, but most of them were only Saint Rulers. There were only a small number of Saint Kings.

“Hahaha, Zhou Chuyun, I never thought you’d be here as well. This must be the divine water you discovered last time. You were unwilling to work with me before, but haven’t I still found you in the end.” Laughter rang from the crowd. Lan Mo had arrived, and the group of experts from the Hundred-footed clan followed him from behind.

Lan Mo had become very confident now that the people of the Hundred-footed clan were with him. Although there were quite a few 15th Star experts present, he still had the power to speak.

“Young master Lan Mo, it’s actually you! I never thought you’d arrive so quickly.” Zhou Chuyun’s face changed. He glanced past the people by Lan Mo’s side and actually discovered all of them to be at the 14th Star. There were even two of them where he could not see their strength, which immediately made him heavy-hearted.

“The divine water. It really is the divine of the world. Lan Mo, you’ve done well this time. Once we return, our Hundred-footed clan will definitely treat you well.” An old man from the Hundred-footed clan became extremely excited, as if the divine water was already his.

“The Hundred-footed clan? Is it that Hundred-footed clan of Deorc City?” Zhou Chuyun involuntarily asked. He knew the Hundred-footed clan’s strength extremely well.

The Lanshan clan possessed a 15th Star ancestor, but they could only claim a third of divine City. On the other hand, Deorc City was a powerful and prosperous city, much greater than divine City, yet the Hundred-footed clan possessed supreme power there. They were the greatest clan in the city, so it was possible to imagine just how powerful they were.

The old man said to Zhou Chuyun, “Because you’ve found the divine water of the world, my Hundred-footed clan will not make things hard for you, and we’ll even reward you. Give the divine water to us immediately.” The old man of the Hundred-footed clan was extremely arrogant. He paid no attention to the other Saint Kings present.

As expected, many Saint Kings’ expressions immediately changed after they heard what the old man had said. A sliver of coldness flashed through their eyes. Only the four old men who had seen Jian Chen before remained standing their nonchalantly. They said nothing and acted as complete bystanders.

“Haven’t you, the Hundred-footed clan, gone too far? You don’t even view these 15th Star experts with respect at all,” a 14th Star expert said coldly.

He obviously had a powerful backing to be courageous enough to go against 15th Star experts.

With that, the old man of the Hundred-footed clan sneered. He pulled out a fist-sized quaking thunder from his Space Ring and an extremely violent, vast energy immediately filled the surroundings. Everyone’s expressions changed.

“A 16th Star quaking thunder!” A Saint King cried out involuntarily as he began to feel fear.

“Correct, this is a 16th Star quaking thunder, and I have more than just one of them. If you all want to try out the quaking thunder’s power, feel free to come at me,” sneered the old man. The 16th Star quaking thunder was enough to deter everyone in the divine realm because 16th Star experts rarely appeared there.

“The divine water of the world already has an owner. He’s a 16th Star expert.” Zhou Chuyun reluctantly explained

“You must be talking about that young man in the tavern. He’s a 15th Star expert at most. Zhou Chuyun, you can stop trying to scare me,” sneered Lan Mo. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

The old man who held the quaking thunder looked at Zhou Chuyun. He coldly said, “Bring the divine water over immediately. Before 16th Star quaking thunders, that 15th Star expert you speak of is nothing. Just a single one is enough to heavily injure him.”

Many 15th Star experts in the surroundings stopped talking. A 16th Star quaking thunder was enough to overwhelm them with fear. No one wanted to test out its power.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun hesitated, but they did nothing even after quite a long time.

The old man became displeased. He snorted, “Ingrates. Danir, go get the divine water.”

“Yes, grand elder,” replied a 14th Star expert of the Hundred-footed clan. He immediately walked to the divine water. Extending a finger, a strand of energy shot out from the tip of his finger and ate away the layer of energy left behind by the beasts.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun watched helplessly. They could do nothing.

All of the people from the Hunded-footed clan focused their attention on the divine water. They were at their wit’s end since the water was just far too important for their clan.

The middle-aged man who had approached the water was at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler. He was far more powerful than Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun, so he removed the energy very soon. Afterward, he pulled out a jade bottle from his Space Ring to store the water in.

At this moment, over ten people shot over from afar. The leader shot a powerful sword Qi at the grand elder of the Hundred-footed clan with a swing of his hand.

“It’s the people of the Huangdao clan!” The grand elder cried out. He immediately passed the quaking thunder to his left hand and a silver lance appeared in his right. With a streak of silver light, the lance destroyed the sword Qi.

The party from the Huangdao clan was no smaller than the Hundred-footed clan. They both possessed two 15th Star Saint Kings and a great battle erupted between them very soon. Two Saint Rulers from the Huangdao clan quickly charged at the middle-aged man who was retrieving the water. One of them kept the man busy while the other one quickly pulled out a bottle to store the water away.

The surrounding space suddenly froze at that moment. All the space within a radius of ten meters from the water was frozen, and the three Saint Rulers were all immobilized. Even with their strength at the Ninth Heavenly Layer, they could not break free.

The skinny old man had suddenly rushed up to the divine water of the world and stored it in his own jade bottle with lightning-like speed.

As the people of the Hundred-footed clan and Huangdao clan fought, the Saint Kings, who originally watched the scene unfold, finally obtained a chance.

“You’re courting death for stealing an item of our Hundred-footed clan.” The grand elder of the Hundred-footed clan fell into utter rage. At that moment, the Saint King of the Huangdao clan stopped fighting with him as well. They charged toward the skinny old man in unison. The quaking thunder in the grand elder’s hand began to flicker. This was the sign that it was about to be used.

Seeing the quaking thunder, the skinny old man’s heart immediately skipped a beat. He tossed the jade bottle toward the Saint King from the Huangdao clan and said with a husky voice, “I don’t want it anymore. You can have it.”

The Saint King caught the jade bottle, but before he could celebrate, the quaking thunder from the grand elder landed on him.


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