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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1121


Chapter 1121: Chapter 1121: A divine Beast

Chapter 1121: A divine Beast

Jian Chen charged in front of everyone and immediately drew his Emperor Armament from his Space Ring. He said with a deep voice, “You need to be careful and protect yourselves. I’ll pave a path by killing.” Jian Chen dared not to act careless while facing so many Soaring Ants. Chaotic Force flowed violently within him, filling every inch of his body. He pushed the defenses of the Chaotic Body to the limit.

“I wonder if these Soaring Ants can devour my Chaotic Force or withstand my attacks imbued with Chaotic Force,” Jian Chen thought inside. He had already approached the wall of Soaring Ants in an instant. With a flash of black light, he had stabbed out with lightning-like speed. A huge sword Qi shot forward.

The huge sword Qi flew through the swarm of ants like a dragon, creating to several consecutive booms. The sword Qi chopped through the swarm like a hot knife through butter, colliding against countless Soaring Ants. It passed through the boulder behind the swarm in the end, disappearing with a deafening boom.

Immediately, a large group of densely-packed Soaring Ants dropped out of the sky. A passage, empty of enemies, had actually appeared where the sword Qi had passed through while the ground lay covered in a layer of ants.

Jian Chen rejoiced inside when he saw this. His Chaotic Force was different from ordinary energy. Although these ants were immune to all energy attacks, they were not immune to Chaotic Force.

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun immediately became excited when they saw Jian Chen kill so many ants with a single sword Qi. They had guessed that the energy Jian Chen used was different long ago, but they had never thought it was so powerful and that it could harm the ants.

However, their expressions froze very soon. The ants that had fallen on the ground began beating their wings and started flying again. Only a very small portion had died to Jian Chen’s attack.

Jian Chen’s complexion changed as well. His attack was as powerful as a blow from a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King, yet it had actually failed to kill off all the Soaring Ants at Earth Saint Master. This scene shocked him.

“These Soaring Ants really are amazing. They may not be immune to my Chaotic Force, but the effectiveness of Chaotic Force is greatly reduced against them,” Jian Chen sighed in amazement inside. The universe truly was vast for such an organism to exist.

The clean path carved out by Jian Chen’s sword Qi was quickly filled again by the many Soaring Ants. The ants seemed to have formed an air-tight wall against Jian Chen and the others, wanting to trap them there.

At the same time, the ants in the surroundings rapidly approached Jian Chen and the others. They surrounded them, gradually decreasing the amount of space the group could move.

Jian Chen clenched the Emperor Armament with his right hand. A devastatingly dark light shot out, and he sent three more sword Qi into the swarm of ants ahead to temporarily carve out a path.

“Let’s go!” Jian Chen yelled at the people behind before charging through the path first. When his feet landed on the ground full of the ants, he could clearly feel twitches from beneath.

All the people of the Blue Sky Adventurers became panic-stricken. They followed Jian Chen closely. If it were not for the fact that Jian Chen had attracted all of the ants’ attention, they definitely would not still be alive.

Jian Chen had already charged into the swarm and was now surrounded by dense layers of ants. He continuously stabbed out, forming a net of blurs around him. He chopped the fist-sized ants in front of him into two.

The flying ants’ immunity to energy attacks was just too powerful, so sharp sword Qi was affected as well. The power of Chaotic Force against the ants were greatly reduced. As a result, Jian Chen completely relied on the sharpness of the Emperor Armament and his own body’s strength to kill the ants. He could kill several with every stroke. The screeching of metal would ring out as his Emperor Armament struck the steel-like bodies of the ants.

Jian Chen used his swordsmanship effectively at that moment, but there were just too many ants. They came at him endlessly, so he was unable to deal with all the attacks from every direction even with his quick sword techniques. Quite a few fist-sized Soaring Ants lunged toward his back, biting it viciously with their mandibles.

But what happened next was unbelievable. The sharp jaws of the ants could not even puncture Jian Chen’s skin.

The ants’ most terrifying ability was their resistance toward any forms of energy, which was why they could threaten Saint Kings. However, Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body could withstand attacks from Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings and come out unscathed. This was not a defense created through energy but just the toughness of flesh. This was why the flying ants could not scathe him.

Suddenly, the ants on Jian Chen’s back spat out some white liquid. Jian Chen felt a burning sensation on his back and strands of smoke actually appeared where the white liquid landed.

This was an extremely corrosive poison. It was so powerful that he felt a wave of pain even with his Chaotic Body. However, the ants were just far too weak. They were only at the level of Earth Saint Masters, so even if they used everything they had, they could not get through his Chaotic Body.

If it were any other Saint King, these ants would mean almost certain death. They did not have bodies as tough as Jian Chen’s, and with their Saint King abilities rendered ineffective, any barrier of energy would be useless before the flying ants. They would not be able to avoid the attacks at all.

Suddenly, the people behind Jian Chen painfully wailed. Including Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun, all of them were covered by the ants. The Soaring Ants attacks had passed through the their protective layer of energy with their natural ability and had stabbed their mandibles deep into their bodies and were rapidly absorbing their energy. Their blood and their vitality was being drained away by the ants.

Jian Chen’s face slightly changed when he saw this. He originally did not want to rely on any external help, but he was without choice now that Zhou Chuyun and the others were in danger. He immediately pulled out the saint artifact and sucked them in along with the ants on them.

Without Zhou Chuyun and the others dragging him down, it became much easier for Jian Chen to deal with the ants. He used the Emperor Armament to continuously cull the ants in front of him, quickly charging away.

Suddenly, a swarm of head-sized ants flew over. They were completely azure, different from regular flying ants. However, they were only at the level of Heaven Saint Masters.

The ants still posed no threat to Jian Chen, who mercilessly killed them off with a single stroke of the sword.

Very soon, over twenty flying ants, half the size of a regular human, flew over. They were also azure but much deeper in color, and they had reached Saint Ruler.

The Saint Ruler Soaring Ants were far stronger than the Earth Saint Master ants. When they bit Jian Chen with their sharp jaws, he felt like he had been stabbed by needles. The acid from them caused Jian Chen’s body to hiss and turn bright red, as if it had been burned. He felt a burning pain.

Jian Chen’s heart sank. If this continued, he had no idea if Saint King flying ants would appear. It would be troublesome if he really did come across such powerful Soaring Ants.

Clang! Clang!

Jian Chen struck out as hard as he could, sending the two Saint Ruler ants in front of him flying. After that, he charged away as fast as he could, finally breaking free from the swarm of ants. He did not stop at all, continuing to travel further away.

A constant buzzing vibrated the air behind him. The dense swarm of ants followed Jian Chen with the Saint Ruler ants flying at the very front.

Suddenly, with an odd cry from behind, the wall of ants immediately stopped pursuing Jian Chen. Even the huge Saint Ruler ants stopped as well.

Jian Chen glanced back and his eyes immediately froze. A six-winged, fist-sized ant hovered in the air as a scarlet and orange light revolved around it. It seemed like a lord descending upon its citizens.

“A Saint King Soaring Ant, a king!” Jian Chen’s heart sank. He had never thought that there would be such a powerful existence among the ants. Although it was nowhere near as powerful as the violet serpent dragon, it was much harder to deal with.

Jian Chen began to wonder whether Saint Kings could even harm the Soaring Ant king.

“I should have left the territory of the Soaring Ants by now. Fortunately that Soaring Ant king didn’t pursue, or I would be forced to run,” Jian Chen secretly rejoiced. The effectiveness of his Chaotic Force against the Earth Saint Master ants was insignificant, so it would almost have no effect against the Soaring Ant king.

“It’s a Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast. I never thought that such a heaven-defying divine beast would exist here.” Suddenly, the sword spirits’ voices rang through Jian Chen’s head. They were filled with shock, surprising Jian Chen to the point where he stared blankly.

“Zi Ying, do you recognize that Soaring Ant king?” Jian Chen was astounded. He knew that items or organisms that could be named by the sword spirits were definitely not simple.

“Master, the flying ant surrounded by the two lights is a young divine beast. It still hasn’t completely evolved. Once the lights around it turn to seven, it will become a true divine beast. It can devour anything in the world. It will become extremely powerful and very difficult to deal with,” explained Zi Ying.


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