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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1111


Chapter 1111: Chapter 1111: The divine Realm

Chapter 1111: The divine Realm

“The Tao family,” Jian Chen murmured under his breath. A gleam of light flashed through his eyes. The Tao family was a large clan that wielded absolute power. They were very powerful.

Suddenly, Jian Chen seemed to sense something. He looked to the outside of the hall and a sliver of surprise flashed through his eyes.

One of the guards at the main entrance charged into the hall as if his bottom was on fire. He fell to his knees and hurriedly yelled, “Ruler, there’s a woman who claims to be a guest elder of the Sea Goddess Hall and has charged in. We cannot stop her no matter how we try.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a hubbub rang out from outside. An azure-clothed female boldly stepped into the hall as several guards encircled her. A powerful presence radiated from her, preventing the surrounding guards from getting any closer to her.

“How dare you act wildly in our Turtle clan!” Several elders became enraged within the hall. They immediately stood up and went to stop the lady who had come in.

The current Turtle clan was no longer the same as the past. Not only did they have the protection of a ruler, they also had three 16th Star experts, which lead to the Saint Ruler elders becoming much braver.

“It’s not a problem. Let her in,” Jian Chen raised his hand to calmly stop the angered elders.

The elders immediately stopped and returned to their seats now that their ruler had spoken.

Qing Yixuan possessed an imposing presence as she barged into the Turtle clan all by herself. She made her way to the meeting hall of the clan, ignoring all the elders. She stared at Jian Chen who sat at the very top and coldly said, “You’ve finally decided to appear after vanishing for so long.”

Jian Chen smiled faintly. He looked back at Qing Yixuan and said, “It’s been a few years since I’ve last seen you, yet you still look the same, if not better! You’ve progressed to the Sixth Heavenly Layer as well. Congratulations.”

Qing Yixuan remained neutral, “Jian Chen, I haven’t come to find you to talk about the old days. I already know that your Turtle clan is falling out with the Tao family. I’ve come this time because I want to work with your Turtle clan. I am willing to assist your clan with taking back those old mines.”

All the elders’ expressions drastically changed when they heard her offer. They immediately became excited. It would become much easier to recover crystal mines in the future if another 16th Star expert joined them.

Jian Chen did not waver at all. He asked, “Qing Yixuan, I am very curious to know exactly what the Tao family owns that attracts you so dearly. You’ve actually come to find me time and time again, and you’re even willing to offend many great clans this time to deal with the Tao family.”

Qing Yixuan slightly hesitated. Afterward, she extended a finger and a transparent barrier immediately expanded, enveloping Jian Chen and her. The barrier could cut off sound. Obviously, Qing Yixuan did not want others to hear what she was going to say.

“There’s no problem with me telling you if you’re so curious. The Tao family is in possession of a Saint Tier Battle Skill for humans. It was obtained by one of their ancestors on an island outside. If we can get this Saint Tier Battle Skill, we can comprehend it together,” Qing Yixuan hid nothing and told the truth.

“A Saint Tier Battle Skill!” Jian Chen’s interest was immediately piqued. Saint Tier Battle Skills were the exact objects he needed. If the Flame Mercenaries wanted to become truly powerful, they needed to have Saint Tier Battle Skills.

“I heard that the Tao family is watched over by a powerful ancestor who’s almost reached the Great Perfection of Saint King. If we work together, we still won’t be his opponent even with all the experts of the Turtle clan,” Jian Chen said again.

“You’re talking about Tao Zhengtian. His strength isn’t as exaggerated as you have heard. He’s only at the Eighth Heavenly Layer right now. You have the Octoterra divine Hall, so he can’t threaten you. All you need to do is keep him busy,” said Qing Yixuan.

Jian Chen paused for a while before making up his mind, “I didn’t want to take the Tao family on as enemies originally, but they’re in possession of an excellent mine that once belonged to my Turtle clan. We will end up clashing with the Tao family sooner or later, but now’s not the time. Qing Yixuan, if you want to get a share of the Tao family’s treasures, then stay in the Turtle clan. Go with Tai Dou and the others to defeat the relatively-weaker clans who still have not returned our mines.”

Qing Yixuan hesitated slightly before saying, “Alright, I agree to your conditions. However, I hope I do not have to wait for too long.”

Qing Yixuan temporarily stayed at the Turtle clan, becoming one of their esteemed guests. With the addition of another powerful expert, the whole clan was in jubilation even though it was only temporary.

Jian Chen stayed in the Turtle clan for a day before leaving after handing over some matters. He headed toward one of the danger zones in the sea realm.

The divine realm was an extremely well-known place in the sea realm. At the same time, it was also a zone of danger that could make people tremble in fear, because there were rumors that a 17th Star emperor had once vanished in there, never appearing again. At the same time, there were many 15th and 16th Star experts who had disappeared as well.

No one knew the exact geography of the divine realm. It was extremely ancient, with a history even lengthier than the sea realm. It had already been formed before the sea realm even existed.

The divine realm contained countless rare treasures and heavenly resources. The divine water of the world that was renowned throughout the entire sea realm appeared there. It was the only place where this special type of water could form. As a result, even though the divine realm was extraordinarily dangerous, it could not stop many adventurers of the sea realm from entering. Even though they knew that entering meant death, there were still many people who wanted to try their luck under the mentality that benefits came with risk.

A hundred kilometers away from the divine realm stood a medium-sized city. It was named divine City because it provided special supplies to adventurers who were about to enter the divine realm. At the same time, it was where these adventurers gathered.

There were all sorts of existences in divine City. Not only were there blue-skinned members of the Sea race in human form, there were even humans from the Tian Yuan Continent and magical beasts from the Beast God Continent. All three races were common there, and they rarely looked down upon each other. There were even cases where the three races worked together to form a group of adventurers.

Jian Chen entered the city in tight robes, making him seem more experienced. He seemed just like an ordinary person as he mixed into the crowd.

“Supreme Antidotal Pills, a crucial need for the divine realm. They can detoxify various poisons. Ten high-quality crystal coins for one. There aren’t many left, so come buy some fast…”

“Selling quaking thunders ranging from the 12th Star to the 14th Star. They can deal attacks that are equivalent from the 12th Star to the 14th Star. An absolute must for saving lives. There aren’t many left…”

Various calls rang through the streets. Many different stands had been set up on both sides of the streets to sell items. There was a great variety of items present.

Jian Chen stopped before a stand that sold quaking thunders. All he saw were a few fist-sized black orbs on the ground, which pulsed with a powerful water-attributed energy.

Jian Chen picked one up to examine, understanding the secrets of it with a single glance. They were made from a special material that could store energy inside, able to deal a violent attack. They possessed the same uses as the three stones he had obtained from the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union before. The only difference between the two was quality. The stones could store energy from a Saint King at Great Perfection while the quaking thunders before him could only store up to the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler.

“Warrior, why don’t you buy a few quaking thunders? It’s an absolute must whether its for fighting enemies or saving your life,” the owner of the stand began to explain the wonders and great uses of the quaking thunders.

“May I ask where the materials for making these quaking thunders comes from?” Jian Chen asked as he examined the black orbs.

“Hehe, it must be your first time in the divine City to not even know this. The materials come from the divine realm. They are obtained by killing the powerful, vicious beasts that inhabit the realm,” explained the owner.

Jian Chen then asked the prices of the quaking thunders, but they were outrageous. The quaking thunder in his hand, the one that could only deal the strike of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, actually cost two hundred thousand grand-quality crystal coins.

Jian Chen continued to stroll down the streets at ease. There were a lot of stands selling various items that even he had no idea what they were called or how they could be used. However, they were all extremely unique. He hoped to find materials for the Azulet swords here.

Jian Chen ended up with disappointment in the end. He had virtually went everywhere, but he found nothing. He did come across quite a few quaking thunders for sale, however.

Jian Chen arrived in the center of the city and entered a large tavern. He learned about the divine realm from some adventures who frequently ventured into it.

The Turtle clan was not in possession of many records in regards to the divine realm. They had suffered a few disasters in the past, losing many of their ancient records. This was why the amount of information they possessed was pitiful.

“I heard the Blue Sky Adventurers entered the dangerous depths of the divine realm and returned successfully. All they lost were a few 12th Star warriors.”

“The captain of the Blue Sky Adventurers is a 13th Star expert. He’s actually able to bring his members into the depths where even 15th Star experts would die and return safely as well. It’s a miracle.”

“I’ve also heard that the group saw some divine water of the world from afar, but they were in no shape to take the extra step. As a result, they could only return helplessly. What a pity.”

“divine water of the world is extremely rare in the divine realm. Even 16th Star experts won’t necessarily come across it when they enter the depths. The Blue Sky Adventurers are just too lucky.”

“The Blue Sky Adventurers has now become an unapproachable existence in the city. I heard that many powerful adventurers want to pull the group to their side, so they can learn where the water is located.”

“I heard that the Blue Sky Adventurers has already recruited two 13th Star experts and are ready to enter the depths once more. They want to retrieve the water.”

The adventurers in the tavern discussed the recent news with one another and all of them talked about the Blue Sky Adventurers.

At this moment, a group of people in tight robes entered the tavern. The discussions immediately quietened down with their arrival.

“Look, they’re the Blue Sky Adventurers…”

“The Blue Sky Adventurers have actually appeared here. Do they really plan on entering the depths again…”

The people in the tavern discussed their arrival under their breaths.


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