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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1101


Chapter 1101: Chapter 1101: Invasion of the Hundred Races (One)

Chapter 1101: Invasion of the Hundred Races (One)

The elven elder completely disappeared from the world since his soul had already dissipated. Originally he could have left behind a complete body, but he turned into a pile of ash because he cast the secret technique.


“Old majesty…”

The elves in the hall all mourned as sorrow overwhelmed them.

Elder Yenson stood silently in tribute to the elf a little longer before quickly dismissing his emotions. He coldly said, “The protector clans have a total of six beast furs, and they are in the hands of the Shenxiao sect, the Potian sect, the Yangji sect, the Tyrant’s Blade School, the Heavenly Incense School, and the Moyuan clan. We will split into eight parties. Two will go take the two beast furs that have not been claimed while the remaining six will attack the six protector clans. Remember to bring the forbidden artifacts to counter the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans.

“Mercenary City has the protection of a barrier spirit, so it’s extremely tough. Once we obtain the six beast furs from the protector clans, we will work together to use the forbidden artifacts and break through the barrier spirit’s defences.”

In a medium-sized kingdom on the Tian Yuan Continent, a middle-aged man dressed as a mercenary sat all by himself at a table while he drank. His appearance was ordinary, the type where he would not raise any attention if he was thrown into a crowd. However, he radiated with a ferocious presence, deterring the other drinking mercenaries from approaching him.

Although the man was only an Earth Saint Master, he was considered one of the rare experts in a medium-sized city. No one was willing to provoke him easily.

Suddenly, the Space Ring on the man’s finger began to glow with a blinding white light. A palm-sized piece of fur flew out and shot high into the sky, radiating with a vast energy. It fluttered in the wind, having enlarged to be ten meters across. The profound presence of the truths of the world radiated from the beast fur. They seemed like the mysteries of the world, but they were even more complicated and difficult to comprehend.

The white beast furs hid a huge secret. Jian Chen had only triggered some of the simple mysteries of the world hiding within them, allowing him to reach Saint Ruler. Currently, the beast fur had been fully activated, awakening all the secrets hidden inside.

Not only did the surrounding space violently tremble as the profound truths of the world radiated from the beast fur, but a strange ripple also expanded across the entire continent, and all the supreme experts of the continent could sense it.

An ancient clan stood in some ancient mountains. There was a similar, ten-meter-long beast fur floating in the air. It too radiated with the truths of the world, which were far more profound than the mysteries of the world, and coupled with it was a strange ripple that expanded across the continent.

Beside the beast fur was a Saint King floating in the air. He radiated with a blanketing presence. He wanted to put the beast fur away, but to his surprise, an invisible energy poured out of the beast fur and formed an independent domain that kept him away. He could not approach it even with his strength.

“Just what are the origins of this odd beast fur? What are the secrets hidden within it?” The Saint King growled as he felt panic-stricken inside. The beast fur had caused too great of a disturbance, and he worried that it would attract other great experts.

In the Pure Heart Pavilion of the protector clans—

The sect master Wu Chenzi stared into the distance with her steady eyes as she murmured, “The Hundred Races have actually cast the secret technique again in search of the fur from the Winged Tiger God. Sigh, it’s very difficult for them to assemble all eighteen pieces, so why bother?”

The great elders that were currently cultivating in the Changyang clan snapped open their eyes at the same time. With a movement, they disappeared from their rooms, reappearing in the conference hall within the divine hall.

“Some heaven-defying treasure must have appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent. That’s why there’s such a great disturbance. I can actually feel the truths of the world that far exceed the mysteries of the world I have comprehended. Jueri, Zhenghua, the two of you might as well go out and have a look. It doesn’t matter what the treasure is, you have to bring it back,” Changyang Qing Yun sternly gave out orders.

Changyang Qing Jueri and Changyang Yuan Zhenghua nodded and left the protector clan together.

All the great elders within the Yangji sect had already gathered together. Yi Yangzi sat high up at the front as he sternly said, “You must have already sensed it as well. A strange ripple has actually expanded through the Tian Yuan Continent, and I can vaguely sense the profound truths of the world within it. It’s difficult to comprehend even for me.”

“The question is just what is this item that can cause such a great disturbance?” A great elder asked out of curiosity.

“It doesn’t matter what it is, we need to go have a look. If its some peerless treasure, we need to use everything we can to take it for ourselves.”

“Then let Tian Xuzi and me go have a look…” Two great elders immediately left the Yangji sect.

At the same time, Guihai Yidao who sat on top of the Emperor Armament in the forbidden grounds of the Tyrant’s Blade School slowly opened his eyes. His eyes seemed to contain a whole different world, giving off an unfathomable feeling.

“This is a pulse of origin energy, though it’s a pity that it’s just the presence and not the actual thing. Otherwise, I could’ve used it to increase my strength.” Reaching that point Guihai Yidao suddenly paused. A gleam of light flickered through his eyes, and he said with a deep voice, “No, there seems to be much more in there.”

Guihai Yidao sensed it carefully. After a while, he became rather stern. He murmured, “My strength may be nowhere as great as before, but to trick me is still not easy. There’s something hidden within the beast fur that even I cannot detect. Looks like his strength already exceeds me when I was at my peak. He has probably attained Godhood already. Only someone that powerful can kill a member of the warring gods.

“The fur of the Winged Tiger God is thorny object. Once dragged into it, you might even end up offending the people of the warring gods. The warring gods are people who reside at the top and have the potential to become Grand Primes. They’re not people who a mere adventurer like me can afford to offend,” Guihai Yidao mumbled to himself as deep fear filled his eyes.

The disturbance from the two beast furs attracted the ten protector clans. Other than the Pure Heart Pavilion and the Tyrant’s Blade School, experts from the eight other clans were all mobilized in attempt to obtain this peerless treasure.

Quite a few large clans and organizations along with some ancient clans and experts who hid in desolate regions took part as well. They all traveled toward the two beast furs from various parts of the continent.

The middle-aged man with the beast fur could no longer bother with drinking anymore in the medium-sized city. He immediately leaped out from the tavern and stared at the ten-meter-long beast fur in shock. His expression was filled with excitement as he murmured, “Treasure, treasure, it really was a treasure. I’m rich now.”

The beast fur fluttered several hundred meters in the wind as its terrifying ripples of energy alarmed everyone within the city. Immediately, a large number of mercenaries and merchants stepped out of their inns and stared at the sky in shock.

“Argh!” A long roar rang out from afar as an Earth Saint Master shot into the sky, flickering with bright Saint Force. He wanted to take the beast fur.

The mercenary originally in possession of the beast fur immediately fell into a rage when he saw this. He roared out furiously, “This is mine! Don’t steal it from me!” With that, he drew his Saint Weapon. Saint Force surged out of his body as he charged toward the other Earth Saint Master. He wanted to obstruct him from taking the beast fur.

The two of them began to fight very quickly. Although there were no Heaven Saint Masters in the medium-sized city, there were quite a few Earth Saint Masters, far more than just the two of them. As the two of them fought on equal ground, another four Earth Saint Masters leaped high up into the air. They shot toward the sky and flickered with powerful energy.

However, the beast fur levitated at an altitude too high. It was several hundred meters up, and there was nothing in the surroundings that they could borrow to jump higher. It was impossible for them to achieve such an altitude with their strength as Earth Saint Masters, so the four of them fell down powerlessly once they broke an altitude of a hundred meters.

The Earth Saint Masters were all filled with an unwillingness to give in. No one wanted to give up on this treasure that they could tell was valuable with a single glance. They all roared out and used everything they had to jump once more. However, the highest they could reach was two hundred meters, still quite far from the beast fur.

“God dammit, why is it floating so high!?” An Earth Saint Master swore furiously. He was filled with a strong feeling of regret.

At this moment, the space in the sky began to wildly distort. A Space Gate suddenly appeared and two white-robed old men with raised eyebrows stepped out.

“They can rip through space to create Space Gates! They’re Saint Kings!” A knowledgeable Earth Saint Master cried out. The appearance of the two old men immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

All the people in the city immediately fell silent when they heard the words Saint King. A dead silence filled the entire city as everyone glanced at the two old men together. Their eyes were filled with deep admiration and curiosity.

Saint Kings were existences that stood at the apex of the Tian Yuan Continent. Not only were their numbers extremely few on the Tian Yuan Continent, it was difficult for an ordinary people to come across one even within a span of a thousand years. These experts, without a doubt, were like gods to the mercenaries and merchants of the lowest level. They stood at the very top and were dignified and divine.


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