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Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 1062


Chapter 1062: Chapter 1062: The Growing Metallic Origin Energy

Chapter 1062: The Growing Metallic Origin Energy

Jian Chen levitated above the mountain range as he looked down in interest. He was expanding his presence fully. It quickly passed through various obstructions and entered the ground.

When he had first discovered the deposit, the grand elder of Mercenary City, Tian Jian, had found a ball of origin essence hidden deep within the deposit. It possessed extremely great power and could assist people in breaking through to Saint King from the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler. It was a rare treasure in the world.

Jian Chen had also learned from the sword spirits that the origin energy hidden within the deposit was the origin energy of a metallic spirit from the five elements.

Jian Chen’s presence could pass through the obstructions of the tough tungsten alloy ore to reach several hundred meters into the ground. He could clearly feel an extremely great power pulsing slowly. It was pure with no impurities whatsoever.

“Senior Rui Jin, you must have also discovered that something is hidden in the mountain range of the tungsten alloy deposit,” Jian Chen said as he stared down unblinkingly.

A gleam of light flashed through Rui Jin’s eyes, and he nonchalantly replied, “I indeed have. It’s an extremely pure and great power. Though it’s surrounded by a thick layer of tungsten alloy. There aren’t many people who can break through this layer, so it’s very hard to remove.”

“Do you have the power to remove it with your current strength then?” Jian Chen said. Although the origin energy of the metallic spirit was of no use to himself, he wanted to use it on other people.

“If you need it, I’ll make an attempt at it with my Sacred Dragon’s Sword,” Rui Jin slowly answered. Afterward, a vast pressure began to radiate from him and the Sacred Dragon’s Sword was slowly covered by a thick layer of white light. The terrifying energy ripples caused the surrounding space to distort, showing signs of shattering apart.

“Hmm? The origin energy of the metallic spirit is much greater than before. It’s actually growing. Master, get Rui Jin to stop immediately. What he’s doing will destroy it.” Zi Ying’s voice suddenly rang through Jian Chen’s head.

The Sacred Dragon’s Sword was already lifted high up;Rui Jin was just about to cleave down.

“Senior Rui Jin, let’s wait actually.” Jian Chen also reacted quickly. He immediately stopped Rui Jin, before concentrating on his sea of consciousness to converse with the sword spirits.

“Master, this ball of metallic origin energy is rapidly growing. If it has enough time, it will become even stronger and even gain self-awareness. It will grow into a spirit and become something like the barrier spirit of Mercenary City. Taking it out now would be destroying it no doubt,” Zi Ying explained.

Surprise flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. Pausing for a while in thought, he then said, “How long would it roughly need to mature completely?”

“We are unable to estimate that. It’ll all depend on its rate of growth. However, the origin energy will become more powerful with time. Once it gains self-awareness, it will morph into a spirit. It will be richly endowed with talent and can cultivate at a heaven-defying rate. It will have great accomplishments in the future,” said Zi Ying.

“The barrier spirit of Mercenary City is also a spirit born from energy. However, it came from the essence of the earth, so it’s just slightly below the metallic origin energy of the five elements. It’s a pity that the barrier spirit’s innately incomplete, or her accomplishments would be far greater than right now,” sighed Zi Ying.

“It’s just that the chances for it to morph into a spirit are just too low. I cannot guarantee whether the origin energy will gain self-awareness or not. It’ll all depend on its fortune,” said Zi Ying.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly with what the sword spirits had said, but he ended up giving up on the idea of taking the origin energy of the metallic spirit. Since it had a lot of room for growth, why not just give it some time? It would obviously be best if it could morph into a spirit, but even if it could not become self-aware, it would become even more powerful after a period of time. At that time, the benefits would be even greater if it was used to increase strength.

“Senior Rui Jin, let’s leave the origin energy a little longer. It won’t be too late to remove it when we need it,” Jian Chen said to Rui Jin.

“You make the decision. When you want to remove it, I can assist you in breaking through the tungsten alloy shell,” said Rui Jin. Right now, his opinion of Jian Chen was rapidly rising. They had become people at similar levels of strength long ago. Even if he had no need to keep Jian Chen alive, just his talent and cultivation speed was enough to hold him in high esteem.

Jian Chen and Rui Jin’s eyes froze suddenly, and they turned to look in the same direction simultaneously. On the horizon, a faint gleam of five-colored light appeared, causing the sky to become all colorful. It was pretty.

“Another person’s reached Saint Ruler. By the direction, it should be quite close to Gesun Kingdom,” Jian Chen mumbled. He was extremely indifferent to the matter.

Rui Jin casually glanced at the direction before losing interest as well. Reaching Saint Ruler was a big deal to normal people, but it was nothing to his eyes.

Jian Chen did not pay too much attention to the rainbow clouds in the distance either. If it was several years ago, he would treat Saint Rulers as extremely strong experts, but they had all become extremely weak now, like ants. He really could not find any interest in people at those levels anymore.

Jian Chen and Rui Jin left the mountain range together, returning to the city. He handed a Flaming Jadeite had been filled with Rui Jin’s power to Bi Lian as a treasure to guard the city.

Afterward, Jian Chen summoned the five Saint Rulers that had joined the mercenaries and spoke with them. He made them swear some oaths, told them about the consequences of betrayal and so on. He then went to see Dugu Feng. He originally wanted Dugu Feng to put down what he was doing for the time being, so that he could devote all his energy into cultivation. However, Jian Chen could not do anything since Dugu Feng liked his current job very much.

Jian Chen had basically subdued Dugu Feng like a servant back then, but he always treated Dugu Feng as a good friend in the past years. He never forced Dugu Feng to do anything, which was why Jian Chen did not meddle with Dugu Feng’s choice.

“Jian Chen, the disparity between our strengths is now like the distance from the ground to the sky. I can’t catch up to you no matter how hard I cultivate, so there’s no longer a point for me to follow you. All I can do is stay in Flame City and help you manage some affairs.”

“Flame City is very big, but it has developed way too fast, so there’s many problems with the management since it has failed to develop at the same rate. The two worst areas are the rules and the discipline. If those aren’t managed well, problems will happen to the mercenaries sooner or later.” This was Dugu Feng’s explanation to Jian Chen as well as his reason for taking up the position of a disciplinary elder.

Jian Chen stayed for another two days in the city before leaving with Bi Hai after handing over some matters. He returned to the Changyang clan in Lore City through a Space Gate from Rui Jin.

As soon as he returned, Changyang Zu Yunxiao came looking for him. He called Jian Chen into a conference hall while Rui Jin and Bi Hai both left to rest. They did not follow him to the hall.

Jian Chen discovered a few unfamiliar people as soon as he entered the grand hall. They were an old man and three women. However, the thing that surprised Jian Chen was that You Yue was actually present as well and not cultivating in outer space. Her complexion was not very great.

Jian Chen’s face sank slightly when he noticed You Yue’s expression. He seemed to realize something before observing the four outsiders.

The old man possessed a ruddy and sagely aura, like some old immortal. He sat there leisurely and did not speak.

Jian Chen had seen the old man before. He was one of the great elders of the Changyang protector clan, a Saint King at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

One of the three women was a middle-aged beauty. She was a Saint Ruler while the other two ladies seemed to be in their twenties. They stood out quite a lot with their appearances as well. Though they were Heaven Saint Masters.

“Jian Chen, this is one of the seven great elders of the Changyang clan, Changyang Qing Jueri. He would be a great-grandfather of yours in terms of seniority,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao introduced for Jian Chen.

Changyang Qing Jueri stared at Jian Chen ever since he had come in. With Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s introduction, he immediately stood up and smiled amicably. He said, “You must be Xiangtian. You really are a genius. The protector clan’s gained quite the glory from you. Come sit, come sit.” Changyang Qing Jueri treated Jian Chen extremely politely. Although Jian Chen was a junior by age, he did not act snobbishly.

Jian Chen bowed politely before taking the empty seat next to You Yue. He asked politely as he looked at You Yue’s troubled expression, “Yue’er, what’s happening here?”

You Yue was clearly relieved now that Jian Chen had made it in time. She seemed to have found the person she would rely on, and much of her worries vanished. She said to Jian Chen, “They want my Bright Moon divine Hall.”

“What!” Jian Chen’s expression abruptly changed with that, taking a bad turn in complexion.

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